Emperor of Steel

Chapter 464 - Dismissed Warrior 4

What the messenger delivered was a report from Baron Hudson, former head of Argos and currently the Intelligence chief of Symphonia Kingdom.

He reported that an unknown epidemic had spread rapidly in Nemesis, the capital of the Baroque Empire, and in the process of controlling it, numerous patients were burned to death which lead to massive riots.

“Keuk, an unknown epidemic?”

Luke already knew that Rudolf was up to something with that Vers.

It was confirmed that the epidemic was surely Vers, however, the problem wasn’t clear whether it had happened because of an accidental leak, or whether it was a counter-attack from the Libiya Kingdom who had been made aware of the plague.

For that, Luke ordered Belfair to gather information from the officials of Hydra and the Baroque Intelligence immediately.

The next morning, Belfair came back with a report.

“Master, the epidemic spreading in the Nemesis is Vers. However, it isn’t clear if the Imperial magic tower had accidentally leaked it while moving, however, from the actions of Emperor Rudolf it is definite that it was unintentional.”

“That so.”

Luke was able to know who the suspect was.

‘Unless Rudolf turned completely insane, well even then, he wouldn’t risk his own people with a plague. He would never burn people who would support him and the capital was indeed made of his men. Besides, if an accident broke out in the Imperial magic tower, there should be patients in there too.’

Nevertheless, the first outbreak patients were in a residential area and a market, that was mentioned in the report from the other source.

At that time, only the Libiya Kingdom was likely to hold the virus.

Thinking so, Luke immediately brought out a crystal ball.

In addition, the coordinates placed to communicate were directly for Shaikan, and mana was infused.


For a moment, the lights flashed on the ball, and then the face of Shaikan, well, Reichard appeared.

-What is it, King Luke?

Shaikan’s lip corners were slightly raised as if something good was happening around him.

Luke couldn’t help but frown.

“I heard that an epidemic was spreading in Nemesis, do you have anything to do with it?”

-Huh? what is that supposed to mean?

“The Vers which I spoke about seemed to have spread. Wasn’t it a reverse attack with the virus which you got in your hands the other day?”

At the words of Luke, Shaikan jumped.

-What are you talking about? You thought that I would do something like Rudolf even after having the dragon’s blood in me!

“Are you saying you wouldn’t?”

-Huh?! Who do you think you are looking at?! I would never give such an order, and our kingdom would never do something like that. It is disappointing that you would suspect me in mishandling and leaking it.

“If I did misunderstand, I will surely apologize to you later. But after doing some more digging, I’ll contact you again.”

After cutting off the communication with Shaikan, Luke was swelling up with anger.

“Dammit! That bloody Baroque men, not even one of them can be believed!”

In the conversation which happened a moment back, Shaikan had denied all the allegations placed by Luke, however, with the expression he had on his face, Luke knew something had to be done.

Although Shaikan did manage his expression as much as possible, there was no way he could fool a warlock who was called as the Devil King, the man who trembled the entire continent.

‘This is my fault. I should have done this myself without letting him know!’

Luke was feeling guilty for the people who got killed.

I thought that he should stop relaying any information to the Libiya Kingdom, no matter what kind of information it was in the future.

Belfair, who was next to him asked.

“Master, will you break the alliance with the Libiya Kingdom?”

“No, we will have to stop the Baroque Empire, so we need that alliance. Instead, I am not sure what Shaikan would do, so I need to spend more spies to the Libiya Kingdom.”

That was what Luke had decided.

If Shaikan was ambitious and driven with a blind goal, then he would surely do anything to the Baroque.

And Luke was currently holding hands with them for the same purpose, however, he had to avoid getting stabbed by the ones he was holding hands with.

That afternoon, Luke called for Baron Hudson.

He tried to tell him to increase the spies in the Libiya Kingdom, however, Hudson gave out some interesting information.

“Your Majesty, are you aware of Central army’s commander, Count Ferrero?”

“I do. Why?”

Count Ferrero was the best knight the Baroque Empire had.

He was excellent with armed battle, however, he proved himself to be very effective as a commander because of rich on-hands experience he learned.

Not long ago, Ferrero was trying to regain the Empire’s south forts of Variand mountain.

However, when the war with Libiya turned unsuccessful, he was called back by Rudolf to get back to the capital, leaving only the troops behind to guard the fort.

“When the epidemic spread and riots broke out in Nemesis, the Emperor’s orders to Count Ferrero were to subjugate the people. However, he refused the orders and was placed in prison.”

“What? What happened?”

To imprison a competent commander for not subjugating innocent people?!

Luke’s eyes flashed with anger due to the absurdity he heard.

An idea passed through his mind.

“Huhuhu. All is for our good. Let’s save Count Ferrero.”


“Let us bring him back to our Symphonia Kingdom.”

Thinking for a moment, Hudson nodded his head.

“It sounds like a pretty good idea.”


“Yes, bringing in Count Ferrero would help our Kingdom greatly. However, I think that it would be better to listen to the opinions of the military and the intelligence before we proceed with the rescue operation.”

At the words of Hudson, Luke immediately called for a meeting with the officials.

And nobody had any objection to say, so the mission to rescue Count Ferrero had begun right away.