Emperor of Steel

Chapter 431 - Fall of Mayers 2  

For the past few days, Erwin had a serious expression on her face.

When Zegal Soha had gone to defeat the Grenada pirates by using a method from her continent, she decided to perform actively.

‘Maybe Princess Reina… But I can’t let myself get pushed around by a Southern Continent woman.’

She didn’t even think about what the reward was going to be, but Erwin burned with enthusiasm and excitement.

From that moment on, she looked for every opportunity to help Luke.

‘Firstly, I need to take advantage of my main skills.’

Her main skill was magic, and she was considered to be the best in alchemy on the continent.

She was someone who could manufacture artificial magic stones—green crystals filled with Earth’s tears. However, that wasn’t the kind of help Luke needed at the moment.

‘I need to find a way to defeat the Milton Kingdom’s army!’

Thinking about it, she suddenly remembered about the magic used by the elven rangers.

The Elf Rangers, the best hunters in the forests, used a magic called the ‘Silent’ magic before getting close to their target.

With that being used, one wouldn’t have to maintain silence until approaching the target, so they would be able to catch their prey without giving out any sound.

With that thought, she ran over to Luke who was trying to suggest and encourage his soldiers.

“A way to help defeat the Milton Kingdom’s army?” Asked Luke bluntly.

“Yes, applying Silent magic to the Gigants. The enemy won’t even notice until we get close to them.”

“Hmm, Silent magic…”

Contrary to Erwin’s expectations, Luke’s reaction was mild.

Commander Rogers and Philip, who were assisting Luke, seemed skeptical about it.

“It is a good idea. But till this moment, has anyone ever used such a method?” Asked Luke.


As Luke pointed out, there had been no attempt of applying Silent magic on the Gigants. One of the shortcomings of the Gigants was the heavy noise that roared as it moved.

In addition to the previous top ten magic towers, several magic towers sought ways to reduce the Gigant’s noise.

The effect of surprise was greater if the noise was reduced.

However, success wasn’t achieved due to the limitations of Silent magic.

A Gigant’s noise couldn’t be hidden with a 5 magic circle Silent magic.

And the enhancement of the skill would consume a large amount of mana, which would decrease the power of the core engine.

However, it still didn’t give a definite decrease, and the noise cancellation wouldn’t last long either.

“In a word, it is quite inefficient. In addition, even if the sound from the Gigant was removed, the weight of the Gigant would cause vibrations on the ground. How do you plan on getting rid of that?”

“Hmm, that…”

When Erwin became flustered because of the unexpected problem, Luke saw that and added,

“That was why regular magic towers used invisibility magic on Gigants to hide them instead of eliminating their sound.”

“I know about that. I saw it for myself in the past, and I did hear that there was no place where it has been used since they are still in the research stage.”

In other words, Invisibility magic was also another method they could use.

She thought that it would be enough to cover the excess use of mana for the Silent magic if she could use the artificial magic stone, which was an easy task for her.

“I am sorry. I was too impatient and took away your precious time.”

“No, it is alright.”

Luke shook his hands at Erwin’s apology.

Erwin wasn’t a professional Iron mage even though she used magic.

Moreover, she came over and expressed her opinion to help Luke. However, Luke couldn’t take it because it wasn’t feasible.

“And your opinion of using Silent magic wasn’t in vain. They can be used in a different manner,” said Luke.

“Really?” Asked Erwin immediately.


Hearing what Erwin said immediately brought up a thought in Luke’s mind.

He was still in the process of thinking up something, but Erwin’s idea about Silent magic increase the effectiveness.

“Firstly, we need a lot of Silent magic scrolls and magic stones. A lot more than the army troops we have currently…” Said Luke.

“I will teleport over to the nearest magic and bring them over.”

“Yes, please do that.”

Right after the end of the conversation with Luke, Erwin unfolded a teleport scroll.

She felt a sudden chill and disappeared.

Luke, who saw the change in the woman, smiled lightly.

When Philip noticed that, he went over to Luke and whispered.

“Lord, it seems like you are getting popular.”

“Well, I think so too.”

“Even then, you shouldn’t cheat. Princess Reina, well, the Pope would be angry.”

And if the Pope became angry, the blind paladins next to her would come for Luke’s neck right away.

And the one leading those paladins would be Arch Duke Gregory.

Luke, whose head was imagining what would happen, shook his head.

“That’s far fetched. What nonsense.”

Erwin was looking different from the past, and Zegal Soha was working actively.

Looking at the women by his side, he was able to figure out what kind of emotions they were holding in and what they were expecting.

And Luke wasn’t blind to not realize that.

However, Luke’s relationship with Reina was so strong that he had no intention of accepting their feelings.

‘This is unfortunate, but I need to hold myself back and say something to them. And at the end of the war, I need to go see Reina.’

Luke hadn’t met Reina for a very long time because of the various things that were thrown at him.

Sending and receiving regards was no longer an option.

So Luke decided the next time, without any fail, he would go see her.