Emperor of Steel

Chapter 425 - The Burning Sea 4

“Oh my god, what is happening?!”

Fernando’s pale face was staring at the scene.

He was a man more interested in the land.

However, since the navy of Grenada was believed to be the strongest in the continent, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

‘Going and getting caught in a fake fort and turning…’

A while ago, when the Navy began to bombard the fort on Touled, he took his men and charged.

However, there was no one to fight.

The Navy’s shelling didn’t kill the enemy, actually, there was no one in the fort itself.

They just got caught in the trap of a decorated building.

‘This is huge. If Duke Nathan knows, he might get angry.’

When he knew that there would be a lesson from the Duke when he went back to the ship, he heard a loud bang from the sea.

Wanting to know what it was, he climbed onto the rocks one after the other and saw the explosions which were happening on the battleships and the ships being sunken into the sea.

It was then, as if waiting for them, a group of troops lurking in the woods near the shore ran over to boats and headed for the fleet.

“Count, what are we to do…?”

Fernando came back to reality at the question of his lieutenant and ordered.

“Let’s retreat for now.”

“To the warehouse?”

“Yes, we might enter some kind of trap staying here or bring in too much attention.”

Being a land unit, there was no way Fernando could help the navy.

To help the navy, he had to enter the sea and they didn’t have any boats or ships they could use.

In addition, it was worthless to stay on the land where the fort turned out to be a fake one.

‘They won’t get wiped out, right? The strongest navy of the continent…’

If the Navy got wiped out, there was no way for them to return back to their homeland, it wasn’t just Fernando but all the soldiers of the land were praying for the navy to win the battle.

However, when the troops were going to run out, Gigants which were disguised in leaves and mines popped up.

Thud Thud!

“Where are you running away to?”

“You, you are…!”

Fernando’s eyes saw the Gigant troops consisted of Unicorn Knights, Hwang Bo-sung, and the mercenary clans.

They were all hiding out behind the fort and moved accordingly to block the troops Fernando was leading.

‘This is bad! Our retreat got blocked!’

Fernando went stern.

The only opening was the sea ahead. They were like rats surrounded by poison.

How would they get out of such a situation?

When Fernando was thinking of a way to get out, Hwang Bo-sung answered.

“Hahaha. You men would have never thought that you’d suffer like this.”

All this time Hwang Bo-sung only had to stop the attacks from the enemies who were trying to siege his land, however, now he could act in any manner.

How many times had he clenched his fists and grinded his teeth while looking at the enemy Gigants running back yet not being able to pursue them?

Now was his time for revenge.

“Sir Hwang Bo-sung, is there any need to talk with those pirates? Let’s just sweep them off.”

Surely… well, the Unicorn Knight Commander Kaper, who was next to Hwang Bo-sung asked.

“Right. Commander is right. There is a need for fists rather than words.”

When Hwang Bo-sung agreed, Kaper immediately ordered the attack.

“Pull your swords! From now on, sweep away all the Grenada rats!”


The Gigants stormed in with the screams and cheers from the Unicorn Knights at the orders of Commander Kaper.


About a hundred Gigants were running around.

It was a number which came after borrowing the Gigant from mercenary and the Red Wolf Knights who were in the Navy battle.

Fernando’s order stuttered when he was the Gigants of his enemy running in his direction.

“Raise your shields and build a defense line!”

The Touled peninsula was difficult to maneuver in Gigants due to a large number of rocks.

So, if they managed to use some rocks to block the path, the Grenada army would be able to defend easily.

If the Navy recovered and supported the land, they would be able to get out of the crisis.

Fernando gave the orders thinking about that, however, it was a hasty choice.

“Die, you pirates!”

“Do you dare to go head to head with such Gigants?”

“This is for avenging the Lamer citizens who died in your hands!”

Kwang! Thud!


Rakan estate’s Gigant troops crushed the Grenada army’s defense without any hesitation.

The defense built in haste wasn’t so strong.

In addition, the Crab Gigants of Grenada wasn’t strong enough against the Rakan Gigants.

So even if the Rakan Gigants were in a small number they would have shattered every Gigant of Grenada.

“Oh my god!”

When the Gigants were almost crushed, Fernando went scared.

He quickly screamed at his men after destroying two Rakan Gigants with an Impact aura.

“Be mindful everyone! The number of our enemies is similar to us! The land is advantageous for us! We are still capable enough to stop them!”

Fernando was getting annoyed with what was happening.

A Gigant approached him.

It was an Orion Gigant with Kaper.


Without getting scared, Fernando wielded the sword with his Impact Aura towards the Gigant which approached him.


However, contrary to the thought that the Rakan Gigant would fall, the attack was blocked.

“Wh, what?! You took and blocked my sword?”

“Huh, don’t look down on me?!”

Kaper, who lost in the battle with Shaikan, had been a Sword Master.

Although he was still an intermediate Sword Master when compared to Fernando, he still had a hero class Gigant Orion which had 3,700 fights to fill the gap.

Fernando sharply went against the Gigant aiming for the gap he saw.

‘This guy whom I never even heard of…?!’

Fernando had mainly fought with Hwang Bo-sung during the Lamer siege.

Kaper, the commander of the army was taking care of the siege on the other direction, so it was the first time for Fernando to meet him.

Fernando was unable to conceal his inner conflict.

He was a man who thought that Marquis Luke was the only one strong enough to compete with him, but a Gigant which was in front of him with a new man he never heard of was able to block him.

“This guy! I’ll shatter you!”

“Commander Kaper, he was originally my opponent. I will be the one to take him.”

Shortly later, Fernando saw Hwang Bo-sung run ahead in his Puppet.

With the thunderous sound of the Puppet, Fernando’s Gigant gloves got smashed and the Gigant got pushed back.

As Fernando faltered with shock, Kaper pushed in the gap and wielded his sword.

“Keuk! How cowardly to team up and fight against one?!”

“There is no reason for me to listen to a man who killed innocent people!”

“It is unfortunate, but I agree with him.”

The two men, cowardly or not, went in to attack.

Eventually, Fernando’s Gigant got defeated and all of the Grenada’s land troops were killed or captured.

It was pure destruction that happened over there.