Chapter 45: A Stir in the Magic Tower 4

“Phew, I almost got caught.”

Jameson sighed out of relief as he entered the room in the library.

“He couldn’t have noticed it right? Since he is a medical mage.”

What was drawn on the scroll was the Gigant’s blueprint just as Peter had thought.

It was also a blueprint of the latest version of the ‘Atlas’, which was being currently developed at the headquarters of the Empire’s capital.

How could the blueprint of the Hero Class come out, was that too from the main quarters?

That was the fruit of Jameson’s great efforts.

Thirty years ago, Jameson, a vigorous wizard in the mid-twenties, was considered to be a genius wizard who would lead the world of magic with Albert, the current Meister of the Veritas Magic Tower.

The two genius wizards helped each other study and stayed close together.

Then they joined the development team of the new core engine.

‘The magic circle that Albert applied confidently then caused a problem.’

Albert strongly insisted that the newly applied magic circle would be good, and caused an error.

The core engine had runaway, and the lab got caught in a massive mana backflow.

While numerous wizards got knocked over with the impact, Jameson calmed the runaway core engine and prevented the accident from spreading further.

However, in the process, he suffered some damage to the magic circle and the brain stopped the development on the 6th circle.

Albert on the other side turned victorious and became a Meister.

Of course, he wasn’t held responsible for the incident.

At that time, the Meister of the Magic Tower was Albert’s father.

And Jameson wasn’t able to tolerate that act.

The accident that time was obviously due to Albert.

He left the runaway core engine and decided to save himself alone.

But even then, as he was the son, he was placed as the Meister.

“The magic towers that consumes people!”

Considering that it had happened a long time back, his anger still hadn’t resided.

After such crack from their friendship, Albert turned his back on Jameson.

As Jameson was a little better, they thought that he could contribute to the Magic Tower, and they could have given him the seat of an elder, but they chose to send him down to a branch that was far away from the Empire Capital.

A kind of relegation.

At that time, Jameson followed the orders silently, but he kept on grinding the sword of grudge.

Somehow, he wanted to shoot down the Veritas Magic Tower, and get rewarded for it.

So, after many connections and efforts, he successfully snuck the blueprint of Atlas.

‘If I interpret the numbers and the magic circles that were applied to the design and pass it to the other top 10 Magic Towers, I’ll be treated very greatly. Of course, the Veritas will act like a dog chasing the chicken!’

Jameson was curious as to how Albert would look at that time.

Thinking about the upcoming future, Jameson continued to work interpreting the blueprint, and his revenge.

But then…


The door suddenly opened surprising Jameson, who hurriedly hid the blueprint.

And asked pretending,

“Huh, is someone out there?”

But no answer came back.

As he leaned, he got up and approached the door of the inner library.

He looked around, but nobody was in his line of sight.

“This is strange. It isn’t supposed to open on its own?”

The door had a simple mechanical switch security magic.

Therefore, the wind couldn’t open the door with force.

“Surely strange… uh!”

Jameson was surprised as he turned to return to his spot.

In front of him was a man, who looked exactly like himself

The other Jameson had a grin on his face, which scared Jameson.

“Weee. What are you?!”


Powerful magic bullets burst from the fingertips of the suspicious being.

Flying faster than the arrows, the purple bullets hit Jameson.


He was choking but was even more shocked that the magic circle got shook with a bullet.

It was similar to a shock that the wizard would get when struck at the heart.

The suspicious being, no, it was Luke, laughed down on Jameson, who was stunned.

“Huh, a 6 circle wizard can’t stand the dark bullets of a 3rd circle.”

In terms of destruction and aggression, dark magic was always much stronger than normal magic.

Even then, the 3rd circle taking over the 6th circle with just one spell made no sense.

Nevertheless, the reason for it was the opponent was very weak.

“Tch, I heard that the Iron mages are formed like walls for the war, but you’re fragile.”

Wizards of the past, even with their specialty field, were trained in a variety of manners.

However, it didn’t seem like the case these days.

After all, Luke, who didn’t have to work too hard, removed the Reflect Magic and returned to his original form.

Then peered over at the collections in the library.

“All 5 circle or more only. Were they really the right ones?”

Luke’s lips twisted for a second.

He looked over at a few books, and the number of books which were stored in the inside of the library was much higher and diverse than he had expected.

“The other Magic Towers spell books and their visions… it looks like they have gathered a lot in the 500 years.”

No matter how well versed they were in Golem magic, or the early creation of the core engine for the Gigant, Luke wasn’t able to understand how they lasted for 500 years.

‘In order to learn the very essence of the magic engineering that has been accumulated till now, and to produce the Gigant that are of the current level, one would have to work and study very hard.’

Luke put away everything that seemed to be useful in the subspace that could be created with the bracelet that stored his golems.

As he passed through the seat where Jameson was previously seated, he found books and scrolls.

The books seemed to summarize the core of the mechanical engineering studies that were accumulated over the years in the Veritas Magic towers.

In addition, it was much easier to understand because of the points Jameson had made.

“Using this, I’ll make just one useful Gigant.”

Perhaps the most surprising one was the long scroll made of parchment.

With complex drawings and chaotic magic formulas.

Unexpectedly, it was the blueprint of a Gigant.

It seemed to be a Gigant with a tremendous performance, a Gigant almost as powerful as it could probably be.

“Atlas… this would be of huge help to our estate and the magic towers in the future.”

Finally, after taking the blueprint of Atlas, Luke was finally done with the shopping that he had to do in the library.

Unwilling to get out, he stopped midway.

“Wouldn’t it be upsetting if I just leave?”

As Luke clicked his fingers, flames rose along with a wicked smile on his face.