Emperor of Steel

Chapter 489 - Real Descendant vs Fake Descendant 1

“Kul. Kul. Kul, in the end, you. Will. Be. gone.”

Inside a dark room.

Under the gleaming glow was someone of bones watching images pass through the crystal ball.

In the crystal ball was a young king facing a mercenary with a bastard sword in the yard.

It was Luke and Hiros.

The party which sent Hiros was the Lich, Arsene, who was currently watching the fight.

Arsene, determined to organize the forces which were hindering his future, decided to remove Luke, who was turning into an eyesore.

To end him, he sent Hiros, a guardian soul placed into the body of Rakan.

It was to place Luke into trouble, who was the descendant of the warrior and was secretly using dark magic.

The plot seemed to have worked out very nicely.

The man was summoning demons and keeping them close to him.

Thanks to that, finding evidence wasn’t so tough.

Of course, Luke was flustered and then blatantly refuted that Hiros was the one who did magic.

Eventually, he got caught into the provocation of Hiros.

“Kulkulkul. Hiros. Sword. Rakan’s. ability to. Be. a Sword Emperor. Not. Just that. The skills which. I loved. For. 500 years.”

There was no knight who could beat Hiros on the current continent of Rhodesia.

Baroque Emperor, Rudolf, who was known to be the strongest on the continent, couldn’t win over him.

It was the same with the Rune Knight, Luke.

However, Luke had another ability.

In his own experience, Luke had demon abilities and dark magic and if he did things, his fight with Hiros would be a win on Luke’s side.

‘The moment he reveals his skills, he is done for.’

It wasn’t as if anyone was blind, Luke was the descendant of the Rakan.

And if it was known that he mastered the dark magic, people would turn their back, even his own retainers and knights—those who served him for years.

It won’t just be that, but the Holy Arthenia Empire, which had a strong relationship with Symphonia too will change its stance.

‘There was that rumor that Princess Reina is the Pope Veronica? Even if that wench is Luke’s lady, she won’t have anything to say to support the man who used dark magic.’

Of course, Luke too might be worried about it and decided not to use his dark magic and demon abilities.

But if that was what he decides, he will be killed by Hiros.

Then, with his honor still intact, the King of Symphonia will face death. Luke, was known to have no successor.

‘And if that one disappears, my plan will go smoothly.’

Whatever was the outcome, it was favorable for Arsene.

Of course, the result of Luke winning with white magic and sword was there, but it was highly unlikely, so he didn’t have to worry.

Rakan, descendant. Show. Your. Skills. To. your. Hearts. Content. Show. Me. what. That body. Of your. Ancestor. Is made. Off. kul. Kul.”

Arsene cheered as he saw Luke move towards Hiros.

In anticipation that Luke would ruin himself.

Kang! Kang!

Wheeing! Wheein!

In the battle between Luke and Hiros, the garden which was planted was completely overturned with the slashes of the sword.

The plants which swept back and forth with aura didn’t fall on the ground because of quick strikes.

It was a pretty beautiful sight, but those who watched it were feeling more nervous than glad.

“Would His Majesty want help? This is a formal duel…”

When Maron, who was watching the battle asked, Philip shook his head.

“Impossible. If we could neither I nor Hwang Bo-sung would be standing here like this watching them.”

Normally, the battle between knights was a colorful sight to see.

Various different types of skills, auras colliding and creating a scene never seen before.

However, it was different for humans who exceeded a certain level.

It could seem like a normal aura or fencing.

So when people who weren’t aware of the sword and its skills saw the fights, they couldn’t distinguish.

However, the fight between Luke and Hiros went more than what was shown.

The aura of the two met but never ended, it only continued to wander the garden, creating intense heat.

In such a situation, getting involved in the fight was far, just getting close to them would tear up their bodies.

“Should we just see them like this?”

“This is the only way to help His Majesty. If we do something and it distracts their attention, then we might just create an irreversible situation.”

An irreversible situation.

Maron and the men knew exactly what that was.

So everyone in there clenched their fists and held their ground.

The ones who were concerned were Erwin and Soha, but the equally frustrated was Hwang Bo-sung.

He already knew what the outcome of the fight would be.

Because Auster just showed him the secret with the Intense Mind Keep.

‘Master, don’t use dark magic. Somehow, you need to stand and use only white magic and sword!’

He was standing quietly when he wanted to cry out his emotions.

Fortunately, Luke seemed to be fighting well.

Hwang Bo-sung knew that at this point, Luke’s sword had to be broken and his right arm be cut off, but Luke was still standing all intact.

‘Is there a change in the situation?’

With such thoughts, Hwang Bo-sung turned to Auster.

Auster, who silently held Karen in his hands nodded when his eyes met with Hwang Bo-sung.

He too seemed to have anticipated the situation where a different visual was happening from what he saw.