Emperor of Steel

Chapter 390 - The Gorgos 1


Arsene, who believed in his thick defense and was preparing for the counterattack, was surprised when he saw that Luke’s attack was much stronger and sharper than expected.

When Luke seemed like he was about to slash through the last line of the shield, he hurriedly used Blink to escape from there.

If the deployment of Blink was even a little late, Arsene’s head would have been blown once again.

“Kuek. How can. You. Have. Gold. Sword…?”

Arsene had already understood the output of Luke’s Gigant.

Although he was the man who had stolen the Ancient dark magic book after Saymon’s death, he was still the father of Magic Engineering.

By just listening to the noise from the core engine, he was able to know the approximate power.

‘It was made well, at best, a warrior class. Even if the aura had been amplified by the core engine, a warrior class shouldn’t be able to break through my shield…’

He became flustered when he saw the other sword in Luke’s hand.

It was the Demon Slayer sword that Luke had been holding onto a while back.

‘Kuek, it is a weapon which strengthens the gold aura by combining the magic sword with the Gigant’s sword using Magnetic magic.’

Although it was a temporary solution, it was almost impossible for an individual to use such a skill when the situation was so critical.

It was only possible if one had enormous combat sense and magic awareness.

‘Just as I thought, he isn’t a normal human being. He won’t be doing any good to me by staying alive.’

Just as much as Arsene felt threatened, Luke was regretting how he had missed the attack.

‘Dammit, if only the output of this tester was a little higher…’

However, his regret wasn’t about not being able to make a Hero class Gigant. It was just that even with its current abilities, the tester should have taken the right strike.

Luke, who felt sad, rushed toward Arsene, wielding the huge sword.

At the storming attacks of Gold Sword which came at him, Arsene avoided the attacks by using Blink one after the other.

“Surely. The kid. Of Rakan. However. You. Still. Aren’t. Worth. A palm. Of my. Hand.”

“Huh, what else do you have?”

“Kuk. Kul. Kul. Nothing. Much. Just. Something. That. I have. Prepared a. lot. Time. Back.”


Arsene pointed at Luke and began to gather magic.

When a sinister red flash appeared, Luke could feel a stinging pain in his chest.

It was something that he had forgotten for a while… No, it was the dark curse, which was on his body since birth.

‘Keuk, Did he do this?!’

“Die. And. Become. My. Slave!”

In the gap where Luke was in pain, Arsene used dark magic.

The dark magic, which came out of his body, turned into dozens of spears, and came at Luke’s tester.

‘Kulkulkul, if you get hit by my Dark Javelin, you are good as gone… No!’


Luke’s tester was supposed to be down in the blink of an eye.

But, he used the gold aura onto the tester glove and bounced off the incoming Dark Javelin.

However, that wasn’t the end.

Luke, who used Blink, rushed over toward Arsene and wielded his Gigant’s sword.


Arsene did try to avoid the attack, but his right arm had been cut off.

“This. This makes. No. sense!”

Arsene was clearly lost.

His right arm could come back again. However, he had trouble understanding what had happened.

‘Why didn’t the curse work?’

Because the young man in front of him should have died already before even turning into an adult, he thought that he could use his hands and speed up the process.

However, he never thought that the curse wouldn’t trigger even after starting it.

It would have been very natural for his heart to stop.

However, there was a reason.

‘Thanks to Reina, I passed over that crisis.’

Luke placed his hands on the locket that he always carried around.

It was thanks to the guardian locket, which held the spirit’s power, that the curse on his heart didn’t work.

However, when the one who applied the curse was right in front of him, the pain he felt in his heart was different than usual.

However, the pain wasn’t that much that it could stop Luke from striking back at Arsene.

“How does it feel when the hidden card you were hoping to work turns its back on you?”

“Kuk, I don’t. Know. What. Happened. With. The curse. But. Even. Without. The curse. There. Are many. ways. To kill. You.”

“It looks like you are too flustered?”

“You. Are. Still. Here. Because. I let. You.”


Arsene began to gather Magi.

Luke turned, realizing the sudden outburst of Magi.

‘What is this?’

Something had appeared in Arsene’s magic.

A ghostly, dimly image. Hundreds and thousands of spirits with entangled bodies.


Puh! Shhh!

Please… Give me rest…!

Luke found a familiar face among the ghosts like creatures who were crying in pain and anger.

‘That man is surely…’

The branch manager of Alon co, Terin, who came right after Luke’s revival and asked to clear the debt of Rakan.

Terin, who had failed to take over the Rakan estate, got eaten by Arsene and was turned into a part of him.

And all the ghosts that were entangled with Terin were the poor souls that Arsene had absorbed over the 500 years that he was alive.

Like the Lich and Death Knight, they too were the slaves of Arsene.

Arsene deprived them of power, knowledge and magic.

“Oh my god! What in the world did you do?”

Luke was feeling anxious and angry.

He too was a warlock, but never had he played with the soul of a human.

“Kul. Kul. Kul. You. Can. Understand. By. What. You. See.”

Arsene smiled in the sneakiest way possible and waved his hand.

Right then, Magi got mixed with the ghosts and began to form something.

The Magi, which crushed into them, fused with Arsene, and they became a giant monster with a pair of wings, long arms, and a tail of snakes length and goat legs.

“W-what is that!?”

“My. Ghostly Armor! Gorgos!”

Arsene dressed in his huge Magi armor. He rushed toward Luke, who was shocked.


Luke hurriedly stopped the attack with his Gigant’s sword, but Gorgos seemed too strong.

Luke’s tester, which was in the air, crashed to the ground.

In the place where the tester crashed, a huge crater formed, pushing away all the trees and dirt aside.


Luke was vomiting blood because of the terrifying shockwave he took.

Gorgos, which came down, looked at the crumpled tester that got destroyed with just one blow… Arsene, inside it, shrugged.

“How. Was. That? Your. Scrap. Looks. Better. Since. My. Hands fell. On. It. Right?”

“Kuk, Arsene!”

Luke, who was stuck with the tester, aimed his sword at Arsene with his anger burning wild.

However, victory was starting to lean over to Arsene’s side.

It looked like neither speed nor power could beat Arsene inside Gorgos.

‘Dammit, where did he learn that?’

Along with the dark magic and the poison moths a while back, it was clear that such skills weren’t in the Ancient dark magic book.

How strong did Arsene become in the last 500 years?

Dark thoughts were the only things that wandered in Luke’s heart.