Emperor of Steel

Chapter 408 - War Clouds From South 3

It was Count Bazzo who came in as the envoy from the Milton Kingdom.

When Luke appeared, he got up and greeted.

“Hello, Marquis. You haven’t done anything special during this time?”

“Nothing special. More than that, you got a new title. After establishing a nation, you seem to have succeeded.”

“Yes, I did. Sir Marquis, you will go ahead like me.”

“What do you mean?”

When Luke’s gaze turned sharp, Bazzo glanced at his escort knight who had accompanied him.

The escort knight handed Luke a luxurious box.

It seemed like there were very precious objects in the box which had an ebony tree that was only found in the Southern Continent.

‘What did he bring?’

Luke opened the lid.

Inside the box was a ring of iron and a parchment scroll.

Luke didn’t even glance at the ring which was engraved with the Rakan clan and opened the scroll with a frown.

“You will give me the role of Archduke for the Milton Kingdom and Prime Minister?”

“My Majesty is looking for talented people. Then Marquis, well, Archduke will surely put our Milton Kingdom on a solid rock no doubt.”

“Ha Hahaa…”

It wasn’t just Luke, it was Hans who had just come into the room chuckled not realizing it.

It was surely not because it was good, it was because it made no sense.

“So, you want me to become a nobleman and under the Milton Kingdom? Marquis Mayers… well, the king’s servant.”

“No, not like that! It might seem like it, but it is not. Don’t you know what role the Archduke has?”

The Archduke was a step ahead of the duke, usually a title given to the king or Emperor’s brother or a great noble who made tremendous contributions.

It was also a title attached to the queen’s husband, which is considered to be the second highest after the king.

“His Majesty intends to treat you as a brother. That is why despite everyone’s opposition you were given the title of Archduke and the Prime minister.”

‘These bastards, they are going to eat up my estate any day.’ Thought Luke.

It would have been different if Mayers has given Luke estates along with the title of Archduke.

However, Mayers only handed him the title and one ring.

And the problem with the position of Prime minister.

Although it was a title of huge importance, it could just be an honorary with no real power in cases.

It was more likely for Mayers to do that and not give up on his kingly title.

In other words, Mayers was supposed to give a good position and official position and devour the entire marquis Rakan estates.

“And Sire, this might seem rude to say, but with such young blood, you will never hold great power. isn’t surviving important over pride?”

“What the! How dare you say that…?!”

Hans who raised his voice stepped back in a second seeing Luke raise his hand.

And Bazzo who flinched for a second began to speak again.

“His Majesty considers this as your destiny to go against the Baroque Empire, together. Even if you think of the humiliation suffered by your ancestors, I hope you make a good decision!”

“This is a big decision…”

Luke who pretended to think for a moment, spoke to Bazzo in a cold voice.

“The King. If you want to take big decisions on others part, at least act big.”


“The envoy can head back. This is off.”

Luke’s resolute energy spread to the party of count Bazzo’s and the knights who waited.

Luke and Hans weren’t the only ones who grasped the underlying intentions of Milton Kingdom.

So, the knights were sorry that they weren’t ordered to take out the man.

“Sire, you will regret it.”

“Don’t do anything which you will end up regretting. It would be good for Milton’s future to jeep in the South and protect your north borders well.”

Luke sent off Bazzo’s party and gave Hans the orders.

“Order Commander Rogers and the Estate army right away. No matter what, those idiots would end up doing something that Rudolf likes.”

“Understood Lord.”

After Hans left, Luke looked out of the window.

Being escorted by the Rakan knights, Bazzo’s groups were riding back in horses and wagons.

Luke seemed to know why Mayers had sent Count Bazzo.

It was an invasion.

“Milton Kingdom… the same as the ancestors who were blinded by greed.”

More than 500 years back, before the Duchy of Milton fell into the hands of Duke Baroque who took their estates after the war, they attacked the Saymon’s dark legion and fell.

Foolishly, Mayers too seemed to be following his ancestors.