Emperor of Steel

Chapter 420 - The Stab 1

After sneaking out of the warehouse, Luke moved somewhere using his teleport magic.

And by night, he arrived at a deep valley in the western border of the Milton Kingdom.

Kiiik! Kuak!

Piiik! Piik!

In the valley were monsters such as orcs, goblins, and kobolds moved in groups, Luke appeared there with a bright light, the large orc chief, and the goblin head who were in proper attire moved forward.

“Have any of you fallen apart?”

At the question, they shook their heads.

“Good. Despite the short time, you were able to come.”

Luke praised and smiled all through this conversation with them.

When Count Bazzo’s death marked the start of war with Milton Kingdom, he tried one thing to reduce the loss of power.

It was to use the monsters which he had sent out from his estate.

Until last year, the monster legions led by Shaikan disrupted all the parts of Baroque Empire and were now considered to be a normal power in Libiya Kingdom.

‘There is nothing which can’t be done. I can’t use them publicly like Shaikan.’

Which was why, before the start, Luke had gone to brainwash the tribes of the monsters.

The monsters which were living away from the estates had increased considerably over the period.

And he used the other monster tribes who were the original inhabitants of the place. Due to that, the fact that the Baroque Civil war and the Battle of Magic Towers have transpired, no one cared about the monsters.

And the number of monsters reached to a 100,000.

Luke moved the groups of orcs, goblins, and kobolds across the north of Rakan to the Milton Kingdom only during nights and invisible mountain trials.

Of course, he didn’t have the time to directly look after the monsters’ movements, nor did he have the power of the dragon-like Shaikan to increase their intellect.

Nevertheless, they were able to come without scattering or going in the wrong direction as Luke placed a lot of clothes with the monsters’ favorite scents in the direction the monsters had to move in.

And the monster succeeded in pursuing the scent and reaching the place.

“Now I will be giving a new order.”


Kiik! Kiik!

At the words of Luke, the head of the monsters banged on their chest.

That was an indication that they were ready for the new orders.

Luke raised his hand and pointed to the east.

“Go in the direction where my hand points and make a fuss. The more humans who are scared, the better you are doing, make a huge mess over there.”

At Luke’s orders, the heads nodded saying they knew what had to be done and led their groups in the direction.

As countless monsters went away, Luke smiled.

“Huhuhu. Try stopping this one, Mayers!”

Mayers, who fell asleep late at night because of the meetings, suddenly opened his eyes at an eerie feeling.

“Yah, is someone there? It’s so cold in the countryside…!”

Mayers went shocked when he was about to ask the guard knight to light a fire outside.

Next to his bed was someone who he was familiar with and was standing in his own blood!

-Kuek! Cough!

“C, Count Bazzo?”

Mayers was trembling with shock.

The one whose blood was all over his body was Count Bazzo who was dead.

-Why did you kill me?

“Killed, killed you, who? Wasn’t it marquis Luke who killed you?”

-Cough! It is unfair to me! The only loyal servant of His Majesty, the only sin I did was to fulfill all your missions. And His Majesty…

“S, Shut up! I never did that!”

-Why are you trying to cover the wide sky with your little hand! This is really unfair, your majesty!

When Count Bazzo came close, Mayers went back and screamed.

“Yeah, Hello! Anyone there?! Come inside right away… auk!”

And when Count Bazzo wielded his sword on Mayers, he suddenly woke up.

“Y, Your Majesty, are you alright?’

A knight stood next to him with concern on his face.


Just a while back, in the gloomy dark room, the figure of the bloody Count Bazzo stood tall, and now the lights were shining bright.

“By, by any chance did you see Count Bazzo?”

“Count Bazzo? Isn’t he dead?”

The knight was confused.

Moreover, the war itself started to avenge the death of Count Bazzo, who had been killed on his way back.

Seeing the expression on the knight’s face, Mayers recovered.

“Ah, nothing. Nothing. I had a nightmare. Rather, did anyone enter the military camp when I was sleeping?”

“A cat was just kicked out. If you aren’t feeling good, why not send a word to the medics?”

“Uhm, no need. I have something to think about so leave me for a moment.”

At Mayers’ words, the knight stepped out of the tent.

‘What was that? Was I just dreaming?’

It was too vivid to be considered as a dream.

Mayers was wet with cold sweat, not just his back but also the bed’s linen got wet.

‘Since the battle isn’t going according to my plan, my mind might be worried and playing tricks… tch, so have such a nightmare. I might be getting old too.’

With a bitter smile, Mayers fell asleep again.

Shortly after falling asleep, the cool energy returned.

-cough… Your Majestyyyy…!


Count Bazzo came back once again.

And this time, more terrifying than before.

Mayers, who was suffering from the nightmare met up with his subordinates with drowsy eyes.

“Your Majesty, your complexion looks bad. Were you working long?”

“It is nothing. Go ahead and discuss how we attack the enemy.”

Mayers, who didn’t want to take down their morale didn’t mention what happened last night.

Although it was being kept a secret, rumors spread that their King was suffering from nightmares made by ‘someone’.