Emperor of Steel

Chapter 411 - Rakan Estate's Crisis 2

“Hit! It is a hit!”

From the mast of large electrical wire with two pairs of wheels, there was a call to announce about the hit.

The ship, over 200 meters long, was the flagship for the invasion fleet, Hyredin.

Named over the notorious pirate king of the past, the ship moved to six mast and four magical steam engines.

Mounted with 200 large and small guns and landing Gigants, the Hyredin was rated as the largest and the most powerful battleship of the world.

“Need to work hard for rewards.”

A young man in uniform, which suited his slender body, laughed and opened his mouth, and an old fashioned man, who was looking into the telescope with Hawk Eye magic, shrugged.

“Being a seaman of Grenada, if you can’t do that, then you need to get spit on.”

“But isn’t it easier to hit a ship hundreds of meters way than a rocking boat?”

“Huh, you talking about the stupid landmen.”

The old man was the Duke of Grenada’s Admiral, Nathan.

As an Advanced Sword Master, he considered himself to be a true man of the sea.

He was from a maritime warlord family with over 100 years of smuggling trade and both of his parents were pirates.

Being born on the sailing ship, Nathan learned how to swim before he could walk, and he spent a lot of time in the sea than on land.

As a result, his love for the ocean was profound, and his pride as a man of the sea was strong.

“You should learn from this opportunity if you want to be the next king of Grenada after His Majesty.”

“Okay. But I prefer fresh land over the fishy sea. Hahaha!”

The words of the young man made Duke Nathan dissatisfied.

‘If you weren’t the king’s son-in-law, you would have been smashed right away.’

The young man was Fernando de Salizar.

He was the descendant of the Count who got defeated and was exiled after the succession to the throne in the former kingdom of Castia.

Fernando, a 20-year-old Sword Master, was a rising genius of the Grenada Kingdom.

King Drake, who only had a daughter, was fascinated with Fernando’s swordsmanship, his knowledge, and culture.

Fernando, who had become a prominent successor to the throne, was currently the Lieutenant General of the Grenada Guards and was responsible for overseeing the land forces.

“But, I heard that Marquis Luke is a Rune Knight, and he has a lot of skills. I hope we cross paths at least once this time.”

He was fascinated by Luke’s reputation because he thought of himself to be similar to Luke.

Duke Nathan, who read Fernando’s thoughts, laughed.

“That will be tough…”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because Milton Kingdom is most likely to enter that region.”

The objective of the Grenada Navy was to loot the coastal trading cities, and the goal of Milton Kingdom was to occupy the Marquis estates.

With Milton Kingdom’s power, more troops and strong forces forced to flee.

“That is unfortunate, but I am excited since the knights of Marquis Rakan are known to be strong too.”

“Tch, do you think of war as a tournament?”

It was when the two people were having a good conversation.

A middle-aged knight in a navy uniform came over and reported.

“Sir Admiral, everything is ready for battle.”

“Then start shelling.”

When Nathan’s orders fell, Hyredin and the fronts that were approaching the coast opened their guns toward the fishing villages.

Pung! Pung! PuPupung!

After several shots, they destroyed the small town and began to land the Gigants and troops to transport.

“Hurry up! Quickly!”

“Everybody needs to unload before the enemy notices us!”

The first goal of the Grenada force, which had laid down the land-based army with 20,000 troops and more than 100 Gigants, was Lamer city that was half a day west.

“Work hard. I won’t forgive anyone who falls behind.”

“Don’t worry. I will be waiting in the city of Lamer.”

Duke Nathan and Fernando, who hoped for victory moved on both sides of the sea and land.