Chapter 46: A Stir in the Magic Tower 5

“Kuah… Kuk! Kuk!”

Jameson, who fainted, began to wake up.

Touching his bruised chest, he rose from the ground, he was shocked to see thick smoke and flames rise everywhere.

“This, what is this?”

“Fire! The library is on fire!”

“Please get some water!”

The whole library was currently on fire, and it seemed like it was impossible to save anything from it.

“I, Ice… no, Water Shower!”

Jameson was at the forefront when it came to fighting against flame magic.

However, with the hasty manifestations of magic, the desired task hadn’t happened properly nor aide him in any way.

However, it was enough to save his own life, so he could somehow get out of the library.

“Phew, how the hell did… uh!”

As he was breathing with relief, his complexion went dark.

There was something that he forgot when he decided to run away from the fire.

‘My book! And the blueprint!’

Those were the tools for revenge that were supposed to solve his long grudge.

He tried to jump back into the flames; however, the other wizards and the mercenaries around the place blocked him to prevent him from doing so.

“No, sir. Please move back!”

“Get lost! Inside! I have my… uh! What are you doing? Quickly blow out the fire!”

2 hours later.

The mercenaries diligently carried some water, and the wizards with their magic used rain and were successful in clearing out the fire. They also managed to prevent the fire from spreading to the buildings next to it.

However, more than half of the library had been burned, and the other remaining collections of books were soaking wet.

The library was devastated.

The main thing was that none of the high-quality materials and books could be rescued.

“Firstly, I need to make a list of the lost materials, I need to ask for a copy at the headquarters. It would take some time, but…”


The manager was trying to make a calm report.

However, executives cut off the report that Jameson was making.

Jameson, who couldn’t stand the screams of the executives anymore and with the grief of losing his tools for revenge, burst out to them.

“An intruder made it into the library! What were the mercenaries, the guard and the wizards on duty doing? What were the elaborate magic circles and the security devices even for?”

The executives and the secretary of the branch were shocked by that.

If what the branch manager had said was true, then the fire was a result of arson. Not just that, the security of the branch was broken and breach.

The security of the Brandon branch was far from simple.

As one of the two largest Magic Towers in the continent, the security of the branch was so tough that even an experienced assassin or wizard couldn’t pass through it.

However, an intruder managed to pass through?

Who could that be? And how?

Everyone was questioning themselves and were silent. Jameson was roaring like a dragon.

“Get the culprit right now! If you people can’t even do that, then I’ll fire you all right away!”

The moment they heard that, all the wizards and guards scattered all over the place to catch the criminal.

The arson search went on for almost a month.

But forget about catching the culprit, they couldn’t even find out who did it.

The wizards and mercenaries, who somehow had to subdue the anger of their branch manager, arrested a wizard who seemed to have seen the perpetrator.

“Not me! I don’t even know who that was!”

It was the accomplished wizard Peter, who cleaned the library all alone that day.

They accused him of being an accomplice to the culprit, and the fact that he was jealous of the Magic Tower became a huge factor that he might be an accomplice.

“I only saw a ghost that day! Manager! Please believe my words!”

Peter insisted on his innocence, but no one chose to believe him.

Eventually, he was arrested for arson and was sent to the Magic Tower headquarters.

After that, no one had ever seen him.