Emperor of Steel

Chapter 427 - Seize the Gigant 2

Luke, who immediately got the news about the Grenada Navy’s defeat, talked to Belik with the help of magic communication.

“Good job. Thanks to that, we will be able to fight the Milton Kingdom with confidence.”

-Huh, we didn’t have to work hard. The pirates weren’t enough exercise for our bodies.

Belik just shrugged his shoulders at Luke’s gratitude.

Honestly, it wouldn’t have been such an easy battle.

Had it not been for the operation proposed by Zegal Soha and the request for a new weapon, the current situation could be declared impossible.

Still, Belik didn’t want to appear weak in front of Luke and shrugged it off.

-If you feel that grateful, buy me a drink later. For your information, I prefer whiskey, and…

Luke, who frowned on the information Belik was giving about what he liked, quickly changed the topic.

-After the battle, we caught some prisoners and pretty big shots too.

“Leading men?”

-Yes, Fernando de Salizar, the Commander of the Grenada land troops. King Drake’s son-in-law and the current leading successor to the throne.

‘We got the next king of Grenada?’

Fernando tried to escape with the help of a teleport scroll right after his Gigant got destroyed by Hwang Bo-sung and Kaper.

However, he wasn’t able to run that far away.

It was because the coordinates for the scroll was the flagship, Hyredin.

After Duke Nathan and his men retreated, there were only Red Wolf Knights and Rakan Knights led by Belik and Zegal Soha.

Fernando saw that and tried to escape. However, he was overpowered by Belik and brought back to Lamer city.

-Because of that, the Grenada men are turning restless. The Admiral of the Navy sent in a messenger asking about the whereabouts of Fernando. I think he wants to see Fernando’s body to make sure he’s dead.

-So, what did you say?

-First, we told him that the man was alive and that we didn’t have the authority to make decisions, so they are now planning to meet our Lord to negotiate or beg.

“Great job.”

At the news relayed by Belik, Luke nodded his head.

Considering what they did to Lamer, he wanted to hang the successor to the throne under the sun.

But then, the Grenada Kingdom wouldn’t stand still.

They might have lost a lot during this battle, but they still had the strongest navy troops in the continent.

They wouldn’t be able to perform a full-scale invasion like this time, but they would surely do multiple attacks on the coastal area.

In the current situation where the Navy of Rakan was weak, Luke could use Fernando as a get-away card.

“I will take care of that matter. And Commander Belik, return to the occupied Eastern Baroque Empire.”

-Return? You don’t want your father’s help?

“Of course. The Milton army can be defeated with the current power I have.”

Luke wanted Belik and the Red Wolf Knights to head back east and harass the Baroque Empire again.

That would keep the Eastern Imperial Forces bound over there, and it would be difficult for Emperor Rudolf to take down the Libiya kingdom.

-Understood. Don’t act rashly and end it well.

“Don’t worry. Let’s meet again.”

When Luke was done with Belik, a wizard entered to give him a message.

“Lord, our forces hiding in the Milton Kingdom were contacted via Argos.”


Luke received the full message and looked into the content.

It was Scarlet who contacted him.

She and her men were in Milton after completing their mission at the Variand Mountain, and it was because Luke had told them that they would be assigned to a new mission in the future.

So, they were deliberately working under the Milton army and were patrolling the roads behind the battlefields.

However, a while ago during the patrol, they received some inside information.

“Hm, this has to be done right away.”

Reading the content, a smile crept onto Luke’s face.

Seeing that, Philip asked for the details, “What is it?”

Instead of telling him, Luke handed him the text. Reading the text, Philip understood Luke’s intention.

“If we don’t do it immediately, they’ll become annoying to remove.”

“Right? Only around a dozen or so knights are there with excellent spying skills. With them, I need to go and solve the problem.”

At Luke’s words, Philip seemed troubled.

“If Lord will say that he wants to go, I am sure Commander Rogers wouldn’t agree to it.”

“We can’t do anything. I am the only one who can do it,” said Luke while tapping his bracelet.

“There is no need to worry. I will speak to Commander Rogers. Also, Milton’s offensive has weakened by a lot as well, so the commander won’t be against it.”

‘I guess he did something with that Devil King’s skills,’ thought Philip.

If not, there was no other explanation on why the offensive of the Milton Kingdom had suddenly weakened, and the Milton retainers were having divided opinions.

No one in Rakan knew the cause, and to Philip, it meant that Luke had done something.

‘This is only going to get worse.’

Philip shrugged his shoulders and looked at Luke, who had a sneaky smile on his face.