Emperor of Steel

Chapter 414 - Rakan Estate's Crisis 5

“Now! Attack!”

“Keuk, damn it!”

Being quick, the Gigants of the Rakan estate rushed toward Milton’s Gigants that had taken modest damage.

The Gigants of the Rakan estate, who jumped over the barricades at once, wielded their maces and swords at the collapsed Gigants of the Milton Kingdom.

“Don’t let even one of them go!”

“Let’s show fear to those who have invaded the land of the warrior without fear!”

Kang! Kakang!

The noise of huge metal gloves and swords colliding could be heard across the high way.

In the early stage of the fierce battle, the Rakan estate had won.

They smashed into the Iron Fist Knights with their weapons of Battle Axe, Morning Star, and Sword.

“Uh! These men…!”

“Do not panic! We are the knights of the Iron Fist!”

The skills of the knights of the Iron Fist was much higher and considered to be elite in the Milton Kingdom, and the riders of some small manor were nothing in front of them.

However, as they fell into the trap carelessly in the beginning, they were helpless.

And there was one man who dared to step out once the heat went down.

It was Reynard, the vice commander of the Iron Fist.

Leading the vanguard troops, he was the owner of a Hero class Gigant and a Sword Master of Intermediate class.

Even though he was lesser than his brother Reynold, he was still able to wipe out the Gigant troops of a small scale or medium scale Experts.

“How dare you do this?!”


When the impact aura flashed with the boomerang, two Gigant’s fell.

“Sword Master!”

“Oh my god! Don’t go in alone, push together!”

Even though they knew their opponent was a Sword Master, the knights of Rakan estates couldn’t just retreat.

Because if they decided to turn their backs, they would take in much more damage.

And now they might have a chance to win, so if they pushed together, they could figure out a way to win over Milton.

And accordingly, five Gigants, including Baron Pasca’s Gigant, surrounded Anubis.

They turned around it, like a wolf looking at its prey and kept shouting to divert the attention of Reynard.

And Baron Pasca, who was fighting Anubis, struck his huge sword.

“Huh, did you think that such an old fashioned method would work against me?”

Reynard, who laughed at him, moved away and swept away Pasca’s Gigant.



After temporarily neutralizing the Gigant of Pasca, Reynard once again created an Impact Aura on his boomerang and rushed to the other four Gigants.



Anubis raged like a wild beast with the roaring sound of the Hero class core engine.

The boomerang, which flew in the air, suddenly turned 4 Gigants to scrap.

‘Dammit, it is moving with a speed which no bird can follow! Sword Masters are on a different level!’

Realizing that his thoughts were changing, Baron Pasca quickly ordered a collapsed Gigant to retreat.

As soon as the Sword Master went out, the situation had overturned.

“Everybody retreat behind the barricades!”

“Huh, you plan on stopping me with such poor defense?”

However, Baron Pasca wasn’t giving out the orders of retreat in fear.

He had hidden a large amount of gun power right below the barricades.

The barricades were used only for deceptions.

When the friendly Gigants crossed the barricades, he ordered the explosion of the gunpowder.

However, Reynard’s attacks were much faster than expected.

The moment Pasca ordered the Gigant to light the wick, Reynard threw a boomerang and split a Gigant into two.


“Kukuku. Since you lack in skills, you use weak tactics.”

“Damn it, attack!”

Pasca ordered the attack against Reynard with a sad expression.

It was too late to run away now.

In addition, even if they thought of retreating, they would take the enemy troops directly to the refugees who were innocent and defenseless.

There was no way he could endanger the lives of thousands, so he decided to waste their time and welcome death.

With the same thought as Pasca, the Gigants of Rakan rushed toward Anubis at the same time toward the barricades.


“D-damn it! Why is he this strong?! Kuek!”

Though the remaining Gigants went in, they still couldn’t stop Anubis.

While Anubis was using only half its power, the Iron Fist Knights defeated the Gigants one after the other.

Eventually, there were only three Gigants left on Rakan’s side including Pasca.

Reynard paused for a moment and talked to them, “I will give you an opportunity to show your courage. Are you willing to join the Milton Kingdom?”

“Huh! we have no intention of betraying Marquis Luke, so kill us already!”

The nobles of the northern side, including Baron Pasca, were distant members of the Rakan family.

Although they didn’t have excellent skills or power, it was the title they had gotten from the Rakan family that had kept them alive even in the most difficult times.

So after defeating Count Monarch, the man was given back his title and estate.

That was why their loyalty toward Luke was bound to be strong.

“Kuek. Then I can’t help you. Goodbye to you all!”

Reynard raised his boomerang.

Baron Pasca closed his eyes when he saw the Impact Aura rise from Anubis’s arm.

‘Ha, this is my end.’

There was no luck.

He never imagined that the vanguard troops would have a Sword Master.

If it weren’t for the Sword Master, he would have been able to repel the enemies and go back to the refugee camp.

‘Sire, please be sure to win this war!’

The aura was done and the Gigant was ruined. There was no way the attack could be stopped.

It was regrettable to leave his Lord and people, but it seemed like his role was done.

The moment Baron Pasca emptied his mind, the Impact Aura of the boomerang came in furiously.