Emperor of Steel

Chapter 479 - Another Rakan Descendant Appears 3

The day was bright and the turmoil, which occurred in Nemesis, went quiet.

However, Rudolf was left with anxiety.

The Central Army, which was damaged by the turmoil last night was in a mess, but the bigger problem was that the intruders had come to save Count Ferrero.

And those who had to be killed in the dungeon went into an ancient ruins’ side.

‘They looked through the ruins, and the earthquake last night was proof of their movement.’

Marquis Kepler said that the earthquake in the Imperial Palace wasn’t a natural phenomenon.

From Rudolf’s point of view, it was inevitable that a struggle would come out.

The ruins were managed and studied by the Imperial family for generations together, and Rudolf himself was very interested in it.

As a result of constantly studying it, it was discovered that the ancient fairy wizards tried to turn back time.

Rudolf was very curious and tried to bring the ruins back to life as well.

Nevertheless, he never managed to revive it.

But some strong men entered the ruins and moved it!

‘They couldn’t have gone to the past, right?’

If so, then a situation where Reichard became the Emperor would happen.

And as read in the novels, once the past changed, the present was bound to change into something entirely.

Fortunately, Rudolf saw no signs of that. However, he couldn’t just get it off his mind as anything could happen.

“Your Majesty, this is Voltas.”

“Come in.”

At Rudolf’s words, Count Voltas, who entered the Emperor’s office, reported his findings.

“In last night’s mess, the forces involved were Libiya’s special forces, and we found flyers all over the streets.”

“What was it?”

“Yes, there were a lot of indescribable truths.”

The flyers were filled with contents about Rudolf and his attempt to assassinate King Reichard, the true descendant of God’s Dragon, and Reichard’s wish to overthrow the tyrant.

‘Kuek, this Reichard!’

Honestly, the flyers were all thrown by Henry under direct orders from Luke.

It was his intention to make a mess for Rudolf and show that Reichard was similar to him.

And Rudolf went straight for the trap.

“And a spy, disguised as a knight, was a family member of Count Ferrero who was detained in their mansion. Also, the iron knights patrolling on the outskirts have reported that Count Ferrero had escaped.”

“What? They saw Ferrero?”

Rudolf, who was already raging with anger, burst like a volcano upon hearing the last report.

“Yes, it was said that he suddenly appeared from a passage that formed in the air, but he was accompanied by an unidentified crowd.”

‘No mistakes here. It was the same thing that Princess Sophia used to escape from the temple.’

Fortunately, the men didn’t go to the past.

The Emperor, who felt relieved, was suddenly lost in thought.

“Wait! Shirley de Kyle should be the one in charge of the iron troops, right…?”

Rudolf was feeling anxious as he asked.

He knew that Ferrero and Shirley held a very thick relationship.

And he was right to feel anxious.

“Yes, Capitan Shirley was reported to have betrayed the Empire and escaped with Count Ferrero.”

“Keuk! These things!”


His fist smashed right through the marble desk.

Even then, Rudolf, who couldn’t express his anger, went quiet.

“Get them right now! Block the borders and thoroughly increase the checkpoints on the road to Libiya Kingdom!”

Rudolf wanted to get down to Libiya Kingdom and turn it into hell.

However, Rudolf, who knew that he couldn’t move with the situation of Vers in hand, had to swallow his anger.

In a field outside the capital.

Wizards escorted by knights arrived.

“You mean to say that Ferrero showed up here?”

“Y-yes, Vice Meister.”

The iron knights, who were hit by Shirley the other day, pointed to the place where the tunnel of light appeared.

They were knights who failed to jail the prisoner that escaped, so they were worried about what kind of punishment they were going to face.

Count Rolex, the Vice Meister of Baroque Imperial Magic Tower, asked them, “Why are we going there? It isn’t going to be easy to go after the sinners.”

They thought so but didn’t dare to ask. The mistakes they did were unforgivable, but huge difference between their titles of knight and Count was too high.

So they guided to the field when asked.

Count Rolex glanced at the wizards who came along with him.

The wizards pulled out various magic devices from the trailers and began to investigate something where the light had appeared.

“How does it look? Got anything?”

The wizard, who was holding a glowing crystal, responded coldly.

“Yes, there was a wave detected in the ruins of the Imperial Palace in the past. Perhaps this is the main coordinate that can be reached from the ruins.”

“Hmm, that could be.”

When Count Rolex nodded, an iron knight, who couldn’t resist his curiosity, spoke carefully, “That… What are you looking for?”

“Why? You want to know? Even if knowing this will get you killed?”

“Ah, no. I was just asking. I don’t want to know.”

In a cold question from Rolex, the iron knight hurriedly stepped back.

Rolex laughed at the man and watched his wizards who were still investigating.

‘But, did the ruins of the dungeon really work? What did they even do there?’

Rudolf, who had been very interested in the ruins of the Imperial Palace, knew the existence of the ruins.

He tried to operate the ruins numerous times under the Emperor’s command but couldn’t find any signs of success. They couldn’t even figure out how the ruins work.

However, it was surprising that there were people who managed to activate the ruins.

Rudolf seemed to be very troubled with it and immediately asked the Imperial Magic Tower to investigate.

‘It’s not like I don’t know what His Majesty feels that was caused by all of these unfortunate things he has been through lately.’

Losing his entire family and being betrayed by his own retainers and nobles, Rolex could understand why the Emperor was acting as such, but it was inevitable that the Magic Tower felt burdened.

Except for the fact that the remains were of Aether and that it could manipulate space and time, the magic tower discovered nothing.

In such situations, what would happen if the Emperor placed pressure on the magic tower to hurry up and activate the ruins?

‘Ahh, I hate imagining it!’

Thinking what would happen if he couldn’t meet the Emperor’s needs, Rolex’s entire body began to sweat.

‘I feel envious of Count Ferrero who ran… Uh?’

Suddenly, the mana around them fluctuated.

Even the wizards, who were looking for things, stopped after noticing it and glanced at the epicenter where mana gathered and fluctuated.

There it was; the tunnel of light opened for them.