Emperor of Steel

Chapter 461 - Dismissed Warrior 1

“The Central Army! The reinforcements from the Central Army has come for us!”

As Ferrero led his troops, the people who had been fighting with the soldiers fled immediately.

Because they knew that the fight was in their odds.

“We will pursue later! Look for the injured!”

The soldiers of the Central Army, who were brought in by Count Ferrero, approached the fallen colleagues.

And before long, around 100 soldiers who had been hit with stones were brought just to be gathered.

Some soldiers were even robbed of their weapons.

Yet, the people were still kind at heart, so they didn’t kill any soldiers.

There were reports from the other guards of the gates and barricades that there have been a lot more fatalities.

“Sire! The mob is coming back at us!”

When the wounded soldiers were in treatment, the knights who were keeping guard screamed.

Ferrero immediately turned his attention there.

A lot more people were coming back than the group which just scattered.

It seemed to be around 3 times, well, more like 10 times.

Most of the unarmed people rocked towards the central forces led by Ferrero.

“Get to the camp! Soldiers use shields!”

When Count Ferrero’s orders fell, the shields of the soldiers stopped the incoming soldiers.

Yet they couldn’t stop a few which were falling over the heads or the feet.

“Dammit, if we had Gigants we could have suppressed it right away.”

“No, at least a three artillery units…”

Knights mumbled under their breath while lifting shields or wielding swords to block those stones.

Ferrero had left the Gigants and cannons in the barracks as he moved for subjugation.

In spite of the urgent situation, even though his lieutenant had asked to take them, he didn’t want to.

“As a knight, it is utter disgrace to use a Gigant or cannons against innocent unarmed people!”

It was said that Count Ferrero ordered the knights to not attack the people using the aura or force.

In addition, soldiers were also banned from firing or stabbing people with their swords or spears.

His orders were delivered to the troops which were dispatched through messengers, it was said to stop all offensive means.

“What is the commander thinking?”

“Don’t do this, and don’t do that… what the hell are we supposed to do, wah!”

Although the vice commanders and the other higher officers were fiercely dissatisfied, yet the soldiers of the central army would never violate his command.

They were all wondering how long they could last.

It wasn’t just the central army which was ordered by the Emperor to move for subjugation.

The knights of guards all fled to the streets of the capital by leaving behind only a few knights, war mages, and mercenaries in the Imperial Palace.

And they were very fierce in the subjugation of the riots, unlike the passive Count Ferrero.

They took the Gigants and rushed over to the places where people gathered and trampled on them, knights were wielding their swords or spears on the people. Archers were using fire arrows to burn people.



“Sa, save me!”

No matter how great the number of people gathered was, there was no way that they could defeat wizards, mercenaries, or men trained in professional combat.

Needless to say, they used aura and Gigant riders.

“For His Majesty! Annihilate the entire mob!”

“Do not hesitate! They are just rebels!”

The commander of the Knights of Guard, who was leading the suppression at the forefront, found a Gigant, Atlas, which had stopped to the side and yelled.

“Shirley! What are you doing! Aren’t you going to move?!”

When the commander screamed at the Gigant, Shirley who was in the Atlas Gigant responded casually.

“This isn’t moving at all. I think it is broken.”

Then get out of the Gigant and fight! Have you forgotten how to fight with a sword after riding inside the Gigant?!”

‘Tch! That f*cking bastard.’

Shirley got off the Gigant with slow moves.

She was literally unhappy with the mission.

Born between a human father and a dwarf mother, she suffered persecution since her childhood as a mixed-race.

She felt bitter for being teased and hurt, which was why she trained and grew up, she was never going to forget the teaching of a Spear Master.

Which was why she didn’t especially like the task of slaughtering powerless civilians.

“Shirley! Where are you going?”

The commander of the Knights of Guard screamed, seeing Shirley run in the wrong direction.

Shirley pointed to an alleyway on the other side.

“The mod ran away over there. I will slaughter them and come back!”

Shirley with her halberd entered the alley she pointed to.

Walking slowly, she found people hiding in the dark corner of the alley.

Among those who were hiding, there were young boys and girls, and infants.


“Ru, run away!”

Shirley, reached out to them to calm them down.

“Woah, woah! Calm down. I am here to rest, so don’t worry.”

Shirley dusted the small wooden box next to her and sat down on it.

She thought that she would play like that until the situation calmed down.

“Hugh, what are you going to do now, Ferrero? This is getting nasty.”

Count Ferrero, had accompanied her during the visit to the Holy Empire for the civil war.

Shirley, who liked his rough yet straight-forward attitude, was worried.