Emperor of Steel

Chapter 477 - Another Rakan Descendant Appears 1

When Luke had gone to Nemesis to save Count Ferrero, the Capital city of Symphonia, Brandon got turned over.

It was because a self-claimed real descendant of Rakan had appeared.

“What? Someone dared to pretend as the warrior’s descendant and is trying to get into the royal palace?”

“Yes, Prime Minister Hans has asked you to hurry.”

Rogers, who had gone for a patrol near Brando, received a sudden emergency call.

Hurrying back, what he saw was the sight of hundreds of knights and soldiers in the square of the palace.

Not just soldiers, but the proximal knights, including Hwang Bo-sung were there for the imposter.

But, rather than subduing the man, they were avoiding his sword.

Rogers’s face went red with anger, seeing them like that.

“What the hell is this?!”

Shouting, Rogers hurried to the place.

The man who was about to hit Hwang Bo-sung stopped.

Rogers burst out at Hwang Bo-sung, who was standing there.

“What are you doing? A commander couldn’t do anything against an imposter!”

Hwang Bo-sung’s face was flustered by Rogers’s words.

“The man isn’t an imposter, Marquis.”

“What are you talking about…?”

“The man knows Gold Sword. Isn’t that something exclusive to the Rakan Knight’s skill?”

“What, what?”

Flustered, Rogers took a close look at the imposter.

A man with bright blue eyes of confidence and a silver hair which gave a strong impression.

It was as if he had been painted exactly based on the appearance of Warrior Rakan, who was in their family portrait.

‘Wait, during the Battle of Magic Towers, there was a rumor about a mercenary who used Gold Aura.’

Rakan’s retainers even suspected that the man could be another child of the warrior.

However, their pursuit failed, and as the Battle of Magic Tower soon receded.

‘Is he really another child of Lord Rakan?’

In order to solve the question in his mind, Rogers decided to approach the man.

“Who might you be?”

In response to the man’s arrogant question, Rogers slightly frowned.

“I am Marquis Rogers, the Chief Commander of the Symphonia Army. Who might you be?”

The man opened his mouth after slowly looking at all the knights and soldiers around him.

“I am Hiros de Rakan. The 17th generation of the Warrior Rakan. I came here to dispel the shame on the family which touched the power of darkness and bring in success and glory as the real family.”

The man, well, Hiros’s words, made the knights and soldiers talk.

“Not an imposter but another descendant of the warrior?”

“Could have happened too long ago, a family member split.”

“But Your Majesty touched darkness?”

“I heard the rumor about something like that the other day, but is this real?”

A few months ago, rumors about Luke’s dark magic broke out.

However, there was no evidence to prove that claim, and the achievements Luke had accumulated over the years helped the dismissing the rumors.

But when the same topic rose again, people weren’t so sure.

At his words, Rogers screamed thinking that he had to protect his King’s honor and shut Hiros’s mouth.

“You must be someone with a death wish! How dare you spread rumors without grounds! I will have to punish you for this act!”

“Huh, try it if you can.”

Hiros smirked only to provoke Rogers.

It ended up angering Hwang Bo-sung and the other knights too.

Rogers pulled his sword and went for the man.

But Hiros swung his sword with a single hand and managed to block his attack.


And next came the attack from Hiros.

It wasn’t easy for Rogers to stop the constant attacks from the man.

He could feel the sweat flowing down from his head.

‘Sir Hwang Bo-sung was right about it. He never stops!’

Hiros’s fencing was different.

It looked like the sword of the man was dancing to its own rhythm, however, the tip of the sword always came exactly for the heart or neck.

‘He is surely Sword Master, no, he could be more.’

With thoughts in mind, Rogers didn’t want to act on defense and decided to go for Impact Aura and Gold Sword.

Pretending to step back, he took a step ahead suddenly and hit Hiros’s sword.

When the swords of both men clashed, a huge sound rang.


Rogers couldn’t stop his body from getting pushed back. And the hand which held the sword was trembling.

‘It can’t be!’

Hiros, who was attacked by an Impact Aura, just canceled it with a slash.

However, what shocked Rogers, even more, was that Hiros was using Gold Sword.

The movement of the man was so fast and concise that no one could have figured it out.

“Still doubting me?”

At Hiros’s question, Rogers just looked at him without answering.

“You don’t want to believe it. then I should fight you a little more.”

Hiros’s sword stretched to the sky, drew in a beautiful trajectory.

Seeing the intense golden aura at the sword, Rogers’s eyes went wide.

‘Oh, oh my god! That is the second half…!’

It was similar to what Luke had showed them in the combat with the Avenger test.

At that time, Luke put the sword to the ground to create an earthquake-like effect, however, Hiros was using that at Rogers.


The sword, which was in the air, went right at Rogers’s sword.

The same moment, a huge wave of force hit Hwang Bo-sung and the knights who were watching from behind.


“Ahk! My legs!”

The knights screamed at the shockwaves created by Gold Sword.

Hwang Bo-sung was the only one who didn’t get hit by the shockwave.

However, he seemed too upset.

‘Without a mistake, that is the second half. Currently, the one’s learning of the second half from his Majesty are Count Philip and Arch Duke Gregory of the Holy Empire. How does that man know?’

Rogers was having the same question run through his head.

Once Rogers’s sword seized to move, Hiros opened his mouth with a blunt voice.

“The previous attack, I deliberately lowered its impact, considering everything around here and your ability. Thank you for being Rakan’s retainer.”

Rogers held his broken sword’s hilt.

It was because the man said he deliberately lowered the impact.

However, it wasn’t right for someone who was spared to speak out impolitely.

Rogers, whose pride was hurt, spoke back bitterly.

“You may be a descendant of a warrior. And you could be a Sword sage. However…”

Rogers stopped talking and screamed by releasing an Impact Aura from the half sword.

“However, you are a knight with no basics!”

“That could be too.”

Hiros responded casually to Rogers and fixed his sword.

At that moment, Rogers rushed to him, a voice stopped them.

“Stop this!”

The voice belonged to Prime Minister, Hans.

He and Maron were approaching their place.

“Prime Minister?”

“Marquis Rogers, take back the sword. There are things that need to be checked.”

At those words, Rogers stepped back, throwing down the broken sword to the ground.

Hans sighed looking at Rogers and spoke politely to Hiros.

“There are too many eyes here. Why not talk inside?”

“Should I think from your people’s point of view?”

At the words of Hiros, Maron responded instead of Hans with stiffness in voice.

“Think of your position better than ours. If you really are the Rakan descendant, this act will dishonor your family.”

At the words of Maron, Hiros thought for a moment and nodded.

“Understood. I will accept it.”

“You choose well.”

And thus, with Hans and Maron, Hiros moved to the officer with officers.

During that time, rumors spread in the royal city that another descendant of Rakan had appeared.