Emperor of Steel

Chapter 412 - Rakan Estate's Crisis 3

“What was that? The coastal villages are being attacked by pirates?”

Luke who got woken up from the sleep, was shocked.

The person who sent the news was Pavel, who was serving in the Lamer city and Kirillov on behalf of Reina.

-They say they are pirates, but they don’t seem like ordinary people, Lord. These are the pirates of Grenada!

“Well, why would they?”

Luke also knew about the history of the Grenada Kingdom and its cruelty.

Unlike ordinary pirates, they were very well-organized navy.

They even carried Gigants on their ships and plundered everything.

Some of them were still pirates of Grenada, so there was no way the navy would plunder cities.

But what was known was, the Grenada hadn’t pirated into the Empire after their sign with the peace treaty with the Baroque Empire which was more than 30 years ago.

But why have they suddenly attacked the Marquis Rakan’s estate?

His doubts were all resolved by Pavel’s words.

-Grenada has been recently engaged in transit trade, but they don’t seem to like the port cities making a fortune by trading with the Southern continent.

“Along with removing the thorns, they will benefit from looting the goods.”

-From their point of view, that is. First, we are gathering the troops in Lamer city and the nearby areas, but we aren’t sure if we can stop them.

In the Lamer city and the nearby ports, the headquarters and the branches of several firms were established.

There were mercenaries hired to protect each firm, so when combined with the defensive forces, it was possible to hold a guard.

In addition, the Gigants too were owned by Lamer, and it was possible to bring out the Gigants and ask the riders of the Gigant arena to fight.

The problem was that if they focused on the defense of Lamer city, the defense of the nearby villages would get neglected.

In fact, Grenada was deliberately attacking the villages to lure out the troops and annihilate them in groups.

‘At this point, the pirates to attack us…’

Luke frowned.

It was suspicious that the Grenada Kingdom suddenly moved on to Rakan before their war with the Milton Kingdom.

But that didn’t help draw a conclusion.

If the cities on the coast were destroyed by the pirates, the damage for Rakan estates would be devastating.

“Firstly, get the people outside the city areas to evacuate to a nearby fort. And I will send Hwang Bo-sung and the Unicorn Knights.”

-But wouldn’t that mean that the defense in the north would get weaker?

Pavel knew that Mayers was trying to fight a war till death.

In the near future, Rakan was going to face the Milton Kingdom, and if an important power like the Fist Master Hwang Bo-sung and the Unicorn Knights were taken away…

“Of course, I am not willing to reduce any power in here. But that doesn’t mean that I will give up the lives of the men living in the southern cities.”

-Understood. Then I will defend the cities as much as possible.

“Okay, it is my request.”

With that, the magic communication ended.

Luke immediately called for Hwang Bo-sung and the Unicorn Knights, and along with the Chief commanders Rogers and the two commanders of the knight’s forces to discuss how the Grenada army needs to be stopped.

The first thing Rogers said about the Grenada’s power was that, “Their Gigant power is a lot less than our estates.”

No matter even a kingdom, the Gigant power of the Grenada Kingdom which was known for its navy wasn’t so strong.

“But what we can’t ignore that their Gigants are light and fast.”

“They would be great in a hit and run strategy.”

“Yes, Lord. There are a few with less than 500 fight output, and about 4 to 5 meters long, but they are unmatched in landing and climbings.”

Grenada’s long-suffering nation had been pressured not to sell any Gigants.

As a result, the Grenada Kingdom was forced to smuggle or capture the Gigant power.

However, there was a limitation for it, so they built their own Gigants in their Magic Towers.

However, due to the lack of technology and resources, poor results came out.

Due to the lack of core engine, the exterior armor was made of wood and each of the joints was simple structured.

Even the poorly used left hands of Gigants were replaced with hooks.

Grenada’s Gigants were ridiculed as a ‘crab’ by the knights but said that they couldn’t be overlooked as they were dangerous.

“Firstly, we need to focus on defense in a manor or fort. It will be difficult for out heavy Gigants to move on weak grounds.”

“Right. Besides, there can’t be a battle of the ship boards.”

Luke clenched his fists in disgust.

The Baroque Imperial Navy had gone downhill after the treaty was signed 30 years ago.

Emperor Rudolf was more concerned with the army than the navy, and the Count Monarch who ruled Lamer in the past just embezzled the funds of the navy.

Luke too had been concentrating on the estates for a while, and the navy held its previous position only.

It was because there was never a threat from the sea.

‘It was my mistake…’

His late regret, but this time everything was out of hand.

From now on, there was no choice but to try.

“Currently, the naval forces of our estates would have been engaged in the naval battles with them. Is there any other way?”

“They could be used as a fixed turret at the port, or as a defense at the port entrance to block the landing forces.”

It was when Rogers said that.

A messenger rushed over to announce the new room.

“The Milton Kingdom threw in war proclamations and crossed into the estates!”

“Huh, they are coming in such a tight situation.”

If Milton troops were coming in, he couldn’t help but stay there.

Luke went to the north, leading the Rakan Knights and retainers.

After the civil war broke out, the fire had finally reached the Marquis of Rakan which was peaceful all the time.