Chapter 47: Reunion 1

It was the morning after the Veritas Magic Tower branch in Brandon was set in flames.

For the purpose of taking a look at the books he had brought from the library, Luke went down to the Inn’s dining room and had his breakfast, lunch, and dinner there.

However, he heard an interesting story.

“The Veritas Magic Tower is behaving strangely, aren’t they?”

“Yeah, at night, there was a fire that had burst out, so I went to meet a friend who worked there, but I wasn’t allowed to meet with my friend and was kicked out of the entrance itself.”

There were two mercenaries who were seated across the other table and were having a conversation.

Knowing what he had done, Luke just pretended to be indifferent while listening to their conversation.

“If there was a fire, shouldn’t something have happened there?”

“I thought so too, but the branch stated that it was just a magical experiment.”

A mercenary glanced around for a moment. He then moved closer to the other mercenary and said,

“But, no matter how much I think about it, something big must have happened. The wizards and the soldiers are trying to find someone.”

“Then, was it arson?”

“Could be. Why would there be an explosion in the Veritas Magic Tower otherwise? Surely the Branch manager must have said that it was a magic experiment because the reputation of the tower would crumble.”

‘Huhuhu, looks like they are hanging by a thread.’

Luke was laughing to himself, listening to the story of the two.

Like a vision with more than 5 circles magic books and important materials being robbed and the library getting burned down.

In addition, the stolen blueprint of the Gigant seemed to be very important!

‘Should I take a look at it later? Originally, the culprit always reappears at the crime scene.’

Luke was in his own thoughts when Philip and Rogers came down from their room.

Rogers began to talk the moment he found Luke in the dining room.

“Young Lord, has anything pleasant happened to you?”

“Nothing. I just feel like taking a little revenge.”

“Little revenge?”

“It is something like that. Rather than that, are you two doing okay?”

The drinks they had drunk the other day were more than three barrels.

After a certain point, they began to drink alcohol for free.

It would have been fine if they had decided to stop there, but the two of them made a drink called the bomber which is made by mixing beer and whiskey.

Due to his curiosity, Luke too had a cup of it but wasn’t able to understand why they did such crazy a thing.

“I don’t like that drink. It’ll just break my head.”

Philip was hanging his head down the moment he sat down on the table.

Seeing that, Rogers clicked his tongue and said,

“If you are a knight, you should be able to handle yourself when drinking ten and not just three. Where did all that strength go?”

“That is because you’re a monster. I am average!”

“Average!? What nonsense! I’ll assign a lot of work to you, so you won’t be like that.”

Philip shook his head at the words of Rogers.

“Ugh! What a terrible thing to say! Young Lord, please take my side this time!”

“Huh, so you’re hiding behind the young Lord? You think you can escape from me then?”

“Aigoo! Please…”

While Luke watched the two of them talk, their meal came out.

It was a simple baked bread, sausages, bacon with a little hangover soup made with marinated mushrooms and vegetables with spicy sauce.

After they had their breakfast and lunch, they left the Inn.

“Kay, let’s head back to the estate then.”

Having achieved all that they wanted, Luke quickly wanted to go back and study the spellbooks.

They went to Hallis Magic Tower and started the trailer that they had parked there, and headed for the Rakan estate.

On their way back, they passed the Lord’s castle in Brandon. In the square, right in front of the gate, was a familiar woman.

‘Princess Reina?’

She was dressed in black and was looking down while saying some prayers, but Luke was able to notice who she was the moment his eyes fell on her.

As the distance got close, Philip spoke after noticing her,

“Uh? Isn’t that Princess Reina? Why is someone, who is supposed to be in Lamer, in here?”

“Well? What could she be doing here…?”

Luke unconsciously stopped the trailer and approached princess Reina.

As she was completely immersed in her prayers, Reina hadn’t noticed that Luke was approaching her.

“The Great Lord El Kassel, Mother Earth Beliza’s young…”

“Princess Reina.”

The moment she heard Luke’s voice, Reina stopped her prayers mid-way with a puzzled expression.

“Young Lord Luke?”

“Why are you praying in this place?…!!”

After Luke asked, he was surprised when Reina’s eyes closed, and her body fell back.

“Ah! Princess!”

Luke moved quickly in order to support Reina.

He wasn’t able to realize it from afar, but when he looked closely, her complexion looked very bleak. She also looked like she hadn’t eaten for days.

What was the princess doing in this place?

“Oh my!”

At those words, the two old men in the water over the square went screaming in astonishment.

Victor was angry when he found that a man was holding the princess and then saw that the man was Luke.

“Aren’t you young Lord Luke? Why are you here…?”

“I’ll give you the details later. But the princess needs to be looked at right away.”

Luke lifted Reina and rushed her to the closest clinic at the square.