Emperor of Steel

Chapter 426 - Seize the Gigant 1

Without knowing what the Grenada army troops were doing, Duke Nathan was struggling in what he seemed to think as a nightmare.

After the first-floor artillery deck was taken over, Nathan immediately ordered for the guns and cannons to be thrown into the sea.

The explosions were spreading at a terrifying speed and it was necessary for them to stop any further explosions.

If the artillery decks on the second and third floors were also on fire, then Hyredin could have been shattered, as the decks carried gunpowder in the size of multiple Gigants.

After entrusting the fire brigade to his lieutenant, Nathan tried to get the ship out of the waters.

It was because any ship he wanted to use had already torpedoed, and he needed to move out.

However, getting out with his battleship wasn’t easy either with all the ships broken or half-sunk into the waters and blocking their paths.

In addition, there were constant explosions happening underwater.


“Damn it, what is it Again?!”

Unlike the first torpedo, the second torpedo did huge damage.

In the meantime, the right paddle of Hyredin exploded.

When a paddle broke, the ship wouldn’t be able to move forward, and it would just keep going in circles.

Meanwhile, the Rakan army led by Zegal Soha was chasing them by boat.

They fired arrows and then hooked onto the deck to climb on top.

“Kill those pirates!”

“Sweep them off the deck!”

On the wide deck, both armies fought.

In the beginning, the Grenada Navy tried to subdue the Rakan, getting into their Crab Gigants.

However, Zegal Soha, who was leading the Rakan troops, wasn’t standing still.

“Blue Waves!”

“Euk! What is that?”

The deck shook like it was riding on waves.

In such a situation, the riders weren’t able to get into their Gigants or try to balance a Gigant’s center, and the Gigants that were placed in the corners of the ship bounced off the ship.

“Damn it, that southern spearman appeared!”

After Duke Nathan saw what happened, he pulled out his Cutlass and rushed toward Zegal Soha.

‘Huh? This flow is…!’

Zegal Soha, who was wielding two swords with seriousness, observed the man.


The Cutlass had an enormous aura. However, it was unable to do anything more than block the attacks.

“Huh, if you think that is anywhere near my level of skill, then you must be blind,” said Soha with a grin.

“I guess the wench can’t keep quiet!”

Glaring at the girl in front of him, Duke Nathan began to attack.

He was an Advanced Sword Master, a level that was above Soha.

However, it wasn’t easy to subdue her.

She was definitely a girl with skills… And, both of them were Sword Masters. Also, she filled the gap with skills that the man lacked.

“Fire Light!”


Hot flames began to rise from Nathan’s feet.

However, he rushed ahead not caring about his feet with a roughly Impact Aura.

“This seaman isn’t the one to fall for tricks!”

And unlike before, the Impact auras weren’t easy to be blocked as they went as long as one meter.

She tried to stop it with her sword with all her might, but eventually, the woman got pushed back.

Kang! Kang!

Zegal Soha, who got pushed back by a lot, had to take a lot of steps to regain her balance.

She struggled a lot and fell on the ropes that were lying around on the deck.

‘This can’t be!’

In a fight between Masters, even a slight gap could lead to death.

And as she collapsed on her back, her face was filled with despair.

“Die, you wench!”

With a smile forming on Nathan’s lips, Cutlass was ready to jump into the gap.


An entirely different swordplay.

Nathan stepped back in shock at the power he felt from the right side and looked at the man who just stopped his attacks on Soha.

And there he was, an old knight in red armor, standing in front of Soha.

“Kuek, who are you?”

“Me? I am Volga’s Fire Storm.”

“What? You are Fire Storm Belik?!”

Nathan was shocked at the man’s introduction.

He heard of the rumors stating that Belik was alive.

But that was with the Holy Empire. How did that guy, who needed to be in the Eastern Baroque, appear there?!

He wasn’t sure why Belik was on the Marquis of Rakan’s side. However, he didn’t have any choice but to fight him.

‘Damn it, I meet another annoying man!’

It was when Nathan was frowning when a large sailing ship approached and bombarded Hyredin.

Pung! Pung!

“Hold back!”

“Euk! Don’t shoot, crazy bastards! Are you planning to kill all your allies?”

The Rakan men bowed down in surprise at the sudden bombing. They had already killed off the Grenada men on the ships.

However, the shells that flew to the deck didn’t have power. They were smoke bombs of the Grenada.

The captain of the sailing ship, who was shooting the smoke bomb, shouted, “Admiral! Come over! Hyredin can no longer move!”

“Kuek! He expects me to abandon the flagship?”

Nathan couldn’t help but put up a disgusted expression. However, he knew the reality.

Hyredin had already lost a paddle, and it couldn’t move in a straight path.

Surely, they could stop the steam engine. However, moving such a heavy ship with sails wasn’t as easy to do.

In addition, they lost a lot of sailors during the fight on the deck.

It was just impossible to escape using wind power with the absence of the sailors to move it.

‘Damn it, should I just give up like this?’

But he couldn’t just stand on a broken ship.

He only crossed swords with him once, but he could feel it.

The fact that Belik was stronger than him.

“Kuek, this humiliation will definitely be returned!”

Eventually, Nathan gave out orders.

As he and his sailors and knights jumped into the sea, a large sailing ship approached them and rescued them.

“They are running away!”

“Catch them!”

The Rakan army tried to chase after them.

Some of the courageous knights were ready to jump into the sea or toss a hook onto the sailing boat.

However, the sailing boat didn’t give them a chance.

They immediately bombarded Hyredin to prevent the Rakan army from following them.

Rather than chasing after the enemies, the defensive tactics of Great Defense Wall had to be used to stop the constant cannons, and Rakan army could only look at the enemy moving away.

“This is it.”

At the words of Zegal Soha, Belik responded, “This is frustrating, but it is what it is. I really wanted to wipe them all out.”

He was frustrated too for not being able to kill the pirates, who attacked the new land of the Volga exiles that was considered as their own home.

“But they have been hit hard. They won’t be able to come to the Rakan estates anymore.”

As Zegal Soha said, the damage taken by the Grenada fleet was huge.

The flagship was sinking and the ships, which were escaping, were damaged too.

It wasn’t just that, but on the land too, news came back that the enemy’s land forces were completely destroyed.

It would surely take them a few years to replenish their lost power.

“I will contact the Grace immediately. He doesn’t have to worry about the South anymore.”

“Yeah. Even though he is over there, he might be waiting for the news about this place.”

The battle on Touled peninsula was won by the Rakan army on both land and sea.

As the blades on the south disappeared, the Rakan army could comfortably deal with the Milton Kingdom.