Emperor of Steel

Chapter 435 - Receiving the Crown 2  

Milton’s army, which had been defeated by the Rakan Estate’s forces, fled.

After two days of fleeing, they managed to reach the border of the Milton Kingdom and finally dropped on to the floor to rest.

“Haa, how the hell did all this happen?”

“I don’t know either. It was almost like a ghost was moving around us.”

“Damn it! How could we not know until the Gigants hit the camp!”

The nobles of the Milton knights gathered in a group of three or five and recalled the raid that happened two days ago.

The attack was surely sudden and was a surprise.

The Gigants weren’t small but the heavy Gigants had appeared right in front of their eyes.

And then the disaster began.

Even the allies tried to fight with their Gigants. However, more than half of the Gigants were destroyed even before they entered the battle with the enemy.

And when the Gigant’s got cut off from the battle. The winning side and the losing side of the battle got confirmed.

“Oh my god, this was all because those guards neglected their duties!”

“We need to punish the knights and the soldiers who were in charge!”

Different and horrifying opinions formed among the nobles who were ready to push off the responsibility.

However, even if they did try to go and punish them, the people involved weren’t present.

The knights and soldiers either fled the scene of battle or died during the surprise attack.

It wasn’t just those guards and knights but also many knights and soldiers were missing.

They were either killed or captured by the enemy. However, the number of men who escaped from the battle was a lot more.

Fortunately, Reynold brought the Iron Fist Knights that survived.

His younger brother, Reynard, who was using Anubis, became a lead.

“The borders are vigilant, but we need to blow the heads of those intelligence agents! If only they had grasped the right power of the enemy, we wouldn’t have had to witness such a miserable scene.”

Reynard, who barely escaped from the battle with Philip, burst into screams.

His brother, Reynold, nodded his head agreeing to it.

If Marquis Luke hadn’t acted out of mercy, the knights of the Iron Fist, as well as his life, would have been ended.

As such, the knights of Rakan were strong.

In the midst of the words between the two angry Sword Masters, the intelligence nobles and agents were nervous.

“I-isn’t this something that needs to be decided after settling down? Whether the intelligence agents are negligent or got cheated?”

“Exactly. Besides, this isn’t supposed to be a matter for us to decide. In the end, whoever decides to dispose of the rules will be abolished.”

Reynold could only frown at their excuses.

“What is His Majesty doing right now?”

“Phew, he went to bed due to fatigue. Since we escaped in the middle of the night, he is in extreme fatigue. And as soon as he got here, he passed out.”

At the words of Count Lao, a sudden turmoil was raging outside the commander’s campsite.

‘Did the enemy chase us all the way here?’

The brothers were stiff because of fear. They were more terrified now compared to the time they went to the Southern Continent for the first time.

They were holding onto their chests.

The nobles were holding their breaths as well and wanted to know what was happening.

Fortunately, the enemy didn’t appear, and the agitated guards became embarrassed.

Mayers, who was asleep, jumped out of the tent.

Mayers fell into a deep sleep due to the shock of defeat and fatigue during their escape, but he wasn’t in a position to sleep.

It was because his nightmares, which he thought was over, started to hunt him again.

-Your Majesty! This is unfair! Why did you have to kill me?!

A blood-soaked Count Bazzo was on his knees, crying.

A cool wind tingled his eardrum, and his headache only made it worse.

“I have nothing to do with it. Didn’t I tell you that I know nothing about it?!”

-Don’t know? How can you not know, Your Majesty?! Didn’t Your Majesty send those men to kill me and my companions who were going to return?

Indeed, Mayers sent Aegis fairies to kill Count Bazzo.

The reason why he had to use Aegis for the assassination was because very few people knew about their existence apart from Mayers.

Although Aslan was present, he had no idea of what they were used, and he was sent to Variand Mountains after the war as a commander to the fort.

-It is unfair! How could you do this to me?!


He had to keep listening to the same words again and again. As time went on, they started to get on his nerve.

Even if it was a good song, it wouldn’t have mattered, but it was a ghost, complaining right into his ear.

In addition, Mayers, who was in a slump because of his last defeat, reached the peak of his patience.

“Yeah, I killed you. What can you do? And you call it unfair? You are a man who was below me and enjoyed riches because of me!”

-Your Majesty, I devoted my body and mind to fulfill your dreams…

“Really?! It was because you were so loyal to me that I killed you! The right justification to wage war on the Marquis Rakan!”

At those words, Count Bazzo narrowed his eyes.

-Was the cause more important than me?

“Obviously! Whether you give your body and mind to me for years or not, you are just another servant under me! If I want you dead, you need to be dead!”

Mayers, who was in a bad mood, screamed at Count Bazzo.

“I am the nation! I am the absolute existence that determines the life and death of the millions under me! If you were truly such a man, you wouldn’t be crying over like this. You should rejoice that you were the base for the long-awaited burden! Even from hell, you were helping me!”

-Do you really think so? Would the other nobles agree with Your Majesty’s ideas?

“Huh, what does it matter if they agree or not? If needed, I can use the same method any time. Anyway, the nobles and soldiers are just long term baggage.”


All of a sudden, Count Bazzo burst into laughter.

Suddenly, his bloody figure turned neat.

-You have no blood or tears. I knew that. I won’t bother you anymore. There is no need for that to happen.

“What? What do you mean…?”

-Keuk. I hope the nobles understand this well, Your Majesty. That is if they don’t want to see the country fall.

When Mayers, who wondered about the last words of Count Bazzo was about to ask again, Bazzo disappeared.

And in the blink of an eye, his surroundings changed.

‘No, this is the outside of the tent, how…?’

He was sure that he had fallen asleep in the tent, but he was outside instead, wearing his nightgown.

In addition, there were many nobles there, including Reynold.

The problem was their gaze, which was unusual.

The feelings of agitation, disappointment, contempt, and anger, were all mixed together.

And for Reynold and Reynard, they seemed bitter and cold.

If eyes could kill a person, they would have killed Mayers and cut him into a thousand pieces.

‘Did they just hear the entire conversation he had with Bazzo in his dreams?’

Mayers recalled the knight when he had killed a guard in his tent.

Just as then, Bazzo seemed to have done another trick.

“Your Majesty, did you really kill Count Bazzo? Did you kill him so you could justify this war?” Marquis Volant asked with a shocked face.


“And were you serious when you said that you would take us down if necessary, just like a piece in a chessboard?”

Mayers wasn’t able to answer because of how confused he was.

If he admitted that he was serious, he would face backlash from the nobles who were supporting him till then nor could he give up an awkward lie with no truth.

‘Damn it, what should I do…?’

As Mayers hesitated without answering, the eyes of the nobles only turned colder.