Emperor of Steel

Chapter 490 - Real Descendant vs Fake Descendant 2


Luke, who was crossing swords with Hiros, used magic and aimed at the gap where the attacks were less common.

As the Aether Globe turned into a mana circle, his body appeared into the spot around Hiros.

“Titan Fist!”


A powerful fist magic hit Hiros.

His armor shattered into a thousand pieces. However, his body was fine. It was strengthened with the Gold aura to protect itself from the Titan Fist.

“You are pretty good at hiding yourself.”

“Who is the one hiding themselves here?”


As Luke tapped his feet, long pillars soared from the ground.

“Stone Edge? You think you can defeat me with this nasty magic?”

“It is impossible, but I can tie your feet for a while.”

As Luke said, while Hiros was busy avoiding the Stone Edge, he created dozens of fireballs in the air.

Each one of them was created with an 8th circle magic.

“Explosion Bomber!”

At Luke’s hand gesture, the fireballs all went for Hiros.

Kang! Kwang!


Each time a fireball attacked, a huge explosion broke out causing heatwaves and shocks to spread around.

The explosion was so strong that a hole opened up on the ground; the heat spread through the entire palace wing as well.

As a result, a part of the building collapsed, and the window glass broke.

Even the men, who were looking at the battle, were caught up in the explosion.

However, in time, Erwin and Soha performed Shield magic, and Venus used Iron wall skill to keep them safe.


Philip trembled after seeing the fireball explosion that melted off the glass pieces.

‘How is Hiros?’

If he was attacked with such power, even a Sword Master or Sword Sage would suffer injuries.

However, Hiros was surprisingly safe between the flames and black smoke.

He appeared to be almost naked but didn’t seem to have taken any physical damage.

“That was a powerful attack, but you can’t get rid of me with just that.”

‘A f*cking monster!’

While Luke was looking at him, Hiros fixed his bastard sword and went into an offensive stance.

“If you don’t want to die, you better use that dirty power that you are hiding. The attack I’ll do now isn’t something you can stop with magic and sword.”

As Hiros said that, he rushed in.

Rushing with the tip of his sword on the ground, he smashed the sword fiercely.



The moment Hiros’ bastard sword and Luke’s sword collided, a sharp resonance occurred.

It was because both of them were using Gold aura.

However, since Hiros was using Rakan’s body that mastered the Second Half, he was able to overpower Luke, who was still learning it.

‘Kuek! This must be the complete Gold Sword of Rakan!’

Luke, who was pushed back by Hiros’ offense, was in awe.

When he fought with Rakan 500 years ago, he had no idea how great the Gold Sword was. It was because he was a warlock with goals in mind.

However, as he learned the sword after reincarnation, he was able to see that it was like going against an Ancient Dragon.

It was completely different from the Gold Sword and the Gold Light God Sword that he saw with the help of Nanda.

The Gold Light God Sword was like a strong wind that could bring down a mountain, and the Gold Sword was like a typhoon with thunderstorms around it.

A sharp golden trajectory fell right on Luke a few times and broke his sword.

It wasn’t just a normal sword. The sword that Luke was wielding was the Iron Sword, which was created by the legendary blacksmith, Zig.

As a famous sword that was supposed to be indestructible, it easily broke into two. It wasn’t just Luke but also Hwang Bo-sung and Auster who were shocked.

It was doubtful, but did the future really changed?

“Die, Luke!”

Hiros charged at Luke with his sword in hand while Luke was still in shock.

At that moment, everyone thought that Luke would step back and think of something. However, Luke ran into Hiros.


Flustered, Hiros held his sword and began to place Gold aura around his body.

He wasn’t sure what kind of magic Luke would use to him, and he thought that with Gold aura around his body, he wouldn’t take in any damage.

However, Luke, who everyone thought would perform magic, ended up making a fist and punched Hiros’ stomach.

“Thunder Burst!”



With a groan, Hiros flew back.

The punch Luke just gave him had both Gold aura and mana.

The 8th circle Thunder Burst just tripled the power of the punch with the use of Gold aura on Hiros’s body when it struck him.

The men, who were watching the fight, exclaimed in shock at what they saw.

“Martial arts and magic!”

“Isn’t that a skill of Sir Hwang Bo-sung?”

As Philip pointed out, what Luke just did was Hwang Bo-sung’s Trinity punch martial arts.

Luke stole and modified it.

Of course, Luke didn’t learn the Mind Keep, so he had to use magic instead of zen.

Its power was a lot weaker compared to the real Trinity punch, but Luke, who always thought of other means to make up for what he was lacking, didn’t seem to have any difficulty in looking for a solution.

Hiros stumbled down and spoke, “Keuk, you think you can knock me down with just that? Kuak!”

“It seems like you were just knocked down?”

Hiros, who didn’t get hit by Luke till then, fell on his knees.

It wasn’t just that; his entire body was shaking, and he was also throwing up blood.

“What did you do to my body? What kind of magic did you do?!”

“Magic? What nonsense. Your body is just shocked with the power of the Thunder Burst that came in.”

Just as any wizard would be stunned or injured when their mana circles in their hearts were hit, knights could be injured as well if their power vessel was damaged.

Just like a Gigant’s core engine, the aura was controlled by the power vessels in a human’s body, and it used the nerves and muscles.

If an attack successfully twisted the nerves and muscles, they weren’t going to be easy to fix. The greater the damage, the more time it took to recover.

However, Hiros, who was made of dark magic, was different.

Despite his fatal injury, he was recovering pretty quickly.

And Luke wasn’t going to stand still and watch him.

Kang! Knag!

Starting with the Titan Fist, Luke used Fire Explosion and then Thunder Burst. He also used all of his high circle magic attacks on Hiros.

The men watching the battle were lost in thoughts.

“Isn’t the battle already done?”

“But the other one was someone who insulted His Majesty and still holds a sword in his hands…”

“Even then, he is a descendant of the same warrior. Wouldn’t it be better to hold hands than kill him?”

Hwang Bo-sung frowned at the words of the men around him.

‘It’s not over yet. And on the other hand, he isn’t someone to hold hands with.’

Luke seemed like a man who was beating a non-resisting opponent, but Hans knew that it was ‘something which had to be done’ and the identity of Hiros had to come out.

“Kuek! Kuek! L-Luke you…!

‘You dirty person.’

Not just his power vessels were nearly destroyed, but the bones in his body were distorted, and his skin was melting. However, Hiros was still alive.

No, well, he didn’t have the expression of being alive.

It was like he was trying to bring in all kinds of souls into a dead body and make it move.

“Your Majesty, you need to stop now…”

The words of Maron went silent.

Despite the rudeness he showed, Hiros was still a descendant of the warrior. In addition, he was the one who was able to use the latter part of the Rakan Sword.

He didn’t want such a talent to die.

In spite of Maron’s words, Luke didn’t stop attacking.

He took out the Dragon Tooth sword from his subspace bracelet and released his Gold aura to the maximum.

“This is the end!”

“Ah, no! Stop, stop it!”


Cyclone Rage.

The most powerful skill of the second part of the Gold Sword was cast by Luke using Dragon Tooth.

The dazzling golden aura, which shattered the blue sky, fell on Hiros’ neck, well, Rakan, the creator of the Gold Sword.

500 years ago, Rakan went for Luke’s neck because he was referred to as the Devil King, Saymon.