Emperor of Steel

Chapter 455 - Counter Use 3

After the banquet prepared to celebrate Luke’s visit, Shaikan had secretly convened the key figures of the kingdom, including Duke Butler, late at night.

“Why have you called for me this late?”

“Well, isn’t the offensive strike of the Baroque Empire on the verge of breaking down…?”

The key nobles gathered in doubt. However, they were shocked at the information Shaikan gave them.

“H-he plans on spreading the plague to our kingdom?”

“Rudolf, that man! How can he?!”

They were all shocked and raging with anger.

And among them, the emotions of Duke Butler, who was in charge of the military were running wild.

It was because such things were never done during his time as a knight.

“Everyone calm down. The disease of Vers hasn’t been spread yet. We can overcome the crisis by blocking it all in advance.”

The meeting was initiated to counter the despicable attempt of the Baroque Empire.

And accordingly, the nobles had come up with various defensive measures.

“We need to strengthen the inspection at the border area. Well, how could we block it completely?”

“If we give out the signs of noticing their moves, the enemies will revise their plans. It is important for us to get more information from the spies than to give out our moves.”

“Don’t worry about that. The King of Symphonia has promised to provide us with information.”

There was one person who kept silent while everyone was offering their ideas and opinions.

It was the representative of the 5th manor and was the current member of the royal family, Margareta.

Her love for Luke and her ambitions were on par with everyone. She was actively committed to the Libiya Kingdom and took over as its medical doctor.

But, however, this time, she was assigned as the aide of the King of the new nation and was assigned to entertain him.

She promised to herself that she would make Luke fall on his feet for her. However, the reality seemed to have swayed.

It was because she was the one bowing in front of him.

What was even more embarrassing for her was the fact that Luke didn’t even seem to care about her. When she met up with him, he could have at least treated her warmly for knowing her.

‘Tch, I was thinking of strengthening Libiya to devour the Rakan estates. Well, the Symphonia Kingdom… But the two formed an alliance…’

Whatever the case was, that was how things had turned out.

She was feeling resentful because of how stupid the King of Milton got defeated. Mayers faced the Grenada Navy that was defeated by the weakest navy defense of Rakan.

‘If those men did it right, that Luke would have been quivering. Rather, he built a nation and received Reichard’s attention!’

As she was biting on her nails, Reichard spoke to her, “What is the Minister of Medicine thinking?”

“Ah, that…”

“This might not have anything to do with your role, but if you do have a good plan, don’t hesitate to share it.”

Her only job was to conduct royal ceremonies or entertain foreign delegations.

Nevertheless, Shaikan had asked for Margareta’s opinion because he knew she had huge power.

Seducing the lords and making them join Libiya, she was very good at attracting and manipulating people with magic, and she was the one who held the legacy of Arachne Magic Tower.

In fact, the position was placed with the intention of demonstrating her abilities.

Shaikan intended to use her abilities which would be useful when it came to extracting the information from the Baroque Empire or to deceive or mediate matters when things turn hard.

Margareta, who was asked out of nowhere, began to think up of a good idea.

“Your Majesty, if we could intercept the virus which the Baroque is trying to spread, what would you do?”

“I will get rid of it.”

When she heard Shaikan’s obvious answer, Margareta smiled.

Her smile was beautiful. However, it was like a dark flower that was surrounded with thorns of poison.

“Don’t you think that it is a waste to get rid of it?”

“Waste? Don’t tell…”

“I think we can use it to attack the Baroque Empire.”

Margareta’s proposal quickly disrupted the peace in the room.

Some men thought of it to be worthwhile while the others claimed it to be high risk and immoral.

“Quiet, everyone!”

At Shaikan’s shout, all the fuss faded.

With their lips sealed tight, they waited for their King to decide.

“Princess Margareta, I heard that the disease is highly contagious, and there is no cure for it. Wouldn’t that affect our kingdom?”

“It could but would you really believe the words of King Luke right away?”

When Margareta asked that, Shaikan couldn’t reply.

He decided to form an alliance with Luke. However, he wasn’t sure if he could trust the man’s words.

And he did know that Luke was secretly using the dark magic of Saymon.

“I will never know what he really is. But, he is a man who is concerned for the future of the continent, and for that very reason, he came here and warned me of the danger, and you think he will betray me?”

“Isn’t it possible that he is using our Libiya Kingdom for his gain? He could sneak up on us while we are on the verge of fighting with the Baroque Empire and decide to take Vers?”

‘Well, I can’t be certain that he wouldn’t do that.’

At the words of Margareta, Shaikan nodded his head.

Vers was a disease that came at the end of the Mado era.

A highly contagious disease could be a great weapon when used on their enemy.

And the Libiya was constantly in battle with the Baroque Empire.

If the plague operation failed, Rudolf would surely think that it was Libiya’s doing. Rudolf would definitely lose his sanity even more if that happened.

“And although the Mado era was great, it won’t surpass the abilities we have in our current time. In terms of medicine or treatment, we have developed a lot further with the use of both ancient traditions and knowledge.”

The legacy holder of Arachne Magic Tower could be called a medical mage according to the skills she used.

Surely, she extorted the mana of the weak men and resorted to evil methods, but she had much higher knowledge when it came to medical ideas than general wizards.

“Does that mean that Vers won’t trouble us?”

“Yes, and even if things take a turn for the worst, I think that with the power of the dragon in you, you can take down all their soldiers.”


At the words of Margaerta, Shaikan fell into deep thought.

‘It is impossible to let this war continue forever. Even if we do win over Baroque, if it means losing our military, then our victory will be in vain.’

Shaikan mobilized monsters to raise the power of the Libiya Kingdom to a great force in a short amount of time.

However, it was still not comparable to the number Baroque had.

This was why whenever the enemies came in, Libiya already resorted to defense tactics.

They wanted to head over to Nemesis with their army, but their recklessness wouldn’t give them victory.

‘If the war continues, there will be no time to build up with my dragon power. Forget about conquering, I won’t even be able to pay back the enemy.’

Their impatience led to a great deal of excitement over Margareta’s proposal.

Moreover, it seemed like that would put a simple end to Baroque’s troops, and the dragon power was present to clean the remaining soldiers and knights of the enemies.

These were what could possibly happen if they could cure Vers with the power of the dragon blood, but Shaikan was sure that he could.

It was the blood of the dragon that had pushed Shaikan to this level. Shaikan was meant to die in the wilderness.

Therefore, Shaikan believed in the power of the God Dragon. He thought that its power would never betray his expectations and desires.

“Nice. Let’s do it according to your suggestions.”

“Your Majesty, you shouldn’t!”

When Shaikan agreed to do it, Butler and Felipe opposed strongly.

“I know what you are concerned about, but this is a great opportunity to defeat the Baroque Empire. I think it would be a great benefit to us if we can do this without losing our troops.”

The King’s decision couldn’t be opposed.

Even as some nobles were feeling anxious and concerned, Shaikan had already prepared a secret plan to reverse the plans of the Baroque Empire.