Emperor of Steel

Chapter 486 - Luke's Identity Gets Revealed 2

Luke returned to Symphonia Kingdom without any further questions to either Auster or Karen.

The other part of the journey wasn’t so difficult thanks to the successive use of teleport with Erwin.

After a week of absorbing Aether and controlling it, he was finally about to return to Brandon.

“This is Brandon?”

“The scale is a lot less compared to Nemesis, but the feel here is a lot better.”

Count Ferrero and Shirley were both talking.

Brandon, who shook off the aftermath of the war, was lively with people around the streets.

People were actively engaging in civil engineering and construction projects for the increased population with new homes, shopping streets, and expanding roads and sewage facilities.

However, apart from there, there was a different feeling.

It could be seen from the argument going on the roadside.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“But there were rumors like that before. It is strange that he helps fairies, just like the devil.”

“Dammit, so what about it? Have you lost something because of the fairies? Where do you hear such things…”

“Because he is a fraud. He is the real one!”

The citizens were talking about something.

Most of it was just arguments, but there were situations were the guards ran over to stopped the fights.

‘What the hell is happening?’

Luke, who was puzzled with it, decided to find out the details after arriving at the palace.

“You have come, Your majesty.”

“You must have gone through a lot of trouble.”

Zegal Soha and Hans, who were contacted in advance, came out to receive the party.

“Yes, but what is with the people of Brandon? Did something happen?”

“That… Let’s go inside first.”

Luke was brought to the office by the two.

In the office was Sebastian disguised as Luke.

Sebastian greeted Luke, and Luke heard what happened from Hans and Zegal Soha.

“What? How can that be?”

Luke was upset at the self-proclaimed descendant of the warrior Rakan coming in and saying that Luke mastered dark magic.

Zegal Soha seemed visibly upset but held her emotions.

“Yes, since he is a mercenary, he isn’t very polite and arrogant.”

Honestly, she knew that Luke was mastering dark magic.

She was informed by Hwang Bo-sung when he was in the Zegal Clan.

However, since Luke never showed signs of being eaten by the evil powers and fought for her clan and family, she understood the situation.

However, someone else claiming to be Rakan’s descendant popped out. It made it difficult for her plan, so it was inevitable for her to not feel bad.

Sebastian also expressed his uncomfortableness.

“He is a very unpleasant guy. He doesn’t make one smile.”

As a response to the two complaints, Luke asked about his behavior.

“Did he act suspiciously or treated anyone weirdly?”

“I don’t know much since I couldn’t sneak around, but unlike the day he came when he made a fuss, he was strangely quiet.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

Luke looked at Sebastian and then turned at Hans.

“Where is he now?”

“He is currently at the 3rd palace. He said he would wait for His Majesty’s arrival.”

“Is that so? I must see how good he is.”

Luke decided to go and see his rude relative.

Before that, he went to those who accompanied him. Count Ferrero and his family, Shirley and Karen along with Auster, were asked to go to their rooms.

“Specifically the child is young, so pay attention to her.”

“Understood. But Majesty, the child is…?”

Hans couldn’t help but ask since the child didn’t seem to be related to Count Ferrero.

Then came the words from the side.

“Majesty’s hidden child.”

“Wh-what?! Is that true, Sir Philip?”

For Luke to be out making kids!

Then what about Princess Reina who he just got married with?

Hans was shocked as such things could lead to a great conflict between the newlywed couple.

“Haha. I’m just joking.”

At the answer from Philip, Hans raised his fist to punch Philip’s good-looking face.

He was currently more committed to his title as the Rakan family’s butler than being a Prime Minister since Hans was once a knight that represented the Rakan family.

“Oh my. Please save me, Your Majesty!”

Philip was trembling because of what Hans did to him and hid behind Luke.

When he failed to get Philip into his hands, Hans said, “Even as a joke, don’t ever say such things! There are already rumors out in the royal city and all this bad mood in here…”

While he was grumbling, Erwin glanced at Soha.

She thought that Soha would be shocked, but she was rather calm.

“You don’t seem to believe Sir Philip’s words,” said Erwin to her.

“No. It is just that I thought about it, and heroes are known to be rather horny.”

That was why it wouldn’t be so shocking that Luke, the descendant of the continent’s hero, would have an affair.

‘But she looks a lot like His Majesty. In addition, there are features that resemble the Pope.’

While Zegal Soha was looking at Karen, Luke tried to entrust Karen to Hans.

But Karen kept hugging Luke and didn’t show any signs of leaving him.

“Huh, such rudeness to His Majesty!” Said Hans.

“All good? I will play with you later, so please wait here.”

Despite Hans’ words and Luke’s recommendation of playing later, Karen shook her head.

With a troubled look, Luke stared at Auster.

He thought that Auster would take her and keep her company, but he just scratched his head with a smile.

“Ah, such annoying man you are.”

Eventually, Luke lost the battle and took Karen to the 3rd wing of the palace, and Auster silently followed them.