Emperor of Steel

Chapter 385 - Confront the Enemy 1

To have a look at the Undead which Arsene had sent to attack the Zegal Clan, he had been watching with a special thing.

The thing, which looked similar to an eyeball having wings, was a creature called ‘Obscura’ from the Devildom.

Those things had the ability to remember what it saw and relay it back to the owner.

“Kul. They are. Fighting. Well.”

A satisfying smile came to the face or Arsene who saw his Undead push back the Zegal clan.

The Puppet had come and a few fell, but Arsene felt glad when the Lich merged with the Death Knight and became a giant.

“Kul. Kul. Kul. A. Combination. With. No faults!”

But his feeling of happiness was only for a moment.

The Death Knights which were giants began to get smashed at the entry of a Gigant.

“H. How. The hell. Did. A Northern. Gigant…?!”

It was well known that the Gigant wasn’t a weapon that belonged to the Southern continent.

Some men from the Rhodesia introduced them to build up their name, and a few southern who were curious about the Gigants were bought by nobles or kings.

Therefore, the appearance of the Gigant along with the Puppet in the Zegal clan wasn’t so unusual.

But, there were things which made Arsene more surprised than seeing a Gigant in there.

It was the Gold Aura which was emerging from the giant sword of the Gigant.

“No. Rakan’s. Teachings?”

There was only one known place on the continent which still carried the Gold Sword.

It was Marquis of Rakan.

Arsene did know that Emperor Rudolf was acquainted, but Rudolf had no reason to enter the Southern continent.

In addition to that, Arch Duke Gregory too was a man who used the Gold Aura with his sword skills which were based on the Rakan’s principles.

However, Arsene didn’t understand why the man would come that far.

Which was why he guessed that the Gigant rider in the Gigant was the descendant of Rakan.

‘Now that I think, that Rudolf did grumble a lot when it came to that man.’

It wasn’t just that, Luke had succeeded as the Rakan descendant.

He had revived the lost fame of the family and turned into an outstanding Rune Knight.

‘But, I heard that he still hadn’t reached the status of Sword Master. Then how…?’

To use the Gold Aura, one had to become a Sword Master.

Which meant that the information getting relayed to Arsene was wrong.

‘Stupid men! What the hell were they seeing and listening too?! No wonder such a Magic Tower had collapsed! Once I get back, I will have to teach them a lesson!’

Arsene had blamed the descendants of the tower, but it was his own fault and indifference that things had gotten that bad.

He wasn’t interested in the Rakan family, even as Rudolf asked him to check on the man, he just ignored the request.

He was in a hurry with the great preparation of his, which he had spent years on that and he decided to look at the Rakan at a later time.

The Rakan descendants were terribly brought up, and he thought that taking them down would be the easiest task.

He never considered them to be strong enough to halt his works.

“Kul. That. Man. Why. The hell. Is he. On this. Continent. Is something. I don’t. know. But. I need. To head. There. Directly. For destroying. What. Is. Mine.”

There was no reason for Rudolf to follow up, however, he could just stay still when a guy he knew was destroying the Undead he made.

Arsene, who raised his energy jumped up from his seat and set off to Angyong.

He was in the Song Empire to sort out some works, but getting to Angyong didn’t take long.