Emperor of Steel

Chapter 410 - Rakan Estate's Crisis 1

Splash splash!

The sea moved under the cool blue sky.

And the fisherman Jim who came out to catch the fish in the sea in the early morning was annoyed when he saw the freshly brought in net.

“This is…! This is bad!”

From his experience, he thought that there would be fishes gathered where seagulls were, but it seemed like he got deceived.

But there was something else that made him annoyed than the betrayal of the seagulls.

It was his eldest son, Jake, who was on the deck.

Jim’s eyes looked at the sight of his oldest son, who had fallen into sleep while at work.

“This kid! Won’t you wake up right away?”

“Ah! What is it, father?!”

Jake came back from his sweet dreamland due to his father’s yelling.

“What is it? A young one is doing nothing and all he does is stay idle! Quickly check the fishing rod and the net!”

Following the nagging of his father, Jake grumbled over to the net that was on one side of the boat.

“Tch, you keep bothering me even when I don’t want to be a fisherman…”

“What did you say? This kid, eat sh*t. What will you do if not become a fisherman?”

“I told you last year. Once I become an adult next year, I will apply to the estate army, so go teach the art of catching fish to Kuel.”

“Oh my, this kid! Your younger brother is still 7 years old. Besides, someone who doesn’t even know how to use a sword will become a soldier? Your lungs are filled with such fresh wind…”

“Tch! I might not know how to use a knife, but I can handle spears!”

Jake, who picked up the harpoon from the side deck, swung it like a spear.

Jim frowned at the sight of his son swinging it because he never thought that he would be that good.

“Let it be. After establishing a merit in the estate and becoming an officer, I will become a knight and turn into the escort of the Lord!”

“Huhu, you are being outrageous…”

Jim, who couldn’t understand his son’s thoughts, burst into laughter.

He immediately pulled his son’s ear.

“Ahh! Father, what is it?”

“What do you mean? I am giving you medicine. The medicine for the sleeping one and the crazy acts.”

As Jim raised his fist, Jake suddenly pointed to the horizon.

“Oh, father! There! Over there!”

“Uh-huh, trying to trick me…!”

Jim, who thought that his son was trying to divert him somewhere else, turned his head with a smile.

If there was nothing in the place Jake pointed to, he was planning on giving him a strong lesson.

However, seeing the horizon, Jim’s face went pale.

It was because large sailing ships and paddle boats were moving.


“By any chance, are they a pirate fleet?”

“Yah, idiot! Words can turn into reality, don’t speak such things!”

Jim, who shouted at his son, looked at the approaching fleet with a little more confidence.

A black crescent moon on the flag was fluttering on the front wheel.

Jim was surprised to see it.

“That is Grenada’s pirates!”

Grenada, an island nation located at the southeast of Rhodesia, was known for its notorious pirate fleet.

Near the archipelago, lined with the crescent-shaped volcano islands, there were hundreds of exiled men and criminals from all over the continent who built their own kingdom.

The Grenada Kingdom had little farmland and no resources, so the villagers took a boat and plundered pirates.

As a result, the naval force was turned inevitably strong.

The pirates, who had polarized the seas for hundreds of years, stopped 30 years ago.

They tolerated and tolerated the fights with the Baroque Empire and the Holy Empire and combined fleet with Castia Kingdom as the king was damaged.

Drake, who later became the new king, emphasized on trade and was aided by the three nations on the conditions that Drake wouldn’t attack them, and they got recognized as an official state.

However, it was still stigmatized as a pirate nation.

There were rumors that the Grenada royal family was implicitly supporting pirates.


“Yes, those men! We need to run right away!”

As a young man, Jim had joined the navy and fought with the Grenada pirates.

So he knew better than anyone how cruel they could be.

“If they catch us, we won’t just be taken away! Just for fun, they will torture us to the point of death and make us feed for the fishes!”

“Huu! T-then…!”

Jim threw away the fishing rod and hurriedly paddled.

Frightened by what his father said, Jake too began to paddle.

When they were about 10 meters away from the fleet, a roar rang.


The black shell that flew from the front of the ship hit the boat.

The boat got broken into two pieces, and Jim along with his son, Jake, lost consciousness and sank into the sea.