Emperor of Steel

Chapter 463 - Dismissed Warrior 3

Kiing! Kiing!

“Slowly! Be careful! Yes, stop there!”

Along with the sounds of machines running with magic, the harsh voice of the engineer could be heard.

All that noise was taking place in Brandon’s former Milton Royal Magic Tower.

Currently, it was the Katarina Magic Tower, the Royal Magic Tower of Symphonia, and the workshop for making Gigants.

“Completion of the right hand joint!”

“Left-arm is also done!”

Luke was seriously looking at the Gigant whose arms were being assembled one after the other.

The reason why he had gone there for a short while even though he was busy was because the Gigant that was currently being assembled was special.

A 4,000 fight, Hero class Gigant, Avenger.

The product whose production got delayed because of the war and founding was about to be completed.

“What about the core engine?”

At Luke’s question, Mute answered, “It will be assembled at the end of the day.”

An hour later, just as Mute said, Luke’s very own Avenger’s core engine got transported with a crane.

Despite having a 4,000 fight output, which was a lot higher than any Gigant, it was still 30 percent smaller than other Hero class Gigant’s core engine.

That was due to the result of applying the artificial magic stone developed by Erwin and the Taeul-ro knowledge provided by Zegal Soha.

“There was no problem with the power test. How about the start-up test?”

“Depending on the degree of resistance of the joints and drive, the output might not be as good as we assume, so a start-up will give a good insight.”

The new core engine was slowly mounted on the abdomen of Avenger.

The engineers immediately fixed it, and the Iron mages meticulously connected it to the body’s Ergen cable.

Luke, who wasn’t pleased with just watching, approached the Gigant closely to check each part of the connection to the Ergen cable.

After all the work was done, the core engine’s cover was sealed, and the internal and external armor got fixed.

“Finally, done!”

“Hahaha! Everyone worked hard!”

Iron mages and engineers cheered with a bottle of champagne.

It was because it was their first time to produce a Hero class Gigant, and Hero class Gigants took years to finish.

“Good work. I’ll give out the pay, so go and rest for a few days.”

As Luke congratulated them and looked at the Gigant, his eyes looked at the giant silvery Gigant. He was full of joy and anticipation.

‘In the future, this guy will change the history of the continent with me.’

Annihilate the Baroque Empire and defeat Arsene!

Luke, who was delighted, climbed into the cockpit of Avenger. He was going to maneuver it.

He would like to do not just simple movements but combat moves too.

The Sword Master Commanders were all scattered in different regions at the moment because of the supply of troops and recruitment.


Luke started the Gigant by pouring out mana into the core engine.

When hundreds of magic circles got activated, both his eyes lit up along with the core engine.

The new Gigant had to be tamed.

Luke kept on repeating the same basic movements and then walked around the workshop.

Thud Thud!

‘This is amazing! The movement is smooth and light!’

The Gigants he had used in the past always gave out a little vibration when moving. However, Luke couldn’t feel it at the moment.

Not just the core engine but also the Gigant’s frame and overall balance seemed to have improved.

Luke, who decided that there was no problem in the movement, decided to take it for a battle and gave orders.

“Inform the commander in the military to bring their Hero class Gigants to the eastern fields of the Brandon city.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

When the messenger went with the commands, Luke went out of the castle.

While waiting for them to come, Luke decided to try out Avenger.

Shortly after Luke had gone to the eastern field, four trailers ran with a stream of dust and smoke.

The trailers contained four Hero class Gigants, Orion and Symphonia’s Sword Masters, Rogers, Philip, and the Gram brothers.

Another one was Hwang Bo-sung, a Fist Master.

He summoned his Puppet while the other Sword Master’s Gigants were boarded.

“It seems that after a long time, I am going to battle with Master.”

“Well, I don’t think it has been so long? Maybe your body just got stiff?”

While Luke laughed with Hwang Bo-sung, Reynold and Reynard were busy adjusting Orion.

“Hyung, this seems a lot better than Anubis. Isn’t the movement different?”

“We can’t help it. This isn’t a dedicated Gigant which had been made according to hyung’s skills.”

The Hero class Gigant, Anubis, that was used by the Gram brothers in battle wasn’t fully repaired.

Anubis was made from Altica Magic Tower, and since so many detailed and sensitive areas in the cockpit got damaged, repairing it wasn’t an easy task unless a high ranking wizard from Altica could be found.

So the two of them were given Orion, which was made by the Dark Moon Magic Tower.

“Great carpenters don’t need the right tools. Moreover, the purpose is for a battle to check the performance of Your Majesty’s Gigant, Avenger, right? So we don’t need to be too greedy.”

“Even then, I don’t want to get pushed back.”

Reynard already knew the extent of Luke’s skills.

He met him once in the war and heard stories that his brother had told.

However, he never had an equal footing battle with His Majesty.

Even with Duke Butler in the past, there was a pass-through with the brothers and decided to see who would be defeated.

“This side is ready, but are you all ready?”

“It will end soon, Your Majesty.”

After a while, Luke and his Sword Masters were ready to battle.

1 to 5.

Although they were all Sword Masters, Luke didn’t think that he would lose.

As Luke seemed relaxed, Rogers and Philip gulped.

They could feel that Luke’s skills seemed to have increased over the past war.

As Rogers and Philip refrained from any nasty attacks and watched Luke’s Avenger move, Hwang Bo-sung however rushed ahead with his Puppet and flew in to throw a Trinity Punch.


A powerful pressure ruptured the air, and the ground erupted.

However, Luke, who was fully aware of Hwang Bo-sung’s skills, avoided the attack.

“Indeed, Count Hwang Bo-sung is being active right from the beginning.”

At the words of Rogers, Hwang Bo-sung responded, “When a strong man like Master is standing still, one must hit with their full power from the beginning. Once he notices my movements, I won’t be able to attack properly.”

“That is right.”

Philip and Rogers, who realized their mistake, wielded their swords and joined in to attack.

“Hahhaha! Your Majesty, forgive us in advance for scratching your Gigant!”

“I need to forgive you guys since you won’t be able to match me.”

After receiving Philip’s attack from the Gold Aura, Luke reached the right side of Rogers’ Orion who was ready to strike.



Flames exploded right in the front.

Rogers, who placed his giant sword like a shield to prevent the attack, moved back and groaned.

However, when the attack created the gap, the Gram brothers used their boomerang.

“Your Majesty, this time you will have to accept the brother’s attacks!”

“Kuek, you won’t be able to get an easy win like before!”

The Gram brothers’ boomerang swords moved like sickles and charged toward Avenger.

Their moves were great, making Luke put up his guard.

And it was all just a for a moment.

When Luke steadily stopped the attacks with Gold Sword and magic, the two brothers brought out Impact Auras on their boomerang and flew toward Avenger.

Wheeing! Boong!

The boomerangs became four boomerangs around Avenger, creating rustling noises.

At first, Luke was trying to attack, but he was surprised to see that the boomerangs changed their paths and closed in on the gaps.

‘Are they adjusting the trajectory of the aura?’

In the Southern Continent, there were ego weapons, and the boomerang attacks of the two seemed very much like it.

If it was only the two brothers, Luke would have managed to attack back.

However, in the current situation, Luke had to deal with Philip, Rogers and Hwang Bo-sung. There was no time for him to fall back and think.

“Trinity God Martial!”

With Hwang Bo-sung’s voice, he rushed fiercely and kicked Luke.

“This is a kick! Where is the punch?”

“Hut, Master, A person who gets deceived by it is foolish.”

The Gram brother’s boomerang was about to hit Avenger’s back.

Luke quickly avoided the attack with Blink and attempted to use Fire Arrows toward the Gram brother’s Orion.

However, Rogers, who was waiting for Luke to use Blink and move, struck him.


“Haha. I am the first one that touched you, Your Majesty.”

The right arm glove of Avenger got scratched by Rogers’ Impact Aura.

Luke managed to twist his Gigant just enough to avoid the sword, which made the scar not go deep. However, Luke’s feelings weren’t so calm after realizing that this new Gigant got scratched.

“Surely, I can’t let this go.”

No matter how strong Luke was, his opponents were Sword Masters who were armed and in action.

Thinking that he was looking down on them, Luke began to speed up.

It was a Gigant of 4,000 fight output and full second half of Gold Sword.


When the momentum of Avenger changed, the five Sword Masters frowned.

Their Gigant’s stood still for a second as they realized how strong Luke was.

For a moment, they were all delighted with their fighting spirits in rage.

“Hahaha! Your Majesty, do you want to get serious now?

“Then we too will deal with you with our all.”

Reynard jumped to the air catching his boomerang to go for a hit.

And their words weren’t false. The boomerang was bigger and had a darker Impact Aura.



There was no way that with one strike the Avenger would kneel down, but they would still be able to get some steam off of them.

However, being scared of getting hit by Luke’s sword, Orion, which was led by Reynold, jumped to the air.

Orion was a Hero class Gigant as well with considerable size and weight.

Besides, Avenger seemed lighter on the surface.

And there was no way that Luke’s Gigant could blow up Orion in one strike.

However, it didn’t end there.

As Rogers and Philip rushed in at the same time, Luke wielded his sword gracefully and stabbed the tip of the sword into the ground.

The ground shook and a loud noise reverberated everywhere.

“Woah! T-this is!”

“Is this an Earthquake magic?”

The Gigants staggered as their masters were distracted with the sudden blow.

And in the midst of all that, the boomerangs, which lost control for a second, flew in a random direction while one of it hit the Puppet of Hwang Bo-sung.

“Huhuhu. This is no magic. This is the second half of the Gold Sword which can only be done with the maximum output of the core engine.”

The explosion would have been bigger in an enclosed space.

Although Luke wasn’t able to complete the full second half of the Gold Sword, it was unfinished, but it still was merged with the 4,000 fight output of a core engine, which made such an earthquake happen.

Anyway, Luke didn’t want to miss the opportunity to confuse everyone.

Immediately using Blink and Fly magic, he cut the right arm of Orion and pushed the giant sword into Hwang Bo-sung’s Puppet.

“How is that? I think this is enough to decide things, right?”

“Kuek, this is infuriating, but Master wins.”

In addition to Hwang Bo-sung, the other masters gave up as well.

In the end, it was just a test to check the durability of Avenger, so they didn’t have to fight seriously. And if it led to anyone dying or being injured, it was a serious loss.

And even though the five people would go at the same time, they weren’t sure about attacking him. Rather, if such things went on, it was likely that they would see more ugly scenarios.

“Hu, Your Majesty’s ability was really interesting.”

“That is so true. It seems like only yesterday when you learned swordplay under the Chief Commander…”

Rogers and Philip were impressed by the change in Luke over the years, and Hwang Bo-sung along with the Gram brothers talked about Avenger.

“What does the performance look like?”

“Since I drove the Orion myself, that one seems to be excellent in both output and movement. After all, it was something that His Majesty had developed himself.”

“If he has time, should we ask him to make one for us too?”

In response to his brother’s question, Reynold replied, “Your Majesty is very busy. Rather, let’s just adjust Orion’s movement to make it faster. I think it is a lot better than Anubis.”

Orion alone was significantly superior to the existing Hero class.

At 3,700 fight, the output of the core engine was high, and although it was expensive, it had a helm, which allowed the rider’s judgment directly linked to the Gigant movement.

So, Iron mages classified Orion as a Super Hero class.

As each of them was appreciating Avenger, a messenger hurried toward them from the royal city.

Luke, who was satisfied with the performance of his Gigant, became stone-faced when he saw the message that was brought in.

“What is it, Your Majesty?”

When Reynold asked, Luke sighed and spoke in anger, “Something I didn’t hope to happen is going on.”

“Is it something unavoidable by you?”

“Could there be such a thing? I am going first. This will be cleaned up later.”

Luke hurried back to the palace.

It was shocking news, which meant that he had to gather all the sources and grasp the entire situation.