Chapter 41: Plot of the Veritas Magic Tower 2

The president of the Volga Republic.

Two people were seated facing each other in the office of the official residence with a red flag having two axes symbolizing the republic aspect.

One was a party leading the revolution, the current president of the republic, Vladimir Rekov and the other side was a Dark Elf woman, Sylvia Aratra, the second chief of Volga Intelligence.

“So, what you are saying is that there are no ‘Earth’s Tears’ in the Volga kingdom?”

With a bursting accent, Sylvia replied,

“Yes, sir.”

“Uhm, then about the princess Reina?”

“The watcher’s on the princess reports say that princess Reina doesn’t have them either.”

The Earth’s Tears were the treasures passed down to the Volga’s royal family from generation to generation, with the legend that rains started to pour down in the drought-prone areas of Rhodesia during the time of the great drought.

Known to be in the hands of the royal family, but has never been stated to be real, however, each time a large scale natural disaster occurs in the kingdom, it is said to appear and resolve the issue and disappear.

In the heads of the people, it was considered to be the ‘God’s tears’ which prevented the natural disaster, however, some people of Volga had different opinions.

The Earth’s Tears were the key to unlocking one of their most long-sought desire.

Thus they all had joined the Republican Revolution in order to obtain the key and eventually dominated the palace.

But, no matter how much and how clearly they searched the palace, they weren’t able to find it or anything that seemed similar to that object.

This was why, in the beginning, they thought if the exiled royal family had taken them.

They had placed a spy, but neither the queen nor the princess had it.

Looking back into the country for a decade, they looked for everything and anything that was related to the royal family and their estates.

But that too… the Earth’s Tears were nowhere to be found.

“If the Earth’s Tears were in the Southern Continent?”

“That isn’t it. High Elf Erness said that it certainly exists in the Rhodesian continent.”

“Uhm. This is troublesome.”

In fact, Rekov was half close to giving up on finding the Earth’s Tears.

The idea was that it was a loss to concentrate the intelligence of the republic into a thing whose identity wasn’t known.

But unlike human beings, the ideas of the other raced people who call themselves fairies were different.

Among them, elves, including the dark elves, were very different in their thoughts, as if it was their race’s destiny to find the Earth’s Tears.

‘Ah, if the fairies weren’t a part of the revolution, I would have just ignored them…’

However, the fairies were one of the three pillars who led the revolution, and were in close contact with the other pillar known as, ‘Dark Moon’.

Which was why the president couldn’t ignore their request.

“Then, what do you want me to do?”

“Let me bring in Princess Reina.”

“Her, Her?”

The president was surprised.

‘This is crazy, she is crazy!’

To kidnap the princess from the Southern Empire of the Baroque wasn’t easy, but kidnapping could cause many more problems.

Kidnapping a very prestigious princess, called as the priestess, could cause continents to blame them.

If not, it could cause various kingdoms to go against the republics for that act.

But were they going to do that publicly?

‘The fairies are scary when they set their eyes on something, but for that.’

Usually, there are pure and good fairies when compared to humans.

However, once they turn angry, they were really scary, and it was a well-known fact by the president, which was why he decided to accept their request.

“Okay. I will allow it. But be as polite as possible. Because of her efforts to help the refugees, her humanitarian aspect was praised by the Republic. ”


On the day the president’s permission came, the top agents of the Volga Intelligence in the Baroque Empire commenced the order in motion.