Emperor of Steel

Chapter 424 - The Burning Sea 3

“The torpedo… tremendous power.”

Belik was hiding in the forest which was to one side of Utah river and kept a close eye on the Grenada navy.

“I always thought that the gunpowder could never be used when wet, was that not true?”

“That is the normal black gunpowder. but the composition of the gunpowder used for the torpedo is different.”

Zegal Soha who had made the things and torpedo last night gave them a detailed explanation.

“There is a gunpowder which burns more violently after coming into contact with the water. The gunpowder which goes into the torpedo is made from the ingredients of vigorous fire oil.”

“Vigorous fire oil… yes, I did hear about it. Was it the same thing that Emperor Rudolf used to fight with the western army?”

“Yes, that girl too, after hearing it said it was the same thing. In any case, the torpedo gunpowder explodes when it comes into contact with water. So, when the lids are pulled off and they touch water, it goes Bang!”

“Wah! That is just amazing. Was it the lady’s thoughts?”

When Belik asked, Zegal Soha shook her head.

“No, it was a weapon made in a place called ‘Thunder gate’ of the Song Empire to clean up the pirates of Yamatai who were in the coast of the Song Empire in the past.”

Just as the Grenada pirates were famous in the Rhodesia continent, in the Southern Continent, the Yamatai kingdom was famous for its pirates.

Yamatai, an island like east to the Southern Continent.

Was said to have the lords who were pushed out after power struggles or the defeated civilians gathering over there to become pirates.

It was one of the most dangerous nations, the Imperial family of the Song had commissioned walls of the Kang Ho clans to defeat the pirates.

And the Thunder Gate had a lot of interest in the gunpowder production, unlike the other martial users.

They were devoted to inventing various types of firearms rather than to learn or develop their own martial arts.

The weapon created by them was placed near the high walls and given to the Imperial Family of Song was the torpedo.

“Unfortunately, despite the fact that the wall was set and prepared to subdue the pirates, the wall collapsed.”

The Song imperial wasn’t able to handle such powerful firearms.

So they gave it a sign called ‘supervised firearms’ and a crest was incorporated into their military.

Some of the martial family members were disgusted with the use of gunpowder and the need to depend on things rather than skills and retired.

“At that time there were men from the Zegal clan who helped in it and working alongside them, I knew about this.” Said Soha.

“Hmm, and that was why Miss knew how to make this possible.” Said Belik.

“Yes, but I never thought that it would be this powerful. Perhaps they were too shocked with the Nightmare lure we used as a bait, and seemed like they came much closer to the fort than we expected.”

The torpedo was installed closer to the coast of the sea than between, so the enemy who was huge in number had to be close.

The fort which was used as a bait came from the time of the Yamatai war, which was a game-changer.

An important Lord named ‘Oda’ was under the attack by his enemy and built up a castle overnight to win.

The fort itself had a very weak defense, but it was enough to confuse the enemy.

Zegal Soha applied the same thing in the current operation.

“Anyway, this isn’t the time to talk like this. We need to stop their breath when they are still confused.”


Belik pulled out his sword and signaled the Red Wolf Knights and the Rakan soldiers who were hiding in the woods to get onto the boats and attack the sea men.

More than half of the fleet was sinking because of getting torpedoed, and the other half was still afloat.

And Belik was going into the sea with his men to fight them.

“The Unicorn Knights on the other side are probably on the move. Miss, you can go back to Lamer city.”

“No, I will help you fight.”

When Belik tried to tell Soha to get back she shook her head.

“But it will be dangerous?”

“You don’t have to worry.”

She pulled her double swords with a confident expression.

Seeing her confident expression and the energy she was releasing, Belik was amazed.

‘Wah, I thought that she was a smart miss, but turns out she is a Sword Master?’

Knowing that Zegal Soha wouldn’t back down, he pointed to a position.

“Then, support the right-wing fleet.”


When Zegal Soha left, Belik hurried into the boat. And ordered the soldiers who were waiting for the assault orders.

“Army, advance!”

“Numerous boats are approaching us from the north!”

At the end of the lieutenant’s words, Nathan picked up his telescope.

Small boats, men of 10- 20, were coming through the north of the sea.

Maybe in the summer, such an image would seem like ants rushing to a cicada.

“Kuek! How dare they try to face us with boat fleets!?”

There were a lot of ships damaged because of the torpedo, but there were a similar number of good ships too.

The flagship Hyredin which Nathan was riding on too was hit by a torpedo, but it didn’t lose its combat power.

“Turn the ship! Open the doors of cannons towards the boat fleet!”

“Turn the ship! Prepare to fire!”

When the lieutenant hurriedly relayed the orders, the ship’s cannon doors were opened.

“Let them pay for the cheap tricks they used!”

The time when Duke Nathan was raged and ordered for the shelling.


All of a sudden, a big thunder shook the ship and the ship began to lean to one side.

“What happened? Was it another torpedo…?”

“That isn’t it! Our other battleship crashed into us!”

The allied ships were crashing into one another to avoid the torpedo from hitting them.

Such unsightly things were happening in many places.

The ships collided with each other while moving in the same directions as they ran away from the torpedo, and they even bumped into the half-sunk ships.

But the accidents didn’t end there.


Along with the tremendous blasts, the blasts on the Hyredin deck began to sound.

“What is this?!”

When Duke Nathan, who was seeing what happened, found his lieutenant in blood who came over to report.

“The gunpowder deck on the first floor turned on. Maybe the ignition broke in with the collision which happened…”

“Kuekk. Dammit!”

Duke Nathan seemed like he was losing it.

For hundreds of years they fought in the waters, but it was the first time for such terrible things to happen.

‘This must be a dream! It has to be a dream!’

Denying reality, he saw another calamity approach.

The fleet of Rakan arrived avoiding the cannons of the enemy.

“Hand the hook!”

“Go up the deck!”

A boat was attacked by the battleship.

The knights led by Belik moved onto the ships and attacked the Grenada army.

“Kill all the pirates!”

“Do not step back! Go ahead with full might and show the power of the sea…!”

The Grenada Navy has been very famous for being strong in naval warfare.

In addition to the shelling ability, the ship’s deck was excellent for using only lightweight Gigants—called crab.

However, with the current state of the ship, demonstrating the combat was difficult.

It was because the torpedo destroyed the ships and most of the Crabs were kept in the storage deck as the ships only needed the cannons to fire.

However, when Rakan troops went close to the deck, several Crabs began to appear on the deck.

“It’s the enemy!”

“Don’t get flustered! They are just a piece of wood!”

On the ship’s deck, Belik and the Red Wolf Knights prepared Vigorous Fire.

Blast! Wheeing!

“Keuk! Those bastards!”

The crabs got caught in the flames right away.

Burning of the wood armor didn’t reduce their combat power by much.

However, due to the smoke and flames which rose high, securing a view was difficult for the men inside them, so they weren’t able to fight properly.

“Hahaha. Stupid! Where are you looking? This way, here!”

“Damn! I am going to kill you!”

The rider of the Crab who was getting messed by Belik took out the huge swords and rushed towards him.

Belik managed to avoid the incoming attack and the fired crab which was on the end of the ship fell into the sea.

“Huh, you don’t even have to use aura against this idiot.”

Belik who laughed at the crabs sinking into the sea turned around to look at the situation.

The naval forces of Grenada were on fire.

There were ships hit by the torpedo and sinking, and there was a new line of ships which were on fire because of the Rakan knights.

“Uah! Save me! Please help me!”

“Please just save my life… keuk!”

The wounded sailors of Grenada were sinking into the sea because of the unstable ships or the spears and sword of the Rakan.

‘Huh, the Grenada fleet, the continent’s strongest, is getting smashed like this…’

He knew that the trap was good, but never expected it to work so well.

“General, all the men on the deck are taken care of!”

Belik ordered according to the given report.

“Nice set fire on the hull and go out.”

Shortly after the party of Belik resigned, the battleships began to burst out with violent explosions.

Belik turned away from the battleships sinking and looked for another prey.

His final goal was the great Hyredin, a huge ship located right in the middle of all.