Emperor of Steel

Chapter 433 - Fall of Mayers 4

“Kill them! Sweep out the invaders!”

“Don’t step back! Move with the flow!”

There was a terrifying battle going across the camp of Milton Kingdom.

Initially, the Milton Kingdom forces were attacked left and right.

Because they had been attacked all of a sudden in the middle of the night, and they were unsure as to how many enemies were coming at them because of extreme confusion and exhaustion they had over for weeks.

However, thanks to the commanders such as Reynard and Marquis Volant, the chaos began to subside little by little.

“Die! You despicable men of Marquis Luke!”



“Keuk! How dare you scratch my Milena?!”

Philip’s Milena got pushed back with the strong blow of Reynard’s Anubis.

Reynard seemed to be taking revenge for the past when he was wiped out, and from the very beginning, the Impact Aura was being used to the full extent all for Philip.

The Boomerang, wielding it like a sickle or sword, freely cutting through the air and digging into the ground as a part of Gigant.

Philip, who was getting pushed back by the force constantly, wasn’t able to easily overturn the match and was using constant defense.

Luke was watching the onslaught of Reynard from behind.

“That rider of the wolf head Gigant is quite something.”

“From the sword that he seems to be using, he is a Sword Master who commanded the enemy’s vanguard the last time.”

At the words of Rogers, Luke nodded.

“That is true. But looks a lot stronger than that time. Maybe the poison seeped into him.”

It seemed like he was being aggressive from the beginning of the match because of loss.

“No matter how I see it, I should go out.” Said Rogers.

When Rogers was about to go ahead after seeing Philip getting pushed back, Luke stopped him.

“You don’t have to worry. Philip isn’t the kind to fall back for such a thing.”

Philip was normally a laid back kind of person, but the moment he took a sword in his hand, he would turn more serious than anyone else.

In addition, he constantly competed with strong men besides Luke, like Hwang Bo-sung, Rogers, and experienced a lot of battles.

“So he won’t get defeated just because he is getting a little pushed around now.”

“But if… he loses?”

“In that case you need to train him, like hell.”

Luke’s words buried in the noise of the fights which were happening, and didn’t enter the ears of Philip.

Nevertheless, Philip felt something creeping on his spine. He felt an ominous aura and that wasn’t because of the opponent’s sword.

Philip, who just thought that he felt a threat for his life, began to counter-attack.

“Dammit! You will suffer!”

Swoosh! Kwang!

Philip’s Impact Aura, which was willed in turning the flow of the battle, blew away Anubis’s shoulder gloves.

When Reynard faltered with it, Philip pushed his opponent with a Gold Sword rather than the Phantom Sword which he had been using till then.

The fight between them processed tightly with the counterattacks and the blocking.

“Look here. Didn’t I tell he won’t lose?”

“Hmm, I guess you did!”

Luke spoke to Rogers who was feeling glad.

“Unfortunately, I need to leave this matter to Sir Philip and try to find Mayers. The war will only come to an end if I kill their head.”

“I know, Lord.”

After leaving Reynard to Philip, Luke led the riders of Rogers and the Rakan Knights to catch Mayers.

Pung! Pung!

Around the time when Luke was on a chase, a flash of light shone in the sky with a terrifying roar.

Milton’s army, who were already in confusion, was amazed at its size.

“What was that? Shelling?”

“This is huge! Enemy reinforcements have appeared!”

When the sneak squad of Luke succeeded in their task, the units who were left behind in Batern began to turn offensive.

With the support of the remaining Gigants and trailers, the artillery who were pulled out of the town began to fire at the Milton camp.

However, the shells they used were flash or smoke bombs with low killing abilities.

It was because their allies and enemies were mixed in the region.

However, that alone was enough to surprise the troops of the Milton Kingdom.

In addition to that, 2,000 cavalry units and 20,000 infantrymen, who were in the town, went out of the streets and began to work.

“Your Majesty has been killed!”

“Everyone run away! They said that everyone is running away already!”

“If we stay here it is only a dog’s death!”

Sebastian and Belfair who had infiltrated the enemy camp began to fan chaos while disguising them as the troops of the Milton.

Most of the words they spread out were false, but soon they caught something.

“Look at those who are running away. They are clearly knights!”

“Iron Fist Knights and the Gigant too…”

“Dammit, they are only doing this for themselves, what is this?”

The knights and soldiers who watched the King and his men escape from their quarters lost their will to fight.

Their commanders ordered and screamed at them to fight, but it was to no avail.

An army whose morale had been completely defeated could no longer be considered as an army.

The battle was done.

Those of the Milton Kingdom who were in power fled, and those who didn’t have the energy to move abandoned their weapons while others chose to fight.

After seeing the army fall, Mayers was raging in anger and despair.

“Keuk, is my army miserable like this…?!”

“Don’t look back, Your Majesty. We need to hurry and get out of here!”

Count Lao urged Mayers to pull the reins on his horse.

There was a reason why he was rushing.

The Gigants which were following them were the ones belonging to Marquis Rakan.

The Gigant unit belonging to the Rakan Knights, led by Luke and Rogers.

“Stand right there Mayers!”

“Save His Majesty!”

The Iron Fist Knights began to move and block the approaching Rakan Knights.

Kang! Slash!

Kwang! Kwang!

The tall steel Gigants collided.

Gigantic Aura, rising from a huge sword brightened the dark night sky, the fierce yelling and the shrieks shook the place.

“Kuak! Long live the king of Milton…!”

“This is crazy! Self-destruction, avoid!”

The Iron Fist Knights who fell behind the Rakan Knights in terms of ability and performance suffered.

However, they filled in their gap with loyalty to protecting their king.

When they were being stopped and could no longer help their army, they took off the gloves and stabbed their Gigant in the spot of the core engine.

Gigant’s which were pierced in their chests exploded with huge flames.

Luke only clicked his tongue seeing the desperate moves of his enemy.

‘While the others are still standing on the ground, the others are burning. He has very loyal men. Only if Mayers wasn’t in the revolt against the Baroque Empire.’

As much as Luke believed in the power of his Rakan Knights, Mayers had to believe in his Iron Fist Knights.

‘Such a waste. If only they didn’t choose the wrong master…’

Luke was thinking about how good it would have been if people with such loyalty would serve under him.

Luke, who was saddened seeing the truth of the world, cut off the enemy Gigant’s arms which were rushing for him.

He could have aimed for the cockpit without any mercy, however, he thought that killing them would be wrong.

So he ended it with a simple suppression.

“Don’t think that I am going to fall with just this!”

“You are one annoying man!”

The Gigant rider whose arms got cut off got his torso to be cut off again.

His desperate actions were hidden with his intent to make Luke aim for the core engine.

When Luke pushed his giant sword ahead, he was thinking of getting hit in the core engine.

And it wasn’t like Luke not to notice such behavior.

He avoided the approach with Blink and cut off the legs of the Gigant to stop him.

“What is this, a magic-using rider?”

“Rune Knight? Then the rider of that silver Gigant is…”

“Marquis Luke! It must be Marquis Luke!”

Rune knight meant a person who could use magic and sword at the same time, it wasn’t a very common skill.

In addition, Luke was the only Rune Knight of the Marquis Rakan, so it was easy for the Iron Fist knights to judge the rider of the Silver Gaius to be Luke.

“Kill Marquis Luke!”

“If we can kill Marquis Luke, we can win the war!”

The knights of Iron Fist thought that if they could kill Marquis Luke who had no heir, they would be the winners of the war.

So more Gigants rushed for Luke.

“Dammit, protect our Lord!”

Rogers ordered in a hurry, however, the desperate acts of the Iron Fist knights were faster.

The four enemy Gigants which approached the silver Gigant struck the Silver Gaius at the same time.