Emperor of Steel

Chapter 388 - The Clash 2

The sparks from the sword outshone the sun.

The huge flames which seemed to burn away everything got torn apart by the purple lightning as if hundreds of swords were falling.

However, the black flame wasn’t dying down either.

And Luke, on the other hand, was constantly using Thunder Bringer and bit his lip.

‘Arsene! I will get rid of you!’

When Luke, well, Saymon had first met with Arsene, he was the Meister of the Veritas Magic Tower.

Arsene was a man with whom Syamon couldn’t compare himself as he was a newly taken wizard into the Magic Tower.

There was a tremendous gap between his skills or status, and there was no contact between the two men.

The ones who always persecuted him or used him as a slave were the senior wizards, so Saymon never really held any bad feelings about him.

Rather, he used to respect Arsene.

Putting in constant effort, he actually wanted to be like Arsene, one of the greatest talents in the Empire.

However, seven years later, his respect for the man disappeared, as Arsene had stolen the most important person for his self-growth.

Later, when he learned of Katarina’s death, Saymon ran out to Arsene asking why such things had been done.

However, instead of feeling remorseful for what had happened, Arsene’s words were rather unpleasant.

“You must be the wizard whose eyes met with that wench. How dare a man who can’t even level up to my toenails think of messing with my work!”

Arsene had summoned up mercenaries and beat Saymon till death.

It didn’t end with that, he had even destroyed his magic circles.

That was the most tremendous shocking thing for Saymon, the one who believed in Arsene’s character and fame.

After his magic circles were removed, he was kicked out of the magic tower, Saymon slowly had resentment and hated speaking up about Arsene.

“I will never forgive you!”

“If the God is on your side, I will be holding hands with the devil!”

He had so many hopes of punishing the man.

Even after Rakan died and 500 years later of his transmigration, it continued.

“Cheeky. Brat! How. Dare. You show. Up. And spew. Nonsense!”

As Luke continued to approach the Magi flames, Arsene developed another dark magic.

“Dark Hole!”

At the fingertips of Arsene, the energy of abyss floated and headed towards Luke.

‘This is the absolute extinction of dark magic!’

Knowing what power the Dark Hole held, Luke hurriedly cast Blink.

When the Dark Hole had lost its target, it flew straight to the mountain which was in its path.


“Th, that can’t!”

The top of the mountain disappeared in an instant as if it got erased.

Luke and the Zegal clan along with Moon were astonished with what had happened.

It wasn’t just destruction.

It was a situation where extinction could happen, as the space got distorted and everything close to it disappeared without dust.

“It won’t make any sense to hide from that!”

“Is there any way to stop it?”

“We just need to pray that the attack doesn’t come over to our side.”

But the one that was shocked was Luke.

He knew about Absolute Extinction.

Because it was written at the end of the ancient dark magic book he had obtained during his Saymon days.

However, Luke hadn’t mastered Dark Hole even after building up a 9th circle dark magic.

It was because, it needed too much power, and the repulsive effect on the caster was too great.

‘At that time, I used it just once and my organs felt twisted. The artifacts which were protecting my body all went broken instead.’

How could Arsene manage to master something that Luke didn’t even touch?

The answer was simple.

‘Well, this isn’t the magic which a living person can cast. He could be able to use it because he is neither alive nor dead.’

“What. Is it? Said. That. You would. Kill. Me. Now. You want. To run? Now that. You. Are here. Got. Scared?”

At the mockery from Arsene, Luke just stared at him.

It was definite that he had rushed towards him without thinking.

When he realized that his archenemy had appeared close to him, he had forgotten the fact that there was a 500-year-old Lich, an immortal, and the wizard who had reached both white and dark magic of 9th circle.

But the situation had already passed.

‘In my current state, I reached the 8th circle with white and dark magic, and by mastering the Gold Sword, I did reach Sword master.’

He was a Rune Master and could use both magic and sword at high levels, which made him realize something.

The fact that if the two levels were synergized, he could achieve something great.

‘Of course, both are in the 9th circle. And he is one level higher than me…’

However, the problem was that the gap between the 8th and 9th level magic circle was huge.

If the former was a Sword Master, the latter was like a Sword Sage level.

The synergy created by the combination of the two forms of magic could be hardly imagined.

Moreover, the 9th magic circle wasn’t the end of magic.

It was said in the past that a dragon race could use up to 10th class, and the Ancient Dragon could go up to the 12th circle.

Nevertheless, the reason why the 9th level circle was considered as the highest was because of the limited duration of the human span, but the magic of the above 9th circle could be imagined.

But, what if there were difficulties?

Something Arsene made by himself?

‘Even if he is Arsene, he might not have gone past the 9th circle of white and dark magic. However, he has been accumulating magic power for 500 years, so it wouldn’t be weird if he had a lot of magic power.’

“Kul. Kul. Kul. What. Are. You. Thinking. About? Thinking. About. How you. Should. Try. To. Beat me?”

Arsene asked with a relaxed face.

He wasn’t in a hurry.

Although Luke did have strong abilities than he had expected, Arsene could hurt himself with his strength.

However, Arsene had no intention to kill, he just wanted to get rid of the man who tried to kill his undead.

After much pain and frustration, he knew that Arsene had decided to make undead because of his state of neither living or dead.

‘There are things I care about.’ Thought Luke.

His face changed.

With large horns and scales protruding, resembling the demon transformation.

Magi waves could be detected in the purple aura shed by Luke.

‘Did the guy get in contract with the demons and learn dark magic? Who is this Rakan descendant?’

Perhaps that was why the curse Arsene had placed wasn’t so strong.

It wasn’t common, but there were times when poison could be used to treat poison.

However, it wasn’t easy to believe that an immediate descendant of Rakan would choose that method.

‘That is true, but his spirit, it feels familiar. Why do I feel like this?’ Thought Arsene.

Unlike Luke, Arsene didn’t know that the man in front of him was Saymon.

Unlike the victim, Luke, Arsene had already forgotten about him.

In addition, he had never faced the Devil King Saymon who had bought chaos over the continent.

He had only fought with Saymon’s colleagues, High elf Erenes.

And the dead body of Saymon was sneaked into his lab and for using it as undead, he could never predict that the soul of the body had separated and would be standing in front of him.

‘Well, I hate that look in your eyes. I need to pluck those eyes out!’

Arsene reached out his hand.

“Dark Blitz!”

Focusing his energy on his slender hands, five black bullets flew towards Luke.

“Huh, you want to kill me with this?”

Luke, who moved his hand, called for Thousand Wave to strike back.

When a hundred bullets flew at his direction, Arsene was startled.

“No! Dark. Magic. Similar. To mine…?”

“What is it? Is there any law that says you are the only one to use it?”

It was Saymon or Luke who had unearthed the ancient dark magic book from the ruins.

From Luke’s point, Arsene was just a thief.

“Kul. Kul. Kul. Seeing you. Warrior. Rakan. Must. Feel. Very. Sad, using. Dark. Magic.”

When Arsene was trying to make Luke feel bad, he didn’t lose his concentration and kept sending the Dark Blitz.

“How would the Iron mages of your time feel if they saw the founder of the Magic Engineering act like this, turned into a bone? Maybe, to remove your name from the history books right away?”

“Cheeky. Bastard! You. Speak. All. Sorts of. Nonsense!”

Arsene raised his hand.

Luke’s expression hardened as he knew that the Magi concentration would result into something.

‘This is Black Abyss!’

Like the Dark Hole, it was another powerful dark magic contained in the ancient dark magic book.

It was dangerous magic, but Arsene’s body wasn’t a living one.

‘I lose if I try to avoid it or defend from it!’

The magic shouldn’t be completed!

Determined, Luke approached Arsene with the help of Blink and used Shock Wave with all his power.


The shock waves flew towards Arsene tearing up the air.

“Huh! You want. To. Get. Rid. Of me. Using. A. intermediate. Level. Demon. Skill?”

Arsene took down the Shock Wave with a wave of his right hand.

Right then, from beneath, Magi began to stretch out and wrap itself like an octopus around Luke’s body.

‘Uh! Black Bind?!’

Black Bind too was one of the spells written in the ancient dark magic book.

Luke, who was thinking about what attack to be used next was shocked when he realized that his body wasn’t moving.

“Kul. Ku. Kul. I will. Suck. In all. Your. Power! give. It. To me.”

The Black Abyss of Arsene was a bait.

If the man was really Rakan descendant, then he would rush to him, since the attack can’t be blocked or avoided.

As expected, Luke approached him.

Arsene, who canceled the Black Abyss, captured Luke with Black Bind.

‘Kul, this is much easier than I thought. First, he can’t escape so try to pull out as much power from him as I can…’


It was when Arsene was planning on how to deal with Luke.

A sharp blow from the back broke through Arsene’s waist.

‘Wha, what?’

Arsene was surprised by how his body suddenly got split in half.

When he looked at what happened, he found a Gigant with a big sword floating in the air.

It was the silver Gigant that had slaughtered the cute death knights of his.

However, the energy of the rider was vacant from the inside.

‘What? Is, is he controlling it? Then, maybe he is using the marionette magic…’

“Haha! How did that taste, Arsene?!”

Arsene’s thoughts got cut listening to Luke’s laughter.

The silver tester Gigant of Luke was summoned from his subspace.

Since a front attack made no sense on Arsene, Luke had decided to act sly and summon it behind Arsene just before he launched in for the Shock Wave.

Arsene who was completely focused on Luke didn’t feel anything

“Kuek. Cowardly…!

“I don’t want to listen to such words from your mouth!”

Luke who came out of Black Bind stared at him.

Using Petro Light, the ability to petrify a demon was triggered.

“T, this..!”

Arsene’s body struggled to move out because of petrified rays.

Crack! Crack!

His white skull had turned into a gray stone.

Luke flew towards Arsene who had turned stiff.

“Titan Fist!”

A form of Tekken (Iron Fist), struck Arsene’s body.


Arsene’s body got shattered flying everywhere.

It seemed like the fight was done.