Emperor of Steel

Chapter 452 - Darkness Blooms Once Again 3

Over the recent days, Emperor Rudolf wasn’t able to subdue his raging anger.

The reason was the lack of support he was getting for taking down the Libiya Kingdom.

According to his plan, he should have already crushed the Libiya Kingdom and advanced over to the Symphonia Kingdom by establishing anxiousness in the hearts of his enemies.

However, the reality was that he couldn’t even take down the Libiya Kingdom.


“How long are we going to fight with the bastards of the west? Are the wizards and knights of Baroque so incompetent?!”

Rudolf cried out loud by fisting the tables and shaking his head in denial, Count Voltas and Count Ferrero were gathered in the office.

“We apologize, Your Majesty!”

“Please blame us!”

“God! You men don’t even move, how do I even act?!”

Despite the heavy criticism from the Emperor, everyone in the room were silent.

During that moment, an old wizard seated in the corner opened his mouth.

“Your Majesty, how about this?”

“What do you mean?”

“There is an ancient heritage that Your Majesty was handed over to me in the past.”

The old wizard was the Meister of the Imperial Magic Tower, Kepler.

He was recently re-employed after he had already been pushed out for not being to remake the Emperor’s Gigant.

When the last summoning of the demon failed in the Imperial palace, Rudolf had killed off all the warlocks he had been secretly nurturing.

And it was Kepler whom he considered for using the warlocks left behind things.

And Rudolf helped him by bringing in some of the warlock’s items and research materials and instructed Kepler to continue his studies.

“There was a tightly sealed reagent among the ancient heritages given by Your Majesty. I have been researching the reagents for a while, and I have come across a surprising fact.”

Knowing that it was a reagent, he conducted a careful study on it and soon realized that it was a poison that held a disease named ‘Vers’, which had swept the Rhodesia Continent during the Mado era.

According to the remaining ancient records, the soldiers were suffering and the highly contagious disease reduced the population of the continent by a third.

“The high wizards and the fairies during that time went in search for the cure, however, there was no potion that could cure the disease. Even the divine power too couldn’t cure it.”

“So, what are you intending to say?”

Kepler, with a sneaky smile, answered Rudolf’s question.

“Let’s spread this poison to the soldiers of the enemy castles and fort. Then the enemies would lose their force and power to fight against us, and eventually succumb.”

“It shouldn’t be done!”

Listening to Marquis Kepler’s plan, Count Ferrero, the commander of the Central Army jumped up.

“It is highly dangerous to spread a disease that can’t be treated! We will end up killing not just the enemy but innocent people too. And if it comes to our side…”

Then, it is nothing but a released catastrophe!

However, Rudolf’s thoughts were different. With a serious expression.

“So what are a few people to die? In the end, they were the ones who betrayed me for the enemy.”

“But, Your Majesty, they were your people. And they didn’t join the revolt because they wanted to.”

“Then, can we subdue the Libiya Kingdom with our current force?”

At the cold words of Rudolf, Count Ferrero was silenced.

There have been many reasons why they haven’t been able to attack the Libiya Kingdom, but the most important factor was the rapid growth of power in the LIbiya because of the monsters, which the Baroque didn’t have.

And with Reichard known as a Dragonian, the large group following him were strong enough to take down the personal knights and SSS knights of the Emperor.

“Are there any other objections? Well, if there’s more I will kick you out.”

Rudolf’s threat forced everyone to stay silent.

It was because kicking out didn’t mean they would be pushed out of the discussion.

They would lose their title and their position, however, with the recent mood of Rudolf, they could be killed.

‘Even if that is the case, this is a crazy act!’

Count Ferrero bowed his head in dissatisfaction, however, Rudolf ignored it.

It was because he didn’t know what kind of anger will bring upon him because of his stubbornness.