Chapter 42: A Stir in the Magic Tower 1

Three days after the assassination attempt.

Luke and his party had arrived in Brandon, the central city of Marquis.

Normally, it would have taken them twice as long to get there, but they were able to get there ahead of their schedule because of the trailer that they captured on the way.

Brandon was a city in the south that had a larger population than Lamer with developed commerce and culture, large and small magic towers, teachers, schools and libraries.

“Is this the capital of the past, Milton?”

Luke, upon arriving at the central square of the city asked, looking at the statue which was placed in the center.

“Yes. That is right. I know that it was called Warport during that time. Which is why some of the territorial nobles call Marquis Mayers a king.”


500 years ago, Luke had taken over a city, which was then referred to as Warport.

Originally, he had no plans or intentions to attack the capital of Milton.

But at that time, the Milton region was an ally of the Libiya kingdom, the king then went to the Baroque Duke and asked for forces to take down the dark legions.

However, attacking the capital was like pulling out the scales of a sleeping dragon.

Luke marched right into the Milton Duchy and quickly captured its capital—Warport.

‘Huhuhu, this place reminds me of a lot of things. At that time, the lords of this place were trembling right over there.’

Luke smiled as he looked over at the white marble palace, which was currently being used as the permanent residence mansion.

Rogers then talked about the city’s history.

“At that time, Priest Brandon with the help of Goddess Belize, drove out the Devil King and saved the city. Since then, the city was renamed with the name of the Priest.”

‘Strength of a Goddess? What nonsense. I just couldn’t refuse the request of one person.’

Luke was acquainted with Brandon.

Brandon, who later became the Archbishop of the Warport, was the one who healed Luke when he came out of the Veritas Magic Tower with a broken Magic Circle.

Because of the grace he had shown in the past, Luke wasn’t able to go against him and withdrew from the region upon the request of Brandon.

Luke did not have any reason to hold onto that nation anyway.

In other words, the city had survived because of the virtue that Brandon had shown and not because of the power or spirit of some goddess.

“Somehow, the Devil’s legion had gone back, but the City of Milton, which turned weak, was later occupied and was taken into the Baroque Empire.”

‘Tch, to go over a weak country only for the purpose of increasing their own territory.’

Luke, who was listening to the story of Rogers, drove the trailer to the corner of the square which was close to the Veritas Magic Tower.

‘When I think about the old times, I don’t really feel like buying these people a Gigant…’

There was a saying that said that one should keep his friends close and his enemies closer. That was because knowing the enemy was necessary to become victorious.

Luke was also curious as to how the magic towers had changed and developed over the last 500 years.

‘If their performance is fine, I will be more than happy to buy it. I will buy it then take it apart and then figure out its pro’s and con’s and then make more Gigants!’

Suddenly, one guard immediately blocked them at the entrance.

“This isn’t a place that anyone can just enter. Only the nobles above the minimum access level can go in.”

“I am the descendant of a Viscount.”

At the cold response of Luke, the knight looked inside and then sent them in.

But that wasn’t the end of it. The wizard they had met in order to purchase the Gigant was very ignorant and condescending.

“You are the Rakan Viscount? I heard that you are poor. Do you even have the money to buy a Gigant?”

At that question from the wizard, Rogers and Philip were aggravated enough to retaliate.

However, Luke stopped them. They surely would have sliced the neck of the wizard if he didn’t.

“We may not have money, but we weren’t spoiled with money like you.”

Luke hit back at the wizard and the knights felt relieved.

‘Tch, seems like things are still the same here!’

By looking at the number of large buildings, fences, and workshops, it was clear how huge the Veritas Magic Tower was.

But they still ignored and looked down upon others like in the past.

No, it had changed. The people there seemed to have become more arrogant.

As Luke was able to barely restrain his anger, Rogers spoke with a low voice.

“Sorry, young lord. I was incompetent, making you suffer such humiliation in our presence.”

“It is okay, this isn’t your responsibility. The humiliation they caused will be paid back later!”

Luke consoled Rogers, who was feeling bad for having the young Lord’s pride hurt, and headed over to the next tower.