Emperor of Steel

Chapter 389 - The Clash 3

“Master won!”

“That is great. I guess we don’t have to go there…”

Hwang Bo-sung and Zegal Moon, who were watching the battle burst into cheers when they saw Arsene getting smashed.

It was all of a sudden, the terrifying energy from the enemy which was very similar to the high leveled apostate lord, a story which kids of Kang Ho were told.

And as the stories were passed down, it was inevitable for Zegal Moon to think of the current situation in accordance to the story, and hastily evacuated the clan members along with needed food and prepared Zegal Soha, Shin and Do for possible battle.

Hwang Bo-sung too had summoned his Puppet to fight.

If he saw his Master getting pushed back, he was ready to jump in and support, but fortunately Luke seemed to have ended the battle with victory on his side.

“That man is using some weird skills.”

“That is right. I did hear that he was a wizard, but what he is doing seems different from what a wizard would do.”

At the words of Zegal Shin, Do who was right next to him asked, “Different?”

“Yeah, like… well, I could be mistaken here.”

Zegal Shin tried to say something. But he wasn’t sure of it and didn’t want to defame the man who had helped them by saying unclear words.

When the two moved far, Zegal Moon looked at the man.

Zegal Soha, who noticed the strangeness in his behavior asked, “What is it, brother?”

“It is weird. Even though the battle is over, the evil energy didn’t disappear. And it is getting too dark to even see the battle remains.”

“Well, I don’t feel that uncomfortable air around me anymore.”

Zegal Soha too agreed and looked around everywhere. However, there was no enemy to point their weapons at.

“Well, could it be that he hasn’t died yet?”

“Master too hasn’t moved back.”

Just as Hwang Bo-sung had said, Luke was still in his fighting stance.

When the part of Zegal Moon gathered once again, a black energy gathered in the air and began to turn everything dark.

The black energy which gathered began to take up a human form.

“Oh my god! He came back alive!”

“That is ridiculous, a monster!”

Except for Zegal Moon, everyone else who wasn’t aware of a Lich’s characters got astonished.

Luke frowned seeing Arsene return back to his original form.

‘Tch, surely he couldn’t have gone away.’

The Lich could only be destroyed by destroying its life in the vessel.

For Luke, there was no way of knowing where the life vessel of Arsene was kept, his best chance was to destroy the body that Arsene was using.

So Petro Light and Titan Fist were used, but surprisingly, Arsene was able to revive himself right away.

Even if he was a Lich, it would usually take some time before a solid body to form, however, Arsene’s speed of revival was too quick.

“Kul. Kul. Ku. That was. A pretty. Good. Attack. However. You can’t. take. Down. A fleshless. Body.”

In the past, Arsene had been attacked by the elemental magic from Erenes when he went to raid the Dark Moon magic tower.

The elemental magic was something that used the natural state of mana and turned it into a special state, and it was a magic that can be mastered after a Main Circle Magic had been attained.

Arsene, who felt disgraced for turning hurt because of his negligence, lost his body and taken a great amount of time and power to regenerate his body and bring back his strength.

It took a lot of time, however, it didn’t seem like the efforts were in vain.

Unlike the usual body of the Lich, the entire body had been smashed, but he managed to restore it back right away.

“Surely, I should have just burnt you.”

“Kul. Kul. Kul. No use. This. Body. Works. Only for. Me. And i. can resurrect. Myself!”

“Really? Then how about this?”

Luke, who charged, pulled on the sword and began to release the Gold aura.

The Gold aura was an anti-magi aura, and the Magi waves which were moving around Arsene’s body faltered for a second.

‘Rakan’s sword skill? Well, it is one thing, but that sword won’t hurt my body.’

Just as Arsene had expected, the sword in Luke’s hand was the Demon Slayer sword.

It was one of the four magic swords he had taken from the Intermediate Demon Naga, and they had powerful magic.

For that reason, the Gold aura got further strengthened.

‘Well, that one could be a little dangerous, I might never know.’

It was said he had mastered both white and dark magic, but in the end, Arsene was a Lich.

It was bound to be that a divine power source could be the one thing that would hurt a darkness filled body.

If he got hit in the right places, there was no guarantee that his resurrection ability will be of help.

‘I shouldn’t take this lightly. It is a pity that I can’t see him more, but I need to end it quickly.’

Thinking so, Arsene began to manifest magic from both of his hands.

“Fear. The. Death. Reaper. Right! Death Invader!”


Magi which was flowing out of his hands turned into thousands of moths and spread everywhere.

‘What is this? This is my first time seeing such dark magic?’

Luke, who was confused, decided to step back.

The moths of Magi were spreading a gray power everywhere.

The toxicity of the powder seemed so strong in the air that a single breath was enough to crumble a human.

If someone took it in without realizing, they could have gotten their lungs melted.

‘I am great enough that some poison needs to be used to hurt me. But there was no such magic in that ancient dark magic book. Is this something that Arsene had developed by himself?’

Luke was thinking, but Zegal Moon knows about the true nature of Arsene’s so-called dark magic.

“Oh my! That is surely the ‘Poison Moth Soul Technique’!”

It was a technique the apostasy used by summoning moths and making them spray poison.

It was an old technique, he never knew that he would be witnessing such an evil technique which was told to give the victim the highest level of pain.

What was more terrifying, the summoned moths were of 100… well, 1000 in count, and more.

‘What is that skill’s identity?’

Based on appearance, he seemed like a monster from the northern continent.

However, he seemed to be a descendant of the apostasy using all their technique by himself.

But, the identity of the opponent wasn’t such an important thing.

Would Luke really be able to defeat the man?

‘We need to go!’

When Zegal Moon stepped out to go and help Luke, others, including Hwang Bo-sung followed the man.

However, it didn’t take much to stop them.

“Kuek! The poison is here…”

“Stand back! Don’t breathe it in!”

The moths of Arsene were sent to the Zegal clan.

The poison seemed so strong that, every vegetation that got touched by the powder died in an instant and the fishes in the pond died right away.

Zegal Moon hurriedly went back, to treat the poison and medicine to those who have gotten exposed.

And it seemed like they could help them out.

Arsene seeing them smiled.

‘Kul. Kul. I knew that you guys would join in.’

It wasn’t like Arsene thought that he would lose if those men of Luke joined the battle.

The opponent was tricky, and he didn’t want to welcome other troublesome situations.

‘But, what happened to the Rakan descendants?’

A while back, he saw Luke retreating away when he realized the moth held poison.

He saw the moths chasing but turned his attention towards the group.

‘Did he get concerned? Or did his body get melted with the poison…’

However, Luke didn’t seem like the kind to flee out of fear and wasn’t weak enough to get hit by something like poison.

He must be hiding nearby waiting for an opportunity.


From a crowd of moths, a silver Gigant was blocking men out.

The Gigant with golden aura rushed towards Arsene, taking down all the moths.

“Kul. Kul. Kul, you have. Come. At last!”

Unlike before, Luke was inside this time.

It was because he had amplified the aura and prevented the poison from reaching him.

“Die now, Arsene!”

The huge sword shone brightly.

Shocked, Arsene created a layer of defense with dark magic.

Yet, the hugely augmented gold aura struck through the barrier created by Arsene.