Emperor of Steel

Chapter 465 - Rescue Operation of Count Ferrero 1

Philip, who was defeated by Luke in the Avenger tests, was training till sweating in the royal 1st squad barracks.

“Will this work? No, this is how it needs to be done.”

He was training in the second half of the Gold Sword which he observed while Luke was using.

Luke had promised to teach the second half after coming back from the Southern Continent, however, only a few lessons had been done.

There was a reason why the second half of the sword wasn’t fully taught, it was because difficult events like war and founding took place one after the other.

Philip too knew it, which was why he was practicing by himself after observing Luke while performing it.

“Master, please take a break.”

At Anna’s words, Philip’s expression changed.

“Huh, master? Count or Commander is what you should be calling me.”

“Huhu. Sorry. It just comes out from my mouth.”

Anna was a member of the Unicorn Knights and was transferred 1st squad after the founding of Symphonia.

Philip who was dating her, held her hand.

“If that is awkward, then you can call me darling, I’d be fine with that too.”

“Huh, master… no, Count!”

Anna tried to hit Philip when he pulled her into a hug.

The members of Rakan Knights who never saw their commander in such good expression were cursing inwards.

Maybe a curse was successfully placed on him?

A royal knight from the palace entered the barracks and spoke to Philip.

“His Majesty has something to discuss, so he asked to come right away.”

“What? Now?”

“Yes, please start.”

Philip, who was asked immediately, went to the royal palace without even washing to meet Luke.

“Your Majesty, what is it?”

“Ah, nothing much, a moment back, Marquis Rogers and the Intelligence department came…”

At the next words of Luke, Philip’s eyes went wide.

“Huh? You want us to rescue Count Ferrero and bring him to Symphonia?”

“Yes, this will turn our Kingdom’s path.”

It was surprising enough that Count Ferrero, his former teacher was placed in prison, but even more shocking was the fact that Luke wanted him to be saved and bring him to Symphonia Kingdom.

But unlike Luke who was looking glad, Philip seemed rather stiff.

It was because he knew Count Ferrero’s personality.

“Count isn’t someone who can be turned so easily.”

“Then what do you think happened for him to change from neutral to aid the Emperor?”

Originally, Ferrero was a neutral noble.

And it was before a civil war broke out and he turned towards the Emperor.

At Luke’s question, Philip thought and answered.

“That Count was honoring Emperor Rudolf, the greatest knight on the continent. That was why he changed his stance after getting called by the Emperor himself.”

As Philip said, Count Ferrero was an avid follower.

He had a strong admiration for the strong and had a virtue of a knight.

“Then even I can use some power and force.”

What Luke said made Philip think of the Gold Sword.

Would Ferrero really leave the sword he was learning and take a new one?

Maybe that was an exaggeration.

Ferrero in the past knew of Luke’s skills and constantly asked for a battle.

As much as he was interested in the battle with Luke, he wasn’t someone who would lose.

“But why was Count Ferrero imprisoned?”

From what Philip knew, Count Ferrero was taken into the army by the Emperor’s words and was favored for his skills, he was turned into the commander of the Central Army.

Although letting go of the Variand Mountain was a mistake, what Ferrero did was a strategical retreat and it was the right decision too.

However, imprisoning an experienced Sword Master overnight made no sense to Philip.

“He had rejected the order of Rudolf to subjugate the riots.”

“Tch, so that was what happened. I always thought that Count’s personality didn’t go well with Rudolf…”

Hearing the entire details, Philip yelled at Luke.

“Please send me! I will bring him safely without hurting anyone!”

To save him from the dungeon of Nemesis, there was a need for skilled knights and wizards.

So Philip wanted to go.

He wanted to return the favor he had received from Count Ferrero in the past, but his main purpose was to use the second half of the Gold Sword and learn through the battles he would face in Nemesis.

Though he didn’t say it, Luke had called Philip because of his intention to send him there.

Though Philip claims not to be one, in Luke’s eyes, Philip too was a battle maniac like Count Ferrero.

“Nice. I will also come so get prepared.”

At Luke’s words, Philip was shocked.

“Your Majesty too?”

“Yes, I am the only one capable of disarming the traps and alarm magic circles in the dungeons.”

There were too many outstanding Sword Master knights in Symphonia Kingdom, but unfortunately, the only wizard to have 8th magic circle or above was Luke.

Of course, the Dark Moon magic tower had Meister Johas, but he was a warlock.

And he couldn’t be asked to accompany the knights, so Luke had to go.

‘Of course, I need to give a gift to Rudolf and this prize will be gold. Kuk!’

Luke smiled intently and Philip continued to discuss the rescue operation.