Emperor of Steel

Chapter 422 - The Burning Sea 1

The 3rd level basement of the Gigant Arena in Lamer city.

A series of troops showed up making unusual noises and were using the warehouses.

Woong! Woong!

“Move it! We don’t have much time!”

“Come on and complete the move before the gates close!”

The long-distance teleport gates were installed on the third level of the arena.

It was one of the gates that Luke had built, paying a huge cost for managing the expanded estates. And from an hour ago, he was busy throwing in troops and supplying with a gleaming shine.

Pavel, who was witnessing this, approached the elderly knight in a red hood who appeared from the long-distance teleport gate.

“You have come, Sir Belik.”

“Tch, I heard that we will have to work hard, but it doesn’t look like it.”

The knight in the red hood and armor was Firestorm Belik.

At the words of Belik, Pavel had a bitter smile.

It was because he was very sick of being attacked by the Grenada men for the past few days.

“The pirates are notorious. What do we do? There seem to be a lot of Red Wolf Knights coming in.”

“Huh, we’ll die if the knights don’t have much force.”

Along with the Holy Empire, the Red Wolf Knights stationed in the occupied eastern parts of Baroque were contacted by Luke a few days back.

The city of Lamer was under attack by the Grenada navy, so he immediately talked to them.

Along with Pavel and the other men of the refugees of Volga who were worried, Belik had brought in the scattered knights and went to Albertville estate at full speed.

And then, without any break, he moved to Lamer city with the help of teleport gate.

“Where are those damned pirates stationed now? I will not forgive them for setting fire on the men of Pyotr Majesty.”

When asked by Belik, Pavel pointed to the map that was on the wall.

“Currently, the enemy ships are anchored in the coast of Lamer. They are out of range for our cannons, so we can’t do anything.”

“They seem to be cunning men.”

Belik immediately understood Grenada Navy’s intentions.

They were out of range for the attacks, but the reason they were camping in a visible distance was to fill the enemy with feelings of despair.

In the position of Lamer city, there was an enemy right in front of them, so the knights of Rakan would feel anxious and be alert, and with constant feelings as such, they were bound to turn tired.

In other words, the enemy was trying to make the knights weary by being in a close distance.

“And the army troops are stationed in a fishing village which was a little far from here.”

“Uhm, it will be a little difficult for individual groups to get close. Do we know who the enemy commander was?”

“From what Hwang Bo-sung said, he was called Fernando.”

“Hmm, Fernando de Salizar? I guess I met up with a troublesome one.”

Pavel’s eyes went wide with Belik’s words.

“Is he someone you know?”

“When I was wandering around as a mercenary, I once went to the Grenada Kingdom. Although he is young, he was being praised for being a genius swordsman.”

A few years ago, the Lords who greeted King Drake for political problems revolted.

Belik was then hired as a rebel mercenary rider at the time and fought against the royal forces, and Fernando was the commander of the Royal Gigants.

“Because of him, the rebels struggled a lot. Eventually, I had to escape without getting a single penny since I lost. Anyway, he is arrogant, but he has skills, and taking him down won’t be an easy task…”

“Uh? Huhuhu. It sure looks like we need those traps after all.”


According to Pavel, Luke had sent a few people to Lamer city a few days back.

“Zegal Soha, a young lady from the Southern Continent is the one in charge of it. She immediately looked at Lamer city and the surrounding terrain. She then got down to work with the other men.”

“Down to work? What are they planning to do…?”

Belik was shocked, but he was even more flustered when he heard about the ‘weapon’ of Zegal Soha and how it was going to be used.

He thought that they were likely to succeed.

“If that weapon works, we can surely destroy them.”

“It will work. I saw it during the test run.”

Pavel’s eyes twinkled with confidence.

“Anyway, we need a little more time to get ready. So stay still till then. We need your power and the Red Wolf Knights to succeed.”


Pavel left, and Belik went over to a watchtower.

Although he looked at the dynamics of the enemy ship with a telescope, he found no movement.

Fortunately, it seemed like they didn’t see the men of Rakan working.

If they got caught, the Grenada weren’t the kind of men to stay still.

“They need to succeed… Your Majesty, please help the people of Volga and protect this land.”

Belik descended from the watchtower with the hopes of winning for Pyotr II, who died in the midst of war.

“Let’s do this quickly! We don’t have much time!”

Zegal Soha was currently building a trap by commanding hundreds of sweaty workers while traveling to Utah beach.

The key to the operation was the pitfall she created.

Victory was certain as long as the enemy fell into the trap.

The question was, would it work properly, and would the eyes of the enemy not see it?

However, the pirates didn’t seem to have scouted their surroundings after seizing the coastal area, so they were able to create a trap during night time.

It was like moving in dark waters, and it was thanks to the support of the talented technicians and wizards in the field with her.

The trap itself didn’t take much time. It was only necessary to install and assemble what was already made inside the city.

“Miss Soha, everything is done here.”

“Thank you for your work. Let’s go back for now.”

When the trap was done, Zegal Soha retreated.

Before returning, she glanced back and smiled meaningfully at ‘Overnight’, a trap made by her.

‘Hoho. If this operation succeeds, will I get to see Your Grace once again?’

She wasn’t sure why, but her heart was nervous when she thought of the elf called Erwin beside Luke.

In addition, when she came to Lamer, she heard that Marquis Luke already had a beautiful fiancée.

Luke’s fiancée’s name was Reina, and she was known to be a princess of a fallen nation. It was said that she was away because of a few circumstances.

‘Hohoho, to be far is a charm. During this time, I will show Your Grace my ability and attractive points.’

Until then, she was going to do any difficult and dangerous work given to her.

Looking forward to a flower path, Soha moved back to Lamer.