Emperor of Steel

Chapter 451 - Darkness Blooms Once Again 2

A few days later, Arsene returned to Thanatos Island.

When they heard of his return, Nestar, who was half asleep, went to meet him without even dressing properly.

“You have come, Ancestor?”


Nestar and the other warlocks smiled at the blunt response from Arsene.

Nestar carefully asked, “Since you didn’t contact us, we were all wondering. If something happened over…”

“Kul. Tired. I’ll. Tell. You. Later.”

When Arsene immediately avoided answering the question, Nestar became more curious.

However, Arsene’s mood seemed to be bad, so he decided to wait until he was called privately.

And the next day…

Arsene called for Nestar.

“Undead. Test. Was. A success. However. Lost. Everything. That. I took.”

“Huh? How did that even happen?”

Nestar, who was shocked, got up from his seat.

It was because the undead, which Arsene had taken with him, were strong enough to erase an entire nation.

Arsene explained to him everything that happened at the Zegal Clan.

“Well… so, Marquis Luke had been to the Southern Continent and learned dark magic?”

“Kul. It is. More. Shocking. Than. Anything. Else. For. Him. To learn. Dark. Magic. And to. Be on. Par with. Me.”

“If so, then he must surely have the legacy of Saymon in his hands.”

“Yes. His. Estate. Has. The. Devil. King’s Castle. which. Belonged to. Saymon. There. Is a. possibility. For. Him. To. Have it.”

In fact, the warlocks had long been anticipating that there might be a dark magic book that belonged to Saymon in the Devil King’s castle.

That was why Arsene had tried to get the Devil King’s Castle under him by using Terin, the manager of the Alon Chamber.

Surely, it was more important for Arsene to establish the mana field below the castle than the legacy as it wasn’t certain if the castle really held the legacy or not.

“Anyway. That, Luke. Destroyed. Undead. I made. But. Not my opponent. The problem. Is. Nanda.”


Nestar was confused by the name that he was hearing for the first time.

“A monk. From. The Arahan. Has. Skills. Which. I never. Heard. Of.”

The moment Nanda came, Arsene got quickly moved to the Northern Ice Region.

Upon hearing Arsene’s words, Nestar seemed surprised.

“Sorry? Isn’t that something that is impossible with white and dark magic?”

No matter how long the teleport would be performed with magic, it was impossible to cross the oceans and continents.

If it had been possible, then the trade between the two continents would have been active a long time ago.

“Right. So. I didn’t. know. About. It. And. I was. Angry. However, I cooled. My head. And found. More.”

With just one move of his hand, they got sent to a distant place.

And if Nanda acted more, what else could be done?

Nanda said that he hated killing, yet he didn’t have any reason to not defeat Arsene. However, Arsene didn’t believe his words.

Because of that, he couldn’t even retaliate immediately.

“In the. Past. Arahan. Spoke. About. Physical. Pain. Sh*t talks. About letting. Go of desires. Same. As divine. Power. but. Seeing. Directly. It. Is. Different.”

“Was that the real power of God?”

“Kul. That. Even. I don’t. know. But. Needed. To. Go. To. Bharat. And. Investigate. Arahan.”

That was why Arsene came back late to Thanatos.

However, Arsene wasn’t able to get any satisfactory information from Bharat.

It was because there were too many things that were lying around about the Arahan doctrines of enlightening one’s self.

Everything spoke about empty vessels and virtual thoughts, and the desires in people’s minds.

“In the. End. This. Is what. Happened. How. I can’t. die through. Dark magic, like that, the ones. With God’s power. too. Have. Weird. Powers.”

Even after accepting that, Arsene’s mind wasn’t calm.

It was because of the realization that there were people in the world who could interfere with his work; those who could threaten his existence.

After hearing Arsene’s explanation, Nestar gulped.

“Then we need to find a way to win against that enemy.”

“Obviously, but. first. Need to. Clean. Those. Who. Are trying. To tie. Up my. Legs.”

Arsene spoke those words with a fierce glance.

“So. First. Target. The descendant. Of Rakan. That, jerk.”

“Are you talking about Luke de Rakan? He is currently the King of a nation. In addition, he has a strong relationship with the Holy Empire and…”

Nestar tried to speak more. However, Arsene stopped him.

“Even. More. Important. To pull. Out. The weed. Which. Turned. Into a. Thorn. Need. To take. Him. Down. Before the thorn. Grows.”

Arsene wasn’t stubborn without measures.

He already thought about how he could take him out, and he had a good card in his hands.

“Kul. Kul. Kul, I wonder. How. The. Retainers. Of. Rakan. Would. React. Seeing. It?”

His card was to use the body of Rakan himself.

What would happen if the warrior, Rakan, whom they all worshipped, appeared in front of them?

Maybe a tremendous shock would shake the newly founded Symphonia Kingdom.


Arsene’s cheerful smile filled the room.