Emperor of Steel

Chapter 434 - Receiving the Crown 1  

“Die, Marquis Luke! You!”

‘Blink magic… No, I don’t have time for that!’

If he used Blink magic, Luke would be unable to avoid the enemy attack until the magic manifested.

But if he tried to avoid their attacks with his Gigant, then he would miss Mayers who was ready to run away.

That made Luke move ahead instead of using magic.

The silver Gaius, which went ahead like an arrow released from the bow, pushed ahead, avoiding and trying to deflect the giant swords of the Gigants that were in front.


“This can’t!”

Fearing their extreme loyalty, Luke stabbed the Gigant’s balance device.

He immediately moved and dove into the other 3 Gigant.

“I hit him!”

The giant swords of the enemy Gigant rushed from the back and seemed to have pierced Gaius.

However, what they actually stabbed was an afterimage.

With the high-speed movements Luke was making, the afterimages remained for a while, and with the golden aura, he immediately hit the three Gigants.

‘Ahh, that is the second half of the Gold Sword!’

Rogers was in awe as he saw Luke’s huge sword unfold the first half and then the other part of the Gold Sword.

However, Luke, on the other hand, seemed to be displeased with the second half of the Gold Sword.

‘This shouldn’t be it. How can this be so weak?’

A while back, Luke was able to see the Gold Light God Sword with the help of Saint Nanda… Well, technically, it was the second half of the Gold Sword.

However, it seemed like his wielding was inferior to Yeon Ga-ram.

And he was able to notice that he lagged behind when it came to sword skills.

No matter how ingenious he was, there should have been a difference in sword skills when he was using it from the Gigant.

However, what he couldn’t understand was the core engine of the Gigant fell down when it had to amplify the attack.

‘This is weaker than the Gold Sword used by Yeon Ga-ram who used this with his bare body… What seems to be the problem here?’

“Die, Marquis Luke!”

While Luke was trying to think about it, the enemy Gigant came in to attack.

Luke, who was still aware of his surroundings, used another second half of the Gold Sword toward the man who came rushing at him.

Kwang! Kwang!

The wings of Phoenix spread out from the metal body of Gaius.

That moment, the 5 Iron Fist Knights floated in the air at the same time and fell to the ground.

They weren’t even touched by the sword.

They just got blown away by Luke who was wielding his sword.

‘Not this either. Where am I even making the mistake?’

Luke looked down at the giant sword he was holding with despair despite the mighty blow he just delivered. However, the Iron Fist Knights were thrilled.

“Kuek! That is the Warrior Rakan’s sword!”

“Don’t get killed! We are the invincible Iron Fist Knights!”

Smacking their lips, the Iron Fist Knights rushed to Luke.

As their Gigants were wobbly moving right and left, they continued to attack without giving up.

Despite the fact that Luke was fighting alone with them, neither Rogers nor the Rakan knights joined in.

It wasn’t that they wanted Luke to fail. It was because they were able to see the second half of the Gold Sword in front of their eyes.

‘This is something I didn’t see before…’

‘This is it. Is this the second half of the Gold Sword that the Lord talked about?’

‘This is awesome! This is more awesome than the first half that commander Rogers uses!’

Luke’s Gaius, which moved like the wind, left behind golden remnants, and then, with waves of gold, the sword moved.

It truly seemed like the sword of God himself.

Whenever the enemy Gigant slammed into the sword, the Gigant fell and kept losing some of its metal pieces.

Some of them were attempting to self-destruct in close range of Luke, which made Luke take violent actions and slash off the hands of the enemy Gigant.

“This is really great! Our Lord, defeated 32 on his own!”

“And he did that in just 5 minutes. I believe this to be the second coming of the Warrior Rakan!”

Despite the admiration of the Rakan knights, Luke wasn’t satisfied.

Despite the proper application of the energy and the movements in the situation, the power he saw in his memories didn’t seem to form.

‘This is strong enough. But to defeat that Arsene…!’


A powerful blow had suddenly come in.

Luke’s Gaius, who hurriedly defended with its sword, got pushed back.

Flustered, Luke looked over at the Gigant that attacked him.

It was a Gigant that had a more prominent shape than Gaius, a gleaming glove, and an ornament on its helmet.

However, Luke was trying to concentrate on the core engine of the Gigant rather than its appearance.

“Hero class?”

“Tch, my surprise attack just got stopped.”

The one who just attacked Luke was Reynold.

Borrowing it from Mayers, it was the exclusive Rubira. He came to help the Iron Fist Knights.

It was because he felt that the troops wouldn’t be able to chase after the Rakan Gigants that were following them.

And his thoughts were right.

The Iron Fist Knights were being unilaterally slaughtered by one silver Gigant.

‘That silver Gigant is the one Reynard spoke of…’

He had heard from his brother, Reynard.

The troops who destroyed the vanguard were the reinforcements of Rakan Marquis, Luke.

At that time, Marquis Luke was riding a silver Gigant, and he told that he got unilaterally pushed back, even though the Marquis wasn’t in a Hero class Gigant.

‘The problem wasn’t with Reynard. This man is a monster!’

After seeing Luke with a huge aura and slaughtering his Iron Fist Knights, he wanted to go and slice off the necks of all the intelligence agents on the Milton Kingdom.

‘That monster isn’t an Intermediate Sword Master, he is an Advanced! What kind of judgments did those bastards even make?!’

He decided that he should feel overwhelmed. However, he wanted to take advantage of the surprise attack.

With all the screams of the riders, he silently approached Luke’s silver Gaius.

He used the core engine’s power to the maximum and fired for a surprise attack.

As a Hero class Gigant, the power of the boomerang he fired had an output of 3,200 fight and was tremendous.

However, Luke managed to stop it and was just pushed back.

Though the plan of Reynold was a bust, he couldn’t step back.

“I am Reynold Gram, the commander of the Iron Fist Knights! And I want a one-on-one match with Marquis Luke!”

As Reynold shouted through his Gigant, Rogers yelled back, “Shut up! This guy! You are asking for a face on confrontation after pulling a trick like that? I know what you are trying to do!”

The opponent didn’t want an honorable Gigantic Duel.

It was just a matter of delaying the time to let Mayers run away.

Luke too noticed the intention of Reynold.

However, he still accepted the Gigantic Duel.

“Commander Rogers, step back. I will deal with the man.”


“Don’t worry. We can catch up with Mayers at any time.”

Rogers, who was opposed to it, stepped back after detecting the aura from Luke’s Gaius rise.

It was because he judged that his Lord could win the battle.

With the aura and energy Luke was releasing, he didn’t just feel the desire to fight but also the will to learn something.

‘Maybe he learned the second half of the Gold Sword and a higher level? I can’t interfere if that is so.’

And the guess of Rogers was almost correct.

Luke, who was observing his own sword for a while, was aware. He was aware that something was wrong with the Gold Sword.

However, he wasn’t able to figure out what was wrong and what was lacking.

So he decided to use the opportunity to enlighten himself through going into a battle with strong opponents.

“Let’s attack!”

When Rogers and the Rakan Knights stepped back, Luke pointed his sword at the Rubira of Reynold.

As a response to his actions, Reynold stared at Luke’s Gaius, which stood still, staring at its sword.

He was planning on rushing ahead and use his Boomerang right away if he saw an opening, but he couldn’t find one.

‘Kuek, this guy is really good. Not just a Hero class Gigant, even higher than a Hero class would be useless against him.’

The silver Gaius that was standing still like a rock met eyes with Reynold.

Reynold didn’t know what he had to use to go ahead.

“Would you like to come?”

Listening to the calm voice of Luke, Reynold began to sweat.

He was different from the others from the Iron Fist Knight who fought against evil.

As he was an Intermediate Sword Master, he was able to see how strong the opponent in front of his eyes was.

“Then, I will go,” said Reynold.

With just those words, the attitude of Luke changed.

Reynold rushed in, aiming for the gap that Luke showed.

“Uhh! Die, Marquis Luke!’

Reynold had no intention of backing off from the battle.

He brought out every little power from the core engine with the intent to take Luke down with one final blow.

Due to the sudden depletion of aura, Reynold began to feel dizzy. However, he decided to hold himself up for a while.

Rubira broke into the space and rushed toward the silver Gaius.

Rubira looked like a wolf that was running alongside the gust of winds.

The moment the wolf’s teeth were going o reach the target, a crouched Phoenix spread its golden wings once again.


Loud and low noises could be heard, and the position of the Gigant changed.

Rubira stood in the place where Gaius was standing previously.

In a second, the upper body of the Gigant, which got cut diagonally, fell to the ground.

“Hu, Huaah!”

Reynold, who suddenly felt a gush of cold air, trembled.

If Luke decided to wield his sword a little lower, his head would have been cut off and not just the top of the cockpit.

On the other hand, Luke’s silver Gaius was fine and didn’t have any scratches.

“I l-lost.”

As Luke’s Gaius approached Reynold, the man descended from Rubira and knelt.

It was because Reynold knew that Luke had deliberately saved his life.

Luke opened up the hatch of his cockpit and talked to Reynold.

“That was a great skill. If I was a little late, you might’ve killed me.”

Even if he failed, the blow Reynold was going to deliver was strong.

Although it all happened in a moment, the power of an Advanced Sword Master, well, a Sword Sage’s Hyper Aura got released.

If Luke hadn’t raised his skill in the Southern Continent by fighting Earner and Arsene, this battle would have been a bust.

Of course, that was the case when only the sword skills were considered.

If Luke used his dark magic and the demon’s abilities, Rubira would have been smashed before it could even get close.

“This is an undeserved talent for Mayers. What do you say? Any intend to change?”

At the unexpected offer, Reynold was startled.

However, he shook his head.

“I can’t. Me and my brother have a contract with King Mayers. Even if death is the end, we plan to stay by the contract.”

Lycans, being a mixed-race, Reynold and Reynard were mercenaries for long. However, they never broke a contract in the middle nor runaway.

It was because they had always thought of themselves to be different from humans who fed on falsehood and betrayal.

If he wasn’t a mercenary who had never breached the contract or trust, he would have never been able to reach his current position.

“You are a great man.”

Luke smiled with a sad expression.

It was because he saw the loyalty of the Iron Fist Knights, who killed themselves, and Reynold.

“Go back. The surviving men will take over, so take the others away.”

Reynold was once again shocked at what he heard and expressed his gratitude.

“I will never forget your mercy.”

Shortly after, Reynold left with the other surviving Iron Fist Knights and moved away.

There fewer deaths than he had imagined.

That was when he realized that Luke had prioritized subduing rather than killing.

“There was no need to let them go?”

“There was no guarantee that they would stay on our side if we held them tight either.”

Rather than getting Reynold, Luke was frustrated that he wasn’t able to complete the second half of the Gold Sword.

He thought that he would realize something if he went against a strong opponent. However, even after fighting with someone at the level of Reynold, he was still lacking something.

He was only getting more and more irritated, but he decided to hold off his emotion for a while.

“The battle is done. If there are enemies who are resisting, then ask them to move out of our estates.”

“Understood, My Lord.”

The massive raid ended with the victory of the Rakan side.

The war hadn’t ended, but the power of the Marquis Rakan had inclined toward their win.