Emperor of Steel

Chapter 407 - War Clouds From South 2

Luke, who got back to the manor, waited for the chance to make his own tester along with training for the second half of the Gold Sword.

The tester he made before broke in his fight against Arsene, so he needed to rebuild one.

And for his new Gigant, he decided to equip it with the synchronous helm and a high power core engine that he couldn’t use the last time because of lack of materials.

“Lord, why is it that you have designed this part so complicatedly?”

At the question from Mute, Luke looked at the place he pointed to and answered, “This is the most important part of the tuning helm that will be responsible for distinguishing the wavelengths of the brain and transmitting the signals over to the Gigant. It is only natural that the magic circle of this part is overlapped and complicated.”

“Then this…”

Luke had promised earlier that he would use Mute as an assistant when creating a tuning helm for his testing machine.

He was fully capable of doing it alone, but since Mute asked for it, he decided to let Mute develop his skills further.

Mute was currently a 6th magic circle wizard, and to design a Hero class Gigant, he needed to be at least a 7th circle.

Luke, who had been making the tuning helm for several days in the Katarina Magic Tower’s workshop, made the core engine—the main part of Gigant.

A Hero class Gigant needed 3,000 fight core engine, and that wasn’t an easy thing to develop.

To maintain such a high and stable output, it was necessary to have sturdy materials and compact design.

And luckily, Luke had them both.

The materials made by the Red Hammer tribe, the neatly smelted ores, and the blueprints of Atlas from the ruined Veritas Magic Tower and Orion made from the Dark Moon Magic Tower.

However, Luke wasn’t just replicating them. He wanted to create a core engine with better performance.

‘Kay, first we should reduce the weight and get rid of the unnecessary magic circles.’

Luke made several core engines and tested out each of their stability.

And he didn’t just involve the iron mages of the Katarina Magic Tower or Mute but also brought Erwin and Zegal Soha.

Erwin introduced a newly improved man-made magic stone and informed him, and Zegal Soha introduced him to Taeul-ro, the power source of the Puppet and her zen skills.

“With the new magic stone, this is a lot cheaper than the ones we used, and this will be able to produce a higher output,” said Erwin.

“Grace, the Taeul-ro is similar to the core engine and acts like a heart for the Puppet, and the similarities will help develop a new core engine,” said Soha.

Both the ladies wanted to tilt Luke with their skills.

However, their enthusiasm overheated and conflict of opinion began to arise.

“Huh, the Puppet and the Gigant are similar? From what I know, a Puppet is different from a Gigant in terms of structure and materials, so I don’t think that Taeul-ro would be of help in improving the core engine.”

At the words of Erwin, Zegal Soha asked, “Why would you think like that? I think that by using the structure of zen skills, Taeul-ro would be able to reduce the need of those magic stones or magic circles and increase the output, right?”

“Is there any definite guarantee that magic and zen work together? In addition, when I tested it with Sir Hwang Bo-sung’s Puppet, Taeul-ro had a sharp output. I don’t understand how it will rise from 500 to 2,500 fight at all.”

The Puppet clearly had weaknesses.

Zegal Soha, who pointed out the weaknesses of her product, turned red and said,

“I-it is a bit jagged but it is safer than a core engine. Taeul-ro doesn’t explode when hit violently. I am doubtful of your role as a wizard if you can’t realize the advantages.”

“Are you done?” Asked Erwin

“Yeah, I am done. What do you plan on doing?”


The reason they decided to fight was because they both wanted to tell Luke that ‘I am better than you’.

However, what Luke felt was different.

“It’s noisy. Should I kick both of you out?”

At his words, the two turned silent. If they got kicked out of there, all the things they had prepared would be in vain.

In fact, Luke wasn’t unaware of what they were fighting for.

However, he had a lover—Reina.

Although she was far, his heart didn’t seem to be concerned.

“Please calm yourself, Lord. Even if they are acting like that, they still think about helping you, right?”

At the words of Mute, Luke decided to put up with them.

And actually, the new materials and ideas given by the two women were indeed very helpful in developing the core engine.

“This is the only warning, the next time, I’ll take action.”

“Understood. I’ll be careful.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Grace.”

And Luke, who silenced the two women, began to test the core engine once again.

A few days later, Luke succeeded in developing a new core engine.

“The prototype was finished much faster than expected.”

“Thanks to the information in the blueprints and Erwin and Zegal Soha’s help. In addition, Lord’s ability to quickly identify the pros and cons is amazing. You truly are the god of magic. You really are. It is really worth calling you that,” said Mute.

“Hohoho. Sir Mute too says a few strange things once in a while.”

Once the prototype of the core engine was made, he built the new frame of the Gigant and gloves, basing it on the previous tester.

And the newly developed 4,000 fight core engine was ready to be installed. The frame and armor were made of the same size and strength.

“The frame’s strength and elasticity seems to be much better than Orion. Did you think of a name for the new Gigant?”

At the question from Mute, Luke nodded his head.

“This one is going to be called Avenger.”

“In the ancient language, it means someone fighting rightfully for revenge… This is the right name to use when fighting the Baroque Empire in the future.”

‘And for paying Arsene back.’

Luke clenched his fists while recalling the time he fought with Arsene in the Zegal clan.

Arsene turned into a ridiculously terrifying monster.

Even after getting hit with gold aura amplified with demon’s ability, he quickly revived.

‘How to go against him… Well, there should be obvious weaknesses!’

As long as he was a Lich, there had to be a life vessel.

By finding and removing the life vessel, one could easily destroy a lich.

‘The question is where did he hide it? I can’t even ask Saint Nanda…’

With Nanda’s help, he realized God’s true power and the physical pains and truth about the body. He had to know where Arsene’s hidden vessel was.

However, shortly after coming to Rakan estates, he had suddenly disappeared.

He left a letter saying that he would return when the time came, but Luke was frustrated that be left in a time when he needed Nanda the most.

Luke was assembling the Gigant when a wizard came in to report.

“Lord, Sir Hans is looking for you.”

“Sir Hans? For what?”

“Marquis Mayers… Well, it was said that an envoy of Milton Kingdom has come.”

“An envoy…”

Luke hadn’t responded to Mayers’ invitation for the coronation.

It was just a celebration, but if an envoy came, then it meant something else.

‘There is no reason to send an envoy to such a thing… What is he trying to pull?’

Luke decided to meet up with them and understand what they were planning to do. Luke went to the reception hall of the manor.