Emperor of Steel

Chapter 397 - A Breath-taking Situation 4

The next morning.

Shaikan who had gone to complete a mission had returned to Count Felipe.

At the back of his men, which was led by humans and the monster’s allied forces, there were more than 30 Gigants and ogres.


Those who were on the streets were heading to the manor to show the triumphal streak of their King.

“Did the Emperor catch the Gigant?”

“Look there! The crest stamped on the chest!”

“Your Majesty will blow off the mind of the crazy Emperor.”

“Long Live Your Majesty! Libiya Empire!”

When the few men began to hail for the victory, the people who got excited began to join in making it noisy.

And it wasn’t like they had won the Civil War.

And changing the ruling men didn’t significantly change their love.

However, Shaikan had lowered the taxes for the purpose of gaining public sentiment in his early days of founding an empire, and people liked it.

Shaikan raised his hands as an answer to the cheers which were for him.

In front of the estate castle, major nobles, including Duke Butler and Count Felipe were there.

“Your Majesty has brought us victory.”

“Congratulations Your Majesty!”

As the nobles began to congratulate, young women, who were brightly dressed came out and offered bouquets and garlands.

‘They aren’t maids.’

Just as Shaikan judged, they were the daughters and step-daughters of Count Felipe and the other noble families.

They were brought out for the purpose of catching the King’s eyes in advance.

It wasn’t that Shaikan didn’t grasp the act of the nobles with the situation of the marriage being mentioned.

However, he had no intention to dislike or reject that proposal. It was because even in his current position, there weren’t many human subordinates for him except for the Ebra family.

Moreover, those nobles had a strong political and social influence as they owned the estates and the people of that place would listen to them.

No matter how terrifying the power of the God Dragon was, and the help it provided Shaikan in gathering the attention of the people making him the King, he couldn’t rule over a nation without nobles.

Even the power of a dragon had a limit.

With the power which Shaikan had awakened, it was useful in maintaining the monsters or governing a noble like Duke Butler.

‘And in order to defeat Rudolf, I have to be stronger. I can’t worry about such trivial things.’

Shaikan who thought that way took the bouquets gladly from the women and handed them over to the men and cousins behind him.

He didn’t observe the reactions of the others.

There was no need to even look at them or give them an explanation.

The nobles who were waiting in anticipation ended up with disappointed faces.

‘Kuek, my third daughter is a known beauty in the capital!’

‘Does he have eyes on someone higher?’

‘Maybe, he already has a woman in his eyes…’

Shaikan left the nobles to think what they wanted and entered into the castle.

He was actually thinking of taking a small break and getting back to practice, but he got interrupted.

“You have come, Your Majesty.”

“Princess Margareta.”

A red-haired woman with a body that didn’t go well.

It was princess Margareta, of the Navarre Duchy.

Last year, she had gone to the Baroque Empire with the intention of taking advantage of the nobles for her ambition and her Arachne Magic Tower.

Unfortunately, she had to move back without being able to achieve anything major.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to do much in the Rakan marquis, but she hadn’t gone back to her homeland, but she waited for an opportunity to dazzle several lords and nobles with her magic.

And then the civil war had broke out and she got a chance.

The Western nobles with whom she tried to get in touch had collapsed much faster than expected, but then a new Orc Hero called Shaikan had emerged.

It was the monster legion which had once drove her nation into the brink of destruction, but Margareta didn’t seem to care.

‘Does it matter much? Even if he did kill the family members and men of my region, if he is a tool to fulfill my ambition, then I can forgive him.’

With such positive thoughts, she visited Shaikan and used illusion magic to make the nobles and lords into her slaves.

Although they were still small and medium sizes estates, it was still impossible for one to ignore a total of 15 estates and people.

Moreover, there was a need to get full support from the lords and nobles, so the merit which Margareta bought was no less than first-class help.

In fact, she was rather quick in declaring her fondness for Shaikan.

As a result, Margareta had become the most prominent candidate for Empress.

Thanks to that, he didn’t have to go and greet the woman with flowers.

“I heard you came back with a victory. Have you gotten hurt anywhere?”

“No. they were all small men.”

He was the only man who could call the Empire’s knights with words like ‘small’.

“Even then, you seem to be very tired.”

“I did meet a few annoying men a while back. You are as annoying as they are.”

Despite Shaikan saying that with straight words, Margareta didn’t wipe the smile off her face.

Swaying her butt gently, Margareta moved to the side of Shaikan and embraced his tough arms, rubbing in her breasts.

“Huhuhu. You don’t have to be so hard on me. I am lacking in a lot of ways, but I can make you feel comfortable and entertain you…”

Margareta sweetly whispered into Shaikan’s ear while tracing the chest with her fingers.

However, at that time, Shaikan held her hand rather tightly.

“Y, Your Majesty…”

“You disgusting wench. Don’t try to do anything to me.”

The energy which came out of Shaikan’s body was snarling around.

Margareta who suddenly got hit with the energy, couldn’t stop her body from trembling.


She was suffering without realizing it.

It seemed like the huge beast in front of her would tear her apart at any moment.

“Did you think that I wasn’t aware that you tricked those lords? If you thought that you could make me your puppet with such things, you have misunderstood where you stand.”

“P, please forgive…”

Indeed Margareta was using some strong drugs to deceive Shaikan.

On top of that, she was using the Charming magic.

However, the Arachne Magic Tower, which is known for its deception and drugs which deceived men, didn’t seem to have any effect on Shaikan.

The dragons had magic which was superior to humans.

Therefore, he had the ability to understand and analyze the magic as well as the ability to resist magic.

Which was why Shakan wasn’t affected by her drugs.

“I can kill you right here if I feel like it, but your works are useful to me in their own ways. However, if you do anything of such sort to me, then I will have to things worse than death for you.”

“I, I will keep that in mind… please, forgive me, Your Majesty.”

“If you understand then get lost.”

After that, Shaikan had moved away leaving Margareta behind.

Even though no one was around, she wasn’t able to calm her thudding heart.

‘That was devastating. He is much more dangerous than I thought.’

She couldn’t ever let herself be in the same kind of situation ever again.

Even Luke de Rakan wasn’t enchanted with her tricks, but he never acted so violently towards her.

‘Dangerous and a very strong man.’

If she could use Shaikan’s power well, then she could get what she desires.

‘Well, the man who was indifferent to me, I want Luke de Rakan.’

Margareta recalled the moment when she met Marquis Luke in the Rakan.

Like the time in the Akbar Fort, she was attracted to a mysterious charm that was around him.

But he silently threw her out, without acknowledging her existence.

And abandoned Margareta turned her affection for Marquis Luke into hate.

‘Hohoho! Left me, Marquis Luke. I’ll make you pay the price for ridiculing me and chasing me out.’

Margareta was sure of her feelings for Marquis Luke and the Rakan territory.

And she was oblivious that it was Luke who did that but Sebastian who had transformed himself into Luke.