Emperor of Steel

Chapter 419 - Start of Counterattack 5

Luke, who had a pleasant victory on the west side of his estates, raised the morale of the riders and the soldiers by giving them merit.

Afterward, he set up a meeting with the commanders to prepare for their next battle, and as soon as the meeting ended, he met with his demons in a warehouse outside the village.

“These are the spies of the Milton Kingdom?”

“Yes, master. I caught them approaching through the southern forest.”

When Sebastian said that, Belfair chuckled.

It was Sebastian, but the assassins of Hydra and Henry, who were in charge of the surveillance of the grounds, were the ones who found the men and captured them.

‘All fairies. Were these the ones who prevented Hydra’s raid in the capital that time?’

The agents of Hydra attacked Mayers’ mansion to kill Aslan.

The operation was a huge bust, and it seemed that the people in front of Luke were the ones who stopped them at that time.

Most of them were human-like, dark elves, and half breed lycans.

It wasn’t surprising that the noble families had often used fairies as their slaves or subordinates.

However, it wasn’t just one or two fairies who were being used as Mayers slaves. It was like he was raising them for a long time.

“It seems like they were very thoroughly brainwashed. The moment they got caught, they took away their own lives.”

At the words of Belfair, Luke looked at him.

“Isn’t that very similar to the men of Hydra?”

“But they didn’t kill themselves by taking poison.”

While speaking, Belfair trembled.

In fact, some of the men, who failed to immediately capture the fairies, were killed by the Explosion magic scroll and the gunpowder on their bodies.

As a result, some slaves of Belfair were sacrificed.

“Anyway, if you look at the belongings collected from the captured ones, we can have detailed information about their assassination mission.”

“Assassination… But, but is it enough to choose such means.”

Before the war, Luke thought about assassinating the leader of the Milton Kingdom.

However, it wasn’t so easy to assassinate a king of a nation who wasn’t a regular noble. A man constantly being escorted by the Iron Fist, and even if the assassination were successful, it wouldn’t be effective if Mayers’ son took over the throne.

On the contrary, if there was any evidence left behind, it was highly likely that they would frame the descendant of Rakan to be a traitor and win the battle with unfair means.

That was why Luke gave up on assassinating Mayers.

“You will have to work harder in the shadows. Tell the others to take care of everyone who seem like spies.”

“Understood. But Master, are you going to fight like this?”

“Fight like this?”

When Luke asked back, Sebastian had a sneaky smile on his face.

“Wouldn’t it be simpler to do that thing we did with Count Monarch? If we sneak in some poison in their food, within a few days, they will…”

The Milton Kingdom wouldn’t fight and blood wouldn’t flow.

“Give up on that. Don’t do anything suspicious or weird.”

“Eh? Why?”

When Sebastian wasn’t able to understand the reason, Belfair shook his head.

“Such a stupid cat! Don’t you understand what kind of situation Master is in now?”

“What kind of situation? Ahh, that rumor…”

Marquis Luke was said to have learned dark magic!

The rumor, which was spread by Nanas, was still being circulated among the people.

At first, it was considered to be a baseless rumor since there was no clear evidence. However, if something strange happened, people’s doubts would start to arise and then deepen.

“Belfair is right. That is why I can’t use my abilities to the fullest.”

“Oh, that is upsetting. I thought that I was given another chance to play an active part in battle.”

Sebastian wasn’t trying to build merit under Luke.

It was just that the depressing and the dark emotions from the humans who suffer were something Sebastian fed on, so he was looking for an opportunity to make use of the battle. However, he had to abandon his thoughts.

“Don’t feel that bad because there is still a role you’ll get to play,” said Luke.


“Yes, this is something I think that no one other than you can do…”

Luke told Sebastian about the operation ‘Nightmare’.

Sebastian, who heard it, applauded as soon as he was done.

“Master’s eyes are surely unique. Surely, this operation will do wonders.”

“Just in case, we never know, so let Belfair help you. Once you guys do that, the war will end.”

“Yes! Trust me and leave this matter to me, Master.”

The two demons, who were done giving the report about the captured spies, left for their new operation.

After they left, Luke took out a map.

It was the military map that was sent by Scarlet’s party who were working as mercenaries in the Milton Kingdom.

The map gave him details about the military base, and the highways used in the Milton Kingdom.

“I need to make a move too, like the devil himself, kukuku!”

Luke smiled before leaving the warehouse with his teleport magic.