Emperor of Steel

Chapter 487 - Luke's Identity Gets Revealed 3

Luke accompanied by Sebastian and several of his men went to the 3rd wing of the palace.

Hwang Bo-sung, who was placed as the guard along with the other proximal Guard Knights, saw Luke.

“You did well, Commander Hwang Bo-sung. To face the man called Hiros?”

“I have no face to show you, master. I will devote myself to improving my skills a lot more.”

“Well, that is more than enough.”

Luke, smiled at the sulked shoulders of Hwang Bo-sung and entered the room.

However, Auster, who was following Luke, stopped walking and stood in front of Hwang Bo-sung and looked at him.

The two men looked very much like father and son.

A thought went into Hwang Bo-sung’s mind when his gaze met with Auster.

‘Southern Continent? Is he from the Song Empire?’

Auster reached out to Hwang Bo-sung, who smiled at him.

‘What? Does he want to shake hands?’

The Song Empire had no custom of shaking hands.

It was something only the Northerners of the Rhodesia Continent used to do.

Seeing that, it felt like the man had lived in the Rhodesia Continent for a very long time.

‘Well, I feel no hostility from him.’

It was surely the first time for them to meet, and he could feel things like that, yet such intent wasn’t felt from him. But it was like he met someone very close to him.

Hwang Bo-sung grabbed the hand of Auster.


‘It can’t be. This is…!’

Hwang Bo-sung was amazed when he sensed aura from Auster.

‘Intense Mind Keep.’

An indispensable energy used only by the Hwang Bo clan’s trinity martial.

But what was even more surprising was that Auster’s skills surpassed his own.

“Are you from the clan? Are you an adult that got separated from the Hwang Bo clan?”

Hwang Bo-sung asked Auster in his native tongue.

Auster just smiled back, not giving any answer.

It only ended up making Hwang Bo-sung’s head confused.

‘The meditation and the martial arts are all passed down from generation to generation of the direct line of the clan. However, there was no one in the clan who developed Intense Mind Keep.’

Hwang Bo-sung was the only one from the clan that managed to resurrect the Trinity by bringing out the Intense Brain Keep skill that was left untouched 300 years ago.

However, he was seeing someone who surpassed him right before his eyes.

“By any chance, are you Hwang Bo-woong’s…?”

The moment Auster’s Mind skills entered Hwang Bo-sung through his hands…

“Ah, stop!”

When Hwang Bo-sung was suddenly shocked by it, Auster’s Mind Keep passed through his head.



The knights, who were around, hurried toward Hwang Bo-sung whose hand was shaking.

They all pulled their swords and rushed toward Auster. However, Hwang Bo-sung stopped them.

“Don’t, pull back your swords!”

“But commander, this man…”

“This is not an attack, so step back!”

At the command from Hwang Bo-sung, the knights pulled back their swords.

And Auster, walked into the 3rd wing as if nothing happened.

Hwang Bo-sung stared blankly at Auster.

‘I can’t believe it! How can this be? I have to be dreaming, right?’

Just a moment ago, a series of images flashed through his head because of the use of the Intense Mind Keep skill that was used on him.

They passed very quickly. However, Hwang Bo-sung was able to see everything very vividly.

‘If all that is true, then… Then…!’

Hwang Bo-sung, who clenched his fists, ran into the palace room.

There was something he had to check if the information given by the man was true.