Emperor of Steel

Chapter 386 - Confront the Enemy 2

Zegal clan barely managed to defeat the invasion.

They hurriedly repaired the Soul Circle and treated the wounded warriors.

And once again, Zegal Moon thanked Luke.

“If it wasn’t for your help, it would have turned out bad for us.”

“Not at all, what I did was very little.”

“Hahaha. You are too humble.”

When the two men were talking, a clear voice interfered with them.

“Brother, this is Soha.”

“Come in.”

As the door opened, a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties with black eyes and hair entered.

Zegal Soha, who had entered the room, blushed when her eyes met with Luke.

She bowed to Luke and then handed the scroll in her hand to Zegal Moon.

“We have counted the lives and the property damage that was caused by the invasion.”

“Oh my, good work. But what happened to the men who fled?”

At the question of Zegal Moon, she bit her lip and answered with a grunting expression, “We caught up with the men but couldn’t capture even a single one of them. Brother Do, who caught one, said that they were biting on some poison pills when they got caught.”

“And Earner?”

“We searched 10 km around the area, but there was no trace for us to follow.”

“Hmm, that is unfortunate. Did you collect the weapons?”

“Yes, the men are analyzing the weapons that were left behind.”

“You did well. We need to make sure to get revenge for the clan members who have died, but for the well-being of the Song empire, we need to reveal their true faces. We need to continue to work hard.”

“Yes. Trust me and leave the matter to me.”

After the conversation with Zegal Moon, Soha glanced at Luke.

‘For him to be this young, there isn’t much of an age difference between me and him.’

She thought that the man who defeated Earner would be a middle-aged man.

However, unlike that, the man was very young.

In addition, though he seemed young, the stern atmosphere around him made her heart pound.

“Is that all?”

“Ah, yes!”

Soha, who was brought back to reality by Zegal Moon’s words, stepped out of the room.

Zegal Moon could only smile with how his younger sibling was acting.

He guessed what had happened.

“She is a capable young lady.”

“Yes, the youngest sister in our family, those who don’t know think of her as my daughter. Hohoho.”

At the words of Zegal Moon, Luke nodded his head as if he understood.

If he hadn’t heard of their conversation, he too would have misunderstood their relationship.

“In fact, she is like my daughter. Since my parents and her parents passed away, I had to raise her.”


“She is a smart and well-raised child but is stubborn, which is the only problem. I am reaching the age of a monk, but she says she doesn’t want to marry unless she likes someone.”

Saying that with a regretful tone, he looked at Luke.

“Is the grace married?”

“No, the retainers do ask me to…”

“Is that so…”

At those words, Zegal Moon smiled.

However, the one most delighted was Soha who was listening to their conversation from outside.

Her heart was pounding so hard.

‘At last, a partner for me has been sent!’

Luke, who could sense Soha’s energy from the outside, was feeling pressured.

The words weren’t out, but he could guess what Zegal Moon was expecting from his words and Soha’s actions.

‘Huhuhu. It won’t happen, but I am a person with goals.’

It was right when Luke was thinking about making it clear to them instead of letting them misunderstand the situation…

His head hurt because of an intense energy.


The energy was bleak and evil. Luke dropped his head.

‘T-this is!’

“Grace, this is…”

As Zegal Moon felt it, he was shocked.

“It seems like a great enemy is coming here. We might never know, so take the men of the clan to the cave.”

With a stern face, Luke said that and got up.

The energy was very different compared to the enemies he had faced a while back.

It seemed like even if there were 100 Earners, they would still lose against this new one.

“Ah, understood. But are you going alone…?”

“This is a problem I will have to take care of.”

Leaving the room, Luke flew to the north.

The evil energy kept getting stronger.

Like a huge tsunami, the wave of magic was floating in the north sky.

“Kul. Kul. Kul. Come. To me. Like. I expect you. To. Foolish. Man.”

A skeleton wearing a grey robe, giving out dark energy.

He wasn’t much different from the Lich that was seen the other day, but his Magi was much stronger than an Advanced Demon.

However, Luke wasn’t going to back out because of the intense magic.

It was because the Magi, which was moving with the Lich, seemed very familiar.

Even after a hundred years, there was no way that he could forget that, even after death and rebirth… The man who should never be forgotten had made an appearance!


Luke’s scream sounded like thunder from the sky.

The words sounded so fierce that even Arsene jumped up.

‘What was that? This guy knows me?’

The one who knew of Arsene’s existence was a handful, and Luke de Rakan wasn’t one of them.

Then how did the man know him?

There wasn’t enough time to find an answer to that question.

Luke was getting closer.

Luke, who used his build-up ability, rushed over to Arsene and used Thunder Blinger.


“Ku. Uh. Uh. Uhh.uk!”

The lightning that fell seemed like it would destroy the body of Arsene.

However, Lich Arsene had lived for over 500 years, and he wasn’t that weak to fall for that.

“How. Dare. You. Worthless!”

“I won’t let you go. Never!”

Luke’s blue eyes glowed when he rushed closer to Arsene.

Kwang! Kwang!

Purple lightning ruptured the black flames that were covering the sky.

Luke’s anger, which had been inside him for 500 years, exploded in the face of his enemy.

The anger that would never be satisfied until his enemy was destroyed shook the sky and the ground.