Emperor of Steel

Chapter 467 - Rescue Operation of Count Ferrero 3

A dark night without the moon in sight.

There were a series of shadows running through the darkness in the capital’s streets.

They were moving silently and were assassins along with Henry, who belonged to Hydra.

‘All of this feels new, but the demon’s ability is great.’

Henry, who looked at his men, thought to himself.

After becoming the demon’s slaves, his physical abilities have improved significantly compared to when being a regular human.

Especially on a dark ebony-like night, his abilities seemed to have bloomed.

At first, he was utterly discouraged after being turned into a demon’s slave, but now that he calmly thought about it, it didn’t seem to be so bad.

‘This is why the warlocks gain power after signing a contract with the demons.’

Thinking so, Henry stopped at the crossroads and spoke to his men, “Let’s scatter here. Anyway, we should be drawing in a little attention, so avoid any unnecessary response.”

Nodding at the words, the agents of Hydra, with their ghost-like moves, entered the barracks.

They began to fire the gunpowder sack they had brought along and throw it into the armory.

Bang! Bang!


As Hydra agents moved away, the flames soared high along with the explosions in the barracks and the officers throughout the Nemesis.

“W-what was that?”

“Idiot! This is no time to delay! There is gunpowder on fire!”

Unlike the offices, the Central Army was quick to respond when they saw the soaring fire from the barracks.

There were a lot of gunpowder and shells in the armory.

And thanks to that, everyone was busy running away rather than trying to find out who was at fault.


Once all the gunpowder and shells of the armory detonated, a loud roar rang.

Along with that, an earthquake-like vibration shook the entire capital.

It was then that an urgent cry was heard in the ears of the knights and soldiers who were on guard during the hectic situation caused by the explosion.

“The enemy! The enemy’s special forces have invaded!”

“The Libiya Kingdom’s men are here!”

The agents of Hydra and Henry disguised as the Central Army soldiers went around shouting the same thing.

They weren’t just shouting; they were taking down knights and soldiers who were alone and were in their way.


“The enemy! The enemy has appeared!”

“Be careful! The enemies have disguised themselves as our allies!”

While the barracks and the armory were on fire, the Knights of Guards who were guarding Count Ferrero’s mansion were shocked.

“What the hell is this?”

Juan, who was on the lookout for the mansion, asked the lady knight on the horse who was running away from the barracks.

The beautiful lady with red hair and had an embroidered uniform and a Knights of Guard’s crest on her answered, “The Libiya Kingdom’s special forces have appeared.”


Her eyes looked at Juan who was shocked and continued, “Right now, all parts of the capital are under attack. There is an order from the top to clear the enemy forces with all troops on hand.”

“But we were ordered to defend the mansion. Without his Majesty’s orders, we can’t…”

“Do you think that you have a chance for that to happen? The commander said that he’ll take responsibility and get the approval from His Majesty, so move now!”

“U-understood. We’ll leave right away.”

Depressed because the female knight shouted at him, Juan left his office with minimal force.

The remaining knights spoke to the others with a worried expression, “They said there are a lot of invading troops.”

“Yes, moreover, they even disguised themselves as us!”

“Uh! Then it’s even more troublesome. By the way, which squad are you from? I never met such a pretty guy like… Kuek!”

An arrow hit the knight who tried to reach out to the female knight.

Over there standing in front of the fallen man was Scarlet with her bow in her hand.

While the knights were shocked, Scarlet, with her agility of being a Bow Expert, killed the rest of the knights.

Dozens of knights went down in a second.

“Clean this up.”

At the orders from Scarlet, the members of group 2, who were waiting for her command, ran over and cleared up the bodies.

Meanwhile, Belfair and Erwin, who had infiltrated the mansion’s walls from the backside, took down all the hiding war mages.

Heading straight to the room where Count Ferrero’s family was locked.

“W-who are you?”


The knights, who were guarding the room, pulled out their swords. However, the Heatwave magic of Erwin reached them quickly.

At the same time when the knights fell, the door broke. The Count’s family members were surprised by it and moved back.

“You, who are you?”

The Countess and her children behind her back asked in fear.

Erwin politely replied, “We are here to save you.”

“To save us?”

As Erwin tried to explain it briefly to them, Belfair spoke,

“There isn’t enough time to explain it now. Emperor Rudolf decided to kill Count Ferrero. We need to hurry out before the orders of execution reach the knights.”

It was a complete lie, but Erwin didn’t feel like contradicting it.

In fact, it would take a lot more time if she had to explain that they had come from the Symphonia Kingdom and were trying to rescue Count Ferrero, who was in a messed up situation.

“H-how can his Majesty…! But if we run away, what about him? Who will save him?”

“The people have already left, so you can come with us with no worries.”

Belfair took the kids into his hands and urged the Countess

The Countess, who was still confused, decided to follow Belfair and Erwin. She thought that she had to get out of that depressing room and atmosphere to think clearly.

‘These demons work better than I thought.’

Erwin knew of Luke’s identity of being the warlock, Saymon, the Devil King from 500 years ago.

The ability to summon demons and take away their abilities was great. However, there were always doubts in her mind whenever Luke used those demons for his work.

However, the demons seemed more human-like. If they were dead ones, then wouldn’t it mean that the demons were once fairies or humans?

Moreover, in the case of Belfair, he learned the silver sword, which had divine power in it.

‘Well, he is an extraordinary person. If he can do this, then he can surely tame the demon lords.’

Luke was the character in whose hands High Elf Erenes had left the future of the fairies.

Luke was someone who wanted to escape the prejudiced world and look for new things to create a whole new world.

‘I also need to stop my prejudicial and stereotypical thoughts.’

Erwin thought so because she knew that that was the only way she could get Luke’s heart.