Chapter 44: A Stir in the Magic Tower 3

“The sun will set too, and we have come till here, wouldn’t we be feeling sorry if we don’t have just one glass?”

After visiting a few sightseeing spots throughout the afternoon, Luke asked that.

At that time, Philip’s eyes were sparkling as he asked,

“Is the young lord asking?”

“Yeah, I am.”

When Luke nodded, the two men were shocked.

Since the situations regarding the wages weren’t great in their state for the work, it was getting difficult to drink on a daily basis.

And there was another one.

The Rakan Viscount which was very huge had only one cheap bar.

“Untie your belts and drink all you want for today.”

The three of them went to a bar downtown and drank for some time.

There was no one who hated alcohol, which was why Rogers and Philip emptied their beer mugs.

Philip and Rogers were so drunk because of the late-night drinks.

Luke called the waiter, tipped him nicely and asked,

“Is there any Inn close to here? To move them.”

“Yes, sire.”

The waiter who called over his colleagues supported the two knights and moved them to the Inn.

Luke checked them into the rooms, put them on the bed, and came out of there.

“Huhuhu, we have come a long way, but I can’t help but go there for the 2nd time.”

The place Luke was wanting to go for a second time was the trailer.

It was the branch of the Veritas Magic Tower which they had stayed and were humiliated.

“It is always better to return as much as we’ve received. Instead for some other day, I’ll take care of it today.”

Luke wasn’t actually taking a break like Philip had requested.

The request from Philip was just an excuse, but the idea behind it was to break into the branch of the Veritas Magic Tower.

It wasn’t going to be the end of the Rakan’s, but Luke thought it would be better to pay back as much as he could when he could.

No, the branch was going to be fortunate enough for not getting crushed.

Which was why Luke allowed Philip and Rogers to get that drunk, and then secretly put them through a sleep spell to make them completely lose sense.

If they were awake, they would surely be against such an act, saying that it was too dangerous.

Nor would they be willing to join in.

And they couldn’t be persuaded about the dark magic yet.

“Dark Invisibility!”

Luke went into the shadow of a wall, clicked his fingers and spoke out the spell.


A purple light shone around his body and got assimilated with the darkness.

It was something that looked like a scene from a fairy tale, but it was so unfortunate that no one ever got to witness it.

After perfectly shadowing himself, he prepared for Silence and the Anti-Alarm spells, Luke went to the Veritas Magic Tower and crossed over the wall.

“Haa! Damn stupid bastard!”

The Brandon branch of Veritas Magic Tower had 12 large and small buildings in addition to the Gigant workshop.

The northmost building was a library, and despite the dark and silent night, the mumbling of a young man could be heard.

And Peter was his name.

Born as the second son to the noble family and was a 3rd circle Medical Mage. He was a promising talent in the Main Magic Tower of the Empire Capital.

However, it was because his father was a good man and paid a lot of bribes, and not based on the talent of Peter himself.

Rather, he was fond of catching cinnabar.

However, nobody ever nagged about his choice of hobbies. Till the time when he got in contact with the youngest daughter of the Meister.

“Dammit, that bitch, why did she have to be there?”

Whatever was the case, Peter was captured by the Vice-Meister and was transferred to the Brandon’s branch.

And due to a spillover, the family was also close to getting ruined by their investments in the Southern trade.

The wizards constantly made Peter do works here and there to piss him off.

They often made sure to make him work overtime and gave him troublesome duties such as cleaning the labs.

It was the same task that day.

There were five wizards who were in charge of organizing and cleaning the library, but he was the only one who was working alone until late while the other four were out playing.

“Dammit, why is a Magic Tower with so much money making their wizards do all the work? The size of this thing is no joke.”

Since the Veritas Magic tower was one of the largest continental Magic Towers, the branches were the same as the size of the small or medium magic towers, but their libraries were made very large.

There were more than 5,000 books in storage.

There were stories that around 10,000 papers have been copied from the main library.

However, none of the books there were important.

More than 5 circle magic books and other valuable research papers were kept further inside the library.

It was placed where only the branch manager and five or more executives of the branch were allowed access, and it was a dream-like place for Peter.

“Dammit, if I knew that I had to be doing works like this, I would have studied very hard.”

If he was good enough as a wizard, then he wouldn’t have received such treatment.

Peter regretted his actions and was talking to himself.

“What are you grunting about?”

“Uh, chief Jameson!”

As the branch’s branch manager appeared, Peter put up a smile.

“Ah, hahaha, why have you come here at this hour?”

“Hmm, I have some research left to do.”

Jameson, who stroked his beard, went past Peter and moved into the library.

Standing at the door of the interior library, he tried to sing a seal to unlock the security spell. Which was when he accidentally dropped a book that he was keeping under his armpit.


“Ah, I’ll pick it up.”

Seeing that, Peter ran immediately and picked up the book and the scroll.

He unintentionally saw the contents of the half-rolled unfolded scroll.

The complex mechanical drawings and the magic formulas.

He wasn’t sure what magic skills were placed or what the series was, but the design was very similar to that of the Gigant.

“What are you seeing?!”


Jameson screamed on top of his voice and slapped Peter.


Peter grabbed his cheek and looked at the branch manager with an uncomfortable expression.

“Tch, how dare you not know your place and try to covet the visions of the magic tower…?”

After taking back the book and scroll from Peter’s hand, Jameson was running his tongue wild with anger.

“No, I was just…”

“Try to steal our work one more time and you’ll get kicked out of the magic tower!”

Jameson opened the door and went inside.

Peter’s face went crumbled like a used toilet paper.

“Ay, this is dirty, really… I need to beat him and his tower.”

“Yeah, that side you should rather be better on.”

It was then when a strange voice came from behind.

Peter hurriedly turned his head to see who else had come in, but no one was there.

‘Was I mistaken… uh?’

The moment when Peter was trying to calm himself.

There was a light shining in the shadow of the bookshelf!

‘Uh, Ghost…?!’


Without even a scream, Peter who was shocked at the scene fell down.

The shadow which unintentionally took him down stepped in, and he soon turned into a boy with platinum hair.

He was Luke who had decided to invade the branch.

‘Did they put around 5 security spells? It sure took some time, but not till the level of placing them.’

In the library, a very high-level magic was installed. But for Luke who was once a 9 circle warlock, it was nothing.


Almost with the time taken to complete a cup of tea, all the security magic placed was unlocked and the thick door opened.

Luke, seeping into the shadows, quietly took the step in.