Emperor of Steel

Chapter 488 - Luke's Identity Get's Revealed 4

‘No, this…!’

Luke arrived at the room.

And in there he saw himself… well, he looked at Hiros, who looked very much like warrior Rakan.

But it was only a moment of shock that soon turned into him gritting his teeth.

‘Huh! What kind of a bastard put someone inside the body of Rakan.’

At first, Luke saw the face which resembled the warrior and thought of it to be the real descendant.

But when he looked closely at him, he realized that he wasn’t human.

It was an undead which had been infused with the soul of the warrior who had died 500 years back just like the fake Saymon, whom Luke met in the Castia Kingdom.

It was so well made that anyone would believe, but he couldn’t deceive Luke’s eyes, who had seen all kinds of things in the past.

Moreover, he was the one who witnessed the real Rakan of the past on his last day.

‘My body wasn’t enough so he even touched Rakan’s body, that monster…!’

When Luke was cursing Arsene in his head, he slowly approached Hiros with a calm face and talked first.

“You are the warrior descendant Hiros de Rakan?”

“Yes. And you must be Luke, the king of Symphonia Kingdom.”

At the arrogant tone of Hiros, the men who followed Luke seemed angry.

“How dare you talk to…”

Luke raised his hand and stopped Philip from speaking anything more.

And continued to talk to him.

“I was told that you believed that I use dark magic and that made you hate me?”

“Yes. If a man claimed to be the warrior descendant lacked in skills, he will try to fill what he lacks, so disappointed in his innate skills, he touched the cursed dark magic.”

‘He is openly talking about what he was made from.’

Hiros was the one who was created by the use of the cursed dark magic.

However, shamelessly, he spoke about it as if it didn’t concern him.

Luke decided to talk to him suppressing his intense desire to strike the man’s neck.

“Do you have any evidence? You seem pretty confident in it?”

“Obviously I do.”

With a smirk, Hiros smiled and pointed to Sebastian who was behind Luke.

“Huh? what about Sebastian?”

“That is because he is a demon and not a human.”

Philip, who knew about Sebastian’s real identity couldn’t help but feel worried at Hiros’s words.

‘Did we get caught?’

Luke was the one who was more embarrassed than anyone, but he pretended not to care at all.

It was because Sebastian was one of the best demons he came across, he had the ability to create poison and transform himself.

And it was the same for Maron and the other priests who heard Sebastian being called as a demon.

‘If he is someone of dark magic then I should feel Magi right? But no one would believe it even if I put it into words.’

Just like Luke.

Hans and the other men too were wearing their expressions on their faces.

In particular, Maron wasn’t able to hide his unpleasant feelings. It was because to him, Hiros considered him to be a priest who couldn’t even figure out a demon who was walking around him.

“Hahaha. It must be a joke. To call a decent person a demon.”

“Decent person? Will you say that even after seeing this?”

Hiros pulled out a white powder from his waist pouch and threw it on Sebastian.


The white powder turned into a blue flame upon touching Sebastian’s body.

In a flash, Sebastian fell to the floor screaming.


“Sir Sebastian!”

Startled men tried to extinguish the fire on Sebastian’s body.

However, when they saw Sebastian’s body shrink gradually, they all seemed shocked.

After a while, a small cat wearing boots and gloves remained in place of the human once the flames faded.

“Kuaa! How, how did this?!”

Sebastian, who returned to his demon state from human, was shocked at his form.

His sudden change in the appearance left the knights and men in the room shocked.

The most shocked person was Maron.

Seeing Sebastian’s change, his eyes were wider than anyone else.

Hiros spit out.

“Are you still going to say that?”

‘Kuek. To use such a thing. Was that white power an ancient thing which transforms demons?’

Just as Luke thought, it was indeed an artifact made by the fairies during the Mado era.

It was called as the ‘Sand of Truth’ and was created to discover the warlocks who hid their identity or the demons who infiltrated the human world.

Hiros had obtained the Sand of Truth from his master, Arsene before he came here, and used it on Sebastian.

“The only one who can call a demon from Devildom is the Warlock himself. So who summoned the demon which was placed as a part of the King’s men?”

At the words of Hiros, all men turned towards Luke.

Except for Erwin, Philip, and Zegal Soha who knew, and everyone was in doubt.

A moment of change in everything.

Luke yelled at his Hiros.

“You! What the hell was the trick you just did?!”

“Trick? I just revealed the truth…”

“To make a human into a demon! As you said, aren’t you the warlock?!”

At Luke’s words, Hiros had a momentary shock.

He thought that he drove Luke into a corner, but he never thought that Luke would act so shamelessly.

“Your Majesty is right! Why have I turned into a demon?! I am a human! Turn me back to my human form!”

As Luke said, Sebastian began to play his part very actively.

This was all the men needed to change their doubts.

They all wondered if they jumped to conclusions too quickly.

“Are His Majesty’s words right?”

“It looks like it. Honestly, he is too cute to be called a demon. Besides, the Magi from his body is too insignificant.”

Everyone nodded at Maron’s words.

“Yes. Speaking of demons, they are usually very huge and ugly…”

Sebastian was able to avoid suspicion because of his cute appearance and the poor amount of magi in him, but his pride was hurt.

But he couldn’t reveal the truth now, so he just made a sad face.

“Who sent you? The Emperor of Baroque, Rudolf? Or was it the remnants of the Veritas Magic Tower?” Asked Luke.

“What? You are blaming me now?”

“Blaming? This is all your doing. In this way, you tarnish my name and shake the Symphonia Kingdom!”

As Hiros tried to hit back, Luke spoke more furiously.

There was a saying that a man with a huge voice was the one who wins.

Although it was plain ignorant, it was true to some degree.

“Do you think that I don’t realize? The Baroque Imperial and the Veritas Magic Tower. They have sided with each other for long and cursed our family for generations together. And now you call me a warlock?”

At Luke’s words, Hiros spoke with a red face.

“You are really shameless. I am going to show you that I am nothing like that. What will you do if I show that you are learning dark magic?”

Hiros said it and once again sprinkled the Sand of Truth on Luke.

He thought that Luke’s magi hidden into the body would show, but Luke seemed fine after the blue flames extinguished.

Obviously he was fine.

Luke’s Black Circle was already replaced by an Aether Globe.

In other words, there wasn’t a single cell of Magi in his body.

“Huh, you are doing the same thing. Do you want to make me a cat too?”

At Luke’s question, Hiros realized that he lost the lead in the battle.

“You swine! Show your true self!”

Screaming on top of his voice, Hiros went to attack Luke with his Bastard sword.

He thought that If he used the full power of his, then Luke would use dark magic in order not to die.


However, Luke managed to create a shield magic much faster.

The bastard sword which hit the shield bounced back with a clear sound.

“Wh, what?”

“Get him! He tried to attack His Majesty!”

Philip and the other knights who didn’t respond to the sudden attack of Hiros pulled their swords.

However, Luke stopped them from rushing ahead.

“Stand back! He isn’t someone you can handle.”

The knights who were about to rush got stopped by Luke’s stern orders.

Luke looked at Hiros, who held the bastard sword and thought to himself while clenching his hand.

‘Dammit, he is strong.’

A moment back, Luke had to unleash almost the 8th magic circle.

But Hiros too almost managed to break it.

The shock was that he didn’t even use the Gold Sword.

In addition, Luke was barely able to detect it, so he had to use hyper aura.

‘Even if it rots, it is still Rakan right?’

Anger rose more than fear.

The rage was because someone fake was using the real body.

And the memories of the past, when he got killed in the past flashed through his mind.

However, it was anger at Arsene, who was more monstrous than Rakan, who was just a body now.

‘Not much different from 500 years ago. At that time, I had to go against a living Rakan and now I am going against the dead guy who is a puppet!’

He couldn’t forgive it as his past seemed to play again.

“Come out Luke. In the name of our ancestors, I will give you the right punishment.”

“Shut up. The one who will receive it is you.”

As Hiros went to the backyard, Luke went behind him.

However, Karen blocked him.

When he entered the palace, Karen was right next to Luke.

And after entering the room, she was hiding behind Auster and watched the entire situation unfold.

“Stand back, Karen.”

At Luke’s words, Karen shook her head showing that she didn’t want it to happen.

Still, as Luke tried to move, she opened her mouth.

“If, if you fight… no.”


“Fight, lose…”

Karen was talking while breaking into a sweat.

Suddenly, as if hit by something, she trembled and collapsed.


In a hurry to hold her, Luke noticed that the Aether in her body seemed a lot less.

In addition to that, her body seemed very small.

But the strange thing was something else.

“He went at His Majesty. That Hiros isn’t a human.”

“Can you reverse what has already happened? Didn’t Emperor Rudolf study it?”

“Please give me the power of time. I will pay very dearly for it.”

“Will you get into the purgatory leaving behind the world and remain here in the darkness and loneliness?”

Once again, a series of voices echoed.

Auster approached and supported Luke’s stumbling body because of the voice in Luke’s head.

Upon taking Karen into his hands, he shook his head looking at Luke.

Auster too was trying to tell him not to fight.

‘Wha, why…?’

Luke too knew that the Rakan’s body was being used.

But he couldn’t just leave the situation.

He wanted to shut the man’s mouth, and he didn’t want Arsene to abuse the dead body of Rakan.

“What are you doing, Luke! Are you going to step back?”

Hiros screamed from outside.

Luke shook his head at Auster and spoke.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. I’ll get your neck right away!”

Luke, who went past Karen and Auster, went to the yard.

‘This, this!’

Hwang Bo-sung, who went to the room watched a series of situations and was shocked.

The situations he was seeing were very identical to what Auster showed him.

Luke and Hiros arguing, Sebastian becoming a cat and all.

The only difference was that Auster and Karen weren’t there.

Hwang Bo-sung already knew why.

‘He shouldn’t fight! If Master battles… he will lose everything!’

To prevent the end of the world, Karen and Auster came from a very far place.

They bet everything they had to make the impossible possible.

But in the end, they had no choice but to watch Luke and Hiros fight.