Emperor of Steel

Chapter 406 - War Clouds From South 1

After succeeding the take over of the forts in Variand Mountains, Marquis Mayers declared the independence of his estates too.

He called the nation the Milton Kingdom, which emphasized that he was the successor of Milton—a nation that had currently perished.

And after the declaration of independence, he chose stability over adventure.

‘It will be hard to push the Emperor to the capital and take the Emperor’s army in the west. In addition, many expeditions will have to go, and supplies will get wasted over the long-distance travel.’

Marquis Mayers, who thought as such, built a defensive line and sent men to poor nations and estates between the Baroque Imperial family.

While inviting them over to his coronation, he intended to contain Emperor Rudolf from making any more moves through diplomacy.

And thus, the battle in the Variand Mountains ended.

In the Brandon City, the center of the Marquis’s past capital of the Milton Kingdom, Marquis Mayers took the coronation and got himself crowned as the Emperor.

Hearing the news, Emperor Rudolf jumped out of his seat.

However, he was currently trying to subdue the neutral lords who were calling themselves the Libiya Kingdom.

In addition, the Holy Arthenia Empire and the Volga Republic of the North, which were aiming for the east, were looking for an opportunity to explore the region, and it made it difficult for the Emperor to send reinforcements to the central army led by Count Ferrero.

While Emperor Rudolf was under pressure, Marquis Mayers… well, Emperor Mayers, continued the banquet for a week in commemoration of victory, founding, and crowning.

One might think that it was a waste of resources during the civil war, but it was a good way to spread the establishments of his kingdom all across the continent and ask for loyalty from the nobles.

“Congratulations, Your Majesty.”

“Thank you. I wish for you to return back to us.”

Mayers was a neutral lord… No, he crossed over that sphere, and Count Felipe was the one who had been there to greet him as an envoy of the Libiya Kingdom.

Mayers prayed for the Libiya Kingdom to last for a long time.

That way, Rudolf wouldn’t be advancing toward Milton, and he could empower his nation.

‘Huhuhu. Seeing the condition of the continent, God himself decided to help me out.’

Even if it wasn’t God’s wish, an envoy had been sent from the Holy Empire to receive El Kassel’s denomination.

It was just for formalities, but it was a statement that recognized Milton Kingdom.

‘Yet there are those who haven’t come yet.’

When Mayers was looking at the chattering guests in the banquet hall to see if anyone else was going to enter, Count Bazzo came over to him.

Count Bazzo, who was a baron in the past, gained an official title and was declared as the King’s aide.

“Your Majesty, the guests from the north are waiting in the secret room.”

‘Here, they are finally here!’

At the whisper of Count Bazzo, Mayers got up and moved to the secret room that was on one side of the large banquet hall.

In the secret room, a noble wizard wearing a colorful robe was waiting while being escorted by war mages.

When Mayers entered the room, they got up and congratulated him.

“Congratulations on your coronation, Your Majesty.”

“Thank you, Marquis Tyron.”

With a smile, Marquis Mayers thanked the man—Marquis Tyron.

The Meister of Volga Republic Magic Tower. Marquis Tyron had been secretly brought into the Milton Kingdom by President Rekov.

It wasn’t because they wanted him to celebrate with them.

To meet secretly like that under such an occasion meant that they had something they had to discuss in secret.

The reason? To sign a treaty between the two nations of Volga and Milton.

On the continent of Rhodesia, the Volga Republic was lonely.

It was because the nobles and self-declared kings and emperors who were scared about the spread of the republican natures had isolated themselves from the Volga.

However, as a means to contain the Baroque Empire, he had tolerated the Empire and hosted the Volga Republic.

And that was the truth behind the nation of Milton.

Most nobles were reluctant to reconcile with the idea of voting, legislative and parliamentary system and abolishing the feudal system.

And as the treaty which caused anger among the nobles couldn’t be signed in the open, Mayers was trying to make a secret treaty with Marquis Tyron, who had been delegated the full power from their president.

“This makes our Volga Republic and the Milton Kingdom friends. The President wants this relationship to last for a long time.”

“Hahaha. I hope so too.”

Mayers and Tyron exchanged firm handshakes after signing the treaty.

With the civil war, there was a loss of major power in the Baroque Empire. However, Mayers still couldn’t ignore the power of an Empire that had been built for hundreds of years.

It was evident that with a slight rest in the confusion, the power would once again rise to frighten everyone.

The Milton Kingdom joined forces to survive, and the Volga Republic would seize the Imperial turmoil and gain the north.

“And this is a small gift from the President of the Volga Republic to commemorate this alliance of the two nations.”

When the treaty was sealed, Marquis Tyron clapped his hands.

And a war mage, who was waiting in the back, brought out a thick scroll of parchment.

When the escort of Mayers received it, the parchment made Mayers curious.

When he looked at the contents, he seemed surprised.

“T-this is…!”

“Yes, this is the blueprint of a Hero class Gigant.”

Mayers had long organized and sponsored the Magic Towers in his estates for a long time.

And the Magic Tower was currently being called the Royal Milton Magic Tower, and it grew in size after forcibly merging up all the small and medium Magic Towers that got destroyed in the Battle of Magic Towers.

Even then with the Volga or the Holy Arthenia Magic tower or compared to the past top ten magic towers, they were unable to produce a Hero class Gigant on their own due to their low level of magic engineering.

However, they just got a blueprint handed over from the Volga Republic.

“Although this is an old Gigant which had been developed 40 years back, if upgraded, this is still usable.”

“Hahaha, is that so? But how did you get the blueprint?”

“Huhu. We had to do a little work.”

More than half of the top ten magic towers got destroyed in the Battle of Magic Towers.

And among them were towers that produced Hero class Gigants.

Once the Magic Towers got destroyed, the Intelligence agency pulled out the blueprints.

Mayers wasn’t aware of it, but he still admired their gift.

The Volga Republic knew that Mayers had failed to produce and secure a Hero class Gigant.

“Our President also said that he will be sending 50 Knight class Gigants.”


“Yes, the agents of the Republic are now shipping the disassembled Gigants. Sooner or later, they will arrive at Brandon city.”

Of course, that didn’t mean that it was for free.

They would receive the full price of it, but in order to prevent the invasion of the Baroque Empire, the Milton Empire needed to secure a large number of Knight class.

Knowing that well, Mayers nodded with a smile.

“I’ll say this once again, the Volga Republic and our Milton Kingdom will be together forever.”

“Yes, Your Majesty’s decision will be widely praised in the future.”

After sharing their strengths and virtues of friendships between the two nations, the Volga Republic’s envoy retreated.

Count Bazzo, who was at one side, moved closer after they left.

“Your Majesty, are you sure that those Republicans can be trusted?”

“Hohoho. Believe them or now, does it even matter? What matters is what we can use them for.”

Mayers had no intention of making a permanent alliance with the Volga Republic.

It was an alliance that would get him out of the current crisis he had, and once the situation went back to normal, Mayers would step out too.

“I’m glad if that is what you think. By the way, what should we do about Marquis Rakan?”

Even though an invitation for the coronation had been sent, not a single ambassador from Rakan attended.

Instead, a letter congratulating Mayers was sent. However, it was from lower nobles whose names Mayers had never heard of.

In other words, Marquis Rakan seemed to have no intention of joining the Milton Kingdom.

In fact, it was the same with Mayers.

He thought that he would have to take over the southern part of the empire in order to completely escape from the pressure of the Baroque Empire.

The vast estate, population, and a trade port in the Lamer city were essential for the future of the Milton Kingdom.

“I can’t let this go.”

“Then would you like to punish them?”

“Yeah, at a reasonable price. While Rudolf fights with the Libiya Kingdom, we need to get Rakan in our hands!”

At the words of Mayers, Bazzo expressed concern.

“Your Majesty, according to our spies, he heard that the power of Marquis Rakan is much greater than expected. It is a good thing to take over, but I am afraid that our allies will be seriously damaged in the process.”

If Milton went to occupy Marquis Rakan, the power of the kingdom would be reduced greatly, and that would at a later time threaten the existence of the nation itself.

“I know that. That is why I intend to attract the neighbouring nations.”

“Neighbouring nations…”

“I have already had a few talks with the Grenada Kingdom.”

‘Ah! Then..!’

Three days ago, Mayers had gone to the Grenada Kingdom by himself.

Maybe he had a discussion with them about the Marquis Rakan at that time.

The Grenada Kingdom was an island nation in the southeast of the Baroque Empire and was famous for its strong navy.

In the past, they were invaded by the Baroque Empire and the Holy Empire, but they weren’t defeated, and they swept through the coastal areas of the two nations.

“If they use their navy, they will surely be able to punish the descendant of that warrior gruesomely! Kuahhh!”

Mayers laughed loud thinking about it.

Count Bazzo, including the other ones around him, praised the King’s brain.