Emperor of Steel

Chapter 392 - The Gorgos 3  

“M, master!”

Hwang Bo-sung who was very close to his shattered Puppet saw the black rays passing through the tester and turned white.

‘Oh my! Master is hur…!’

Hwang Bo-sung seemed very desperate and rushed towards Arsene with a determination to end his life.

However, the fallen tester staggered and got up.

“M, Master!”

Unlike Hwang Bo-sung whose face lit up, Arsene spoke with a rather annoyed voice.

“You. Are. Still. Alive. Luck. Is. Riding. For. You!”

“Kuek, bastard!”

Luke, who got himself out of the twisted cockpit, managed to escape from the fatal wound and got out.

He was shocked by the tremendous attack which Gorgos released, and the power of the black rays really astounded Luke.

And as the rays began to advance towards Luke, instinctively, he had deployed shield.

It was the best defense magic possible, however, he got defeated.

‘I don’t know what it was, but it had the same amount of Magi like Black Abyss and was focused on one attack point. It is the souls around him which makes it easy for him to gather such a huge amount of Magi at once.’

Luke was able to figure out how Arsene was able to launch such an attack.

Yet, it didn’t help him much in turning the game around.

With his current abilities, defeating Arsene was impossible.

‘Kuek! Is this my limit?’

He had finally managed to meet his 500 years back enemy, but the reality that he couldn’t win over him made him feel cold.

Yet, Luke was forced to admit the fact about the skill difference.

That was when a thought had passed through his mind.

‘Right, there is that way! But, if that doesn’t work…’

A few thoughts entered his mind, but Luke shook those off.

It was because there was exactly one method Luke could think of.

“Oh my, let’s see if the one who dies today is you or me!”

Luke rushed towards the Gorgos with an evil thought in mind.

As the broken Gigant faltered, Arsene who was still full of energy laughed.

“Kul. Kul. Kuk. Such. A. bug… wait?!”

Arsene’s eyed went wide.

It was because, Luke who went into his Gigant which was almost scrap-like, began to dazzle with a Gold aura similar to the sun.

‘How the hell…?’


Luke saved a city from the meteor falling during the Holy Empire’s civil war.

At that time, he activated the demon’s abilities and the gold aura at the same time.

He was thinking of gambling with that card.

The 3rd phase Build-up boosted his potential to the maximum, and the gold aura was also released to the maximum.

While both the Gold Aura and the demon abilities were being used to their highest, the pain and suffering Luke felt was too huge.

However, the will to defeat Arsene made him disregard the pain.

‘T, this is dangerous!’

When Arsene realized that he was in danger, he tried to escape. Luke broke the half-broken sword and threw it.

Arsene, who had a fake body got the sword pierced into Gorgos’s torso before Arsene could even run.


Along with the gold aura which was flashing like the sun, clouds began to rise in the air.

Heat and dust began to spread all over the place.

Flustered with Gorgos’s death, Hwang Bo-sung and Zegal clan members bent down.

However, the heat did no harm to them.

Rather it was a huge help to them.

“The poison is disappearing?”

“Really?! How did that happen…?”

At their delight, they even saw the body of Gorgos getting melted like wax.

Luke’s gambling seemed to be a success.

Along with the tester, the Puppets which weren’t his enemies too were beginning to get engulfed in the heat.

‘Are we… going to win?’

Their faces were anticipating a win but soon changed.

It was because immediately after the body of Gorgos got melted, the white smoke melted was revealing the grey-robed skeleton once again.

It was Arsene.

Despite the strong blow, he revived himself once again.

“How. Dare. You. Do. That. To. My. Ghost. Armor!”


Arsene was shaking with anger, however, there was no reaction from the broken tester.

Luke, who had just used all of his power for the previous attack was exhausted and lost consciousness.

He was in no state to face Arsene.

“I will. Never. Forgive. You! Lose. Your. Body. But. I will. Tear. Your. Soul. Apart!”

Magi began to burst out of Arsene’s body.

Zegal clan members had their hands on their swords, but none of them were able to draw them out.

The bloody terrifying Magi Arsene was releasing turned their bodies stiff, making them unable to move, regardless of their wishes.

‘In this world, no matter how many are killed, there are monsters which will survive again and again!’

‘Ah, I am sure that this is the end!’

When people were all preparing to see their end.

“Please Wait.”

A gentle voice echoed through the sky, Arsene was the most surprised and turned.

Which made him look at the old monk in shabby clothes standing before him.

“Oh, he is…!”

Zegal Moon, who recognized the man, spoke in a low voice.

Hwang Bo-sung and the other members were puzzled that they didn’t know the man, but they were able to know that the victory was on their side.

It was because their bodies moved once again after Arsene had suppressed their magic.

“Keuk, you…”

“It is Saint Nanda.”

Arsene’s eyes changed when the man told his name.

He had heard the name from Hwang Bo-kwang. He was known to be the monk from the Bharat Empire, a high priest or saint with godlike abilities.

‘He is Nanda? He doesn’t seem to be a huge deal?’

Arsene thought that the man would be scary or mysterious since he was claimed to be a god-like man.

But from Nanda, no energy could be felt.

Rather, it made Arsene more flustered. Because the man could possess a power that Arsene wasn’t aware of.

“What. Is. It? Came. To. Get. Rid. Of me?”

“I don’t like to kill. And I know everything about physical pain, but I have no power to defeat you.”

“Kul. Then. Why?”

“But for a few moments, I will be stopping your evil deeds.”

“What. Did. You say?”

Arsene couldn’t understand.

How could a person who had no power inside them, defeat him?

‘Well, another irritating man. I will get rid of him before he does anything strange…’

Arsene reached out to blow off Nanda with dark magic.

But in the blink of an eye, Nanda approached him and grabbed his hand.

Flustered, Arsene quickly shook off Nanda’s hand.

However, the real surprise came next.

Without any new feeling, the landscape around him had changed.

It wasn’t the region of the collapsed Zegal Clan, but a cold sea that had huge icebergs floating in front of them.

‘Uh, this is! No way, the North Ice ocean?!’

The Ice Ocean was located to the north of the Rhodesia continent, farther north.

And he was standing in the middle of the Ice Ocean.

He tried closing and opening his eyes several times, but the scenery didn’t change.

‘Hallucinations. He is trying to deceive me with hallucination.’

Arsene who thought so tried to dispel the illusion which he thought was around him by creating Magi fire.

But the only things which changed were the collapsing icebergs and drifting ice.

No matter how much Magi he used, the scene in front of his eyes didn’t change.

It wasn’t an illusion, but a reality.

“Ku. Uh. Uh. Uh! Nanda. Ah. Ah. Ah!”

Arsene whose anger reached the limit wanted to take down the man, but Nanda was nowhere to be found.

Arsene’s struggles echoed through the ocean numerous times where only the sounds of ice winds and waves could be heard.

“Hyung, what just happened?”

The question from Zegal Do couldn’t be easily answered.

Nanda had approached Arsene and then the two disappeared.

“Uhm, well…”

It was when Zegal Moon thought of what could have happened, and Nanda’s voice came from behind.

“You don’t have to worry anymore. He won’t be coming here for a while.”

As he turned, he saw Nanda.

Arsene’s image was nowhere next to them, so it seemed clear that Nanda did receive an awakening regarding the physical pain.

Zegal Moon who felt relieved sighed and bowed to Nanda.

“Thank you very much, Saint.”

“Everything happened as it should have. You need to thank the man who brought over this old man here.”

“Ah, now that you say, the grace…”

Zegal Moon turned towards Luke.

Hwang Bo-sung and Soha were able to pull out Luke from his broken Gigant.

“He is alive. He is just exhausted and lost his consciousness!”

At the words from Soha, Zegal Moon sighed with relief.

“Hurry and take the grace inside!”

“Yes, brother!”

The party of Zegal Moon moved Luke to the cave where the injured men were evacuated to.

“The Saint will come too.”

At the words of Zegal Moon, Nanda began to move complying with his words.

The disaster which almost wiped them all had settled.