Emperor of Steel

Chapter 445 - Luke's Coronation 2

It was finally Luke’s day of coronation.

Nations were invited in their mission to advance for Symphonia.

Although there were differences with each nation, which includes smaller or huge ones, there was a reason why each nation had dispatched a large number of men and it was because they highly anticipated the power of Symphonia.

The mission of delegation was the first to unify the circumstances of the new nation which was located in the region of Milton Kingdom and declared its own independence from the Baroque.

And if things went well with the delegations, the second goal was to form an alliance.

In any case, it was much bigger than the coronation which had happened in the Milton four months back.

The Brandon central square was filled with people from all over the kingdom.

The number of men reached 200,000.

There were people who settled out on the street from dawn to catch a glimpse of the coronation ceremony which would be held on the east side of the square.

“Look here, have you heard the news?”

Marquis of Rakan. No, a middle-aged man had arrived from the Rakan estate and was now under the direct command of the King, spoke to a friend from Brandon.

“About what?”

“This coronation is said to be directly under the control of the Holy Pope of Arthenia Empire.”

“What? Really?”

“Yes, my younger brother is the new priest of the Ministerial Order of Rakan, but the Pope’s party had appeared through a long-distance teleport gate. They could make a fuss by accepting.”

If the words of the man were true, it meant great honor.

The King, who was crowned and blessed by the Pope, the one called the messenger of the god, the agent of god, a rare sight in history.

What was more, the Pope of the Holy Empire herself had come to coronate the King and it was something which had never happened before.

“Then are the rumors true? That the Pope was actually princess Reina and the fiancé of our King?”

“I heard that story too. Even if it is true, is there anything wrong?”

“Anyway, I just wish I get to see the Pope’s miracle at this coronation.”

“Well, if we are lucky enough we might get to.”

They had heard the rumors that the Pope of the Holy Empire had performed several miracles in the capital of Bless.

It was said that every time the Pope blessed, the sick patients were cured, and the disabled men would recover their limbs.

There were quite a few patients who had come out to see the coronation that day with the help of their family.

The conversation between the patients who wanted the miracle to happen was the same as the previous one.

“Is the Pope really princess Reina?”

“Well, the people who saw her say she is really young and beautiful. But I don’t know.”

“Hoho. I saw princess Reina a few years back. It was when she had come to ask Mayers to rescue the Volga refuges, and they were waiting for him in the hot sun.”

“Hu, how bad…”

“Maybe if then the Lord had shown some compassion towards her.”

Pam Pa Para Pa Pam!

It was when the people were talking about the Pope.

The door of the royal palace opened and the trumpets began to sound all at once.

And then came the proximal knights and the soldiers in colorful robes and swords by their sides.

Thud Thud Thud!

Behind them, the horsemen and the nobles.

After so many people passed, the hero of the day, Luke was seen.

His appearance on a large shiny black horse shook the hearts of the young women.

“Oh my! Look at that face!”

“How hard would the chest be? I have no more wish than to hold him.”

The eyes of the noblewomen who were in the coronation shimmered.

If only they could catch the eyes of the King, they could achieve a tremendous status increase.

And there it was, rumors spreading in the social world of the Symphonia kingdom, ‘a woman who captures the heart of His Majesty will rule the land!’

“Is His Majesty still single?”

“Yes, however, there is something going on about someone who already has a place in his heart…”

The women who were chattering like birds went quiet.

It was because they found a woman with tremendous beauty was following Luke.

Dressed in the silk of the Song empire and jade ornaments with exotic beauty, Soha, and there was the elven woman wearing a tiara made of platinum in a neat yellow-green dress, Erwin.

Both of them were dressed up for Luke’s coronation, and those noblewomen who saw them could feel their ambitions disappear.

“Why didn’t you just wear those dull baggy clothes like ever? They suit you best?”

Erwin shot back at the sarcastic words of Zegal Soha.

“I can see how clothes can be used as wings seeing you.”

“Keuk! These clothes right now are from my place!”

“I am sorry. Actually, the make up is what looks bad.”


If she could, Zegal Soha would have ripped out the heart of the elf right away.

‘But Grace, no, it is His Majesty’s coronation.’

Unlike before, Luke was going to be influential and a nation would be under his authority.

Even if he was fine, the servants under him would fight for power.

So she had to be courteous even at the meeting, and if she ruined the coronation, Luke might end up hating her.

And if those rumors spread all around, then how was she going to face her family back home?

‘I need to bear this. If I can’t I won’t be able to even become a queen.’

She was waiting for the right situation.

Soha, who judged that she should never make a mistake in such a place, waved her hand with a hearty smile.

Whether he knew what the women next to him were doing or not, Luke silently headed for the coronation grounds.

And what appeared at the end of the procession was a gorgeous sacred carriage, led by white horses.

On the roof of the carriage, was a wooden cross symbolizing the denomination of El Kassel, which made people guess who was in it.

“Woah! The Pope!”

“Cheers to the Pope!”

Once Luke appeared, the cheers grew.

Seeing the shouts and cheers, Luke smiled.

“It looks like it is the Pope’s coronation and not mine.”

“Huhuhu. Jealous much?”

“No, rather, I feel glad. Because of Reina, my authority will increase.”

The carriage stood and Reina got off from it.

The crowd was thrilled by her beautiful figure which wore a white coat embroidered with gold thread and gave out holy energy.

There were quite a lot of people who were shouting over wanting blessings from her and there were quite a lot of people who were pushing to get close to her.

“Everyone, move back!”

“Whoever approaches the Pope carelessly will have to be punished!”

The paladins of the Holy Empire blocked the pushing people. It was because they were worried that an accident would happen.

Reina, who saw her paladins ready with their spears, spoke to them.

“Don’t be violent.”

“But, Pope…”

“It is alright. I can calm them.”

Reina was well aware of the people’s wishes and knelt down to pray.

“Oh great father, El Kassel, in heaven and the mother of earth Beliza! Please provide me a little favor and help your poor children!”

A soft white energy spread from her body and soon soared into the sky, which gave out an immense glow.

People were amazed while seeing that magnificent sight unfold in front of their eyes. And it was like snow began to fall without clouds.

Well, it was exactly snowing.

They were white petals with soft light.

The petals which touched the skin soon entered their bodies.

People who were touched by them could feel their body and mind refreshing.

“Is this the sacred power of the Pope?”

“This is the miracle! A miracle!”

The ones who were hurt in their hearts gained peace, and those who were sick were no more troubled because of their bodies.

In a miracle performed on the numerous people on the square, people sang for the Pope.

“Long Live, Veronica III!”

“El Kassel! Blessed us! Holy Father!”

Luke, who was looking at the people, felt shocked.

It was because the mana and Magi around him seemed to have melted away because of the sea of energy Reina just left.

‘This is amazing. Is this the power of the Pope, the Apostle of God?’

In the past, the paladins and the high priests weren’t so strong during Seyman’s time.

Perhaps this was because of the character of Reina, which was different from any regular Pope.

Perhaps, the power of Aether from the Spirit World seemed to have amplified the divine powers she had before becoming a Pope.

‘Maybe the one who is most upset with Lich Arsene is Reina and not me. With her intellect, she may easily be able to overcome Arsene.’

Of course, even then, Arsene wouldn’t act carelessly in front of her.

The moment he senses divine power from her, he would cut the rope and run away.

But for now, things were sorted, and Luke led his procession to the center.