Emperor of Steel

Chapter 384 - The Attack 5

“Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee!”

Earner threw in another piece of talisman which turned into a white butterfly and flew in at Luke.

The butterfly which fluttered began to turn red and exploded.

The power was so strong that the gloves of Luke’s tester Gigant got crushed.

“Kuek… that is too strong for a sting of a bee.” Said Luke.

“Don’t get so moved. You will taste a much stronger one.”

Earner touched the flame dragon’s head, which he was still on.

The red dragon soon began to turn into white. With that, the heat from the flame dragon turned even stronger.

“Move ahead, my man!”


At the order from Earner, a flame dragon which looked at Luke began to use flame once again.

But the flame this time was different.

The high-temperature flame that touched the steel made it melt right away.

‘Huh, no matter how hot it is, I need to avoid it and stop!’

Luke’s tester which got away by using the fly magic, used Blink and stopped.

He wanted to avoid as much as he could but failed. If dodged it, the flame would touch the Zegal clan.

And people would become wounded.

“Keukk. What will you do Heavenly Guardian?”

“You, sneaky man!”

Upon listening to his sarcastic words, Luke brought out his maximum power to stop the flame.

“Ice Barrier!”


In the moment when the flame touched the cold barrier, everything got evaporated.

“Oh, I thought that he would stop it.”

When the gap got created with the water vapor, Earner threw a red branch out of his sleeve.

The branches which moved in the air went and stuck to the sides of the armor of Luke’s tester.

The branch which stuck to the Gigant began to spread a terrifying rate and began to turn into a tree which hung onto the Gigant tightly.


It had startled Luke as he was unable to move the tester.

It was almost as if a steel net was wrapping his Gigant.

“Kukkk. It is called Red Blood Tree. It is a parasitic plant that grows taking in branches, roots and sucking onto life. It is a good weapon in the hands of a Zen.”

As Earner said, the roots of the Red Blood Tree began to turn thicker and the output of the core engine dropped.

It wasn’t just that, Luke’s mana was getting sucked along with the core engine.

“How is it? Can’t move anymore? Once I decided, I can overcome any number of steel giants like that!”

“Can’t move? Don’t make me laugh!”

Even if he wasn’t able to use the sword or his magic, he still had the demonic abilities which he could use.


When Luke began to use his Build-up ability, it worked on strengthening the joint and the frame of the tester, and the core engine which had just fallen began to get amplified.

With such amplified power, Luke instantly broke down the bondage of the Red Blood Tree and with the Gold aura went straight at the Fire Dragon.


The fire dragon which got its head and body separated quickly disappeared.

“The next will be your neck.”

Luke’s ability to move such easily in the air made Earner smile.

He was vigilant and the sword came at him, but Earner had another tactic, a summoner.

“Well, you think it is so easy?”

“I think it is easy.”

However, Luke wasn’t the one who had responded to Earner’s question.

A man who held a fresh air around him entered the eyes of Earner who turned to see.

The energy which was flowing out of his body was incredible.

“Z, Zegal Moon?”

“That is right. I am Zegal Moon.”

Zegal Moon, who had reached the clan with the help of Luke’s teleportation magic, appeared to the battle a little later as he had to confirm the safety of Jo-Won rak.

“Earner, you will be held guilty for disturbing the Kang Ho and the Royal family.”

Zegal Moon took out two talismans which were in the size of his palms and threw them at Earner.

“Huh! What would you even be ab…”

The face of Earner who wanted to smile went frozen.

The paper which flew over his head and under his feet instantly trapped him.

Because of his late realization, Earner tried to get out of it, but it only burned on his body however, the bondage had no effect.

“Kuek! Zegal Moon, you!”

“Grace, it is now!”

At the shout from Zegal Moon, Luke struck the giant sword at Earner who was trapped between two papers.



The gold aura which bloomed out of the giant sword cut Earner along with the papers.

The body cracked, Luke and Zegal Moon were able to see the body.

However, the two of them who were checking the body soon were flustered.

It was because the body had turned into a stick.


“Unfortunately he seems to have run away.” Said Zegal Moon.

“Some guy he was. So, he ran away before my sword struck him?”

Unlike Zegal Moon, who had already heard about the talents of the man, Luke wasn’t able to erase the thoughts out of his head.

It was because it was the first time that someone with a unique set of skills had escaped from him.

‘The chase can be done by Zegal clan.’

Thinking so, Luke had come down to the ground and began to heal the injured.

Although they were gone, the raid of Zegal clan seemed to have ended with Death Knights and the escape of Earner.

In a forest from about 20 kilometers away from the Zegal clan.

A young man, clenching his chest was coughing up blood.

The young man, who pulled out a bamboo mug from the sleeve, poured in a green liquid and applied it onto his chest.

With a white smoke, the blood swell, and the wound which had exposed the bones in his body began to heal neatly.

“He was one hell of a guy.”

A young man in a Gigant was the one who gave Earner a strong blow.

The only one of Heaven and Earth!

He had been in Kang Ho because there was no one who could beat him.

However, he was defeated by a northerner, whom he had never heard of and had to run away with his tail between legs.

‘Maybe stronger than that demon called Kauren. But the defeat of today was all because of my neglect.’

Earner was as strong as his thorough preparation.

The more he prepared, the more summons he could call out, and the more powerful his technique would be.

Therefore, even if it was an addition of one or two, he could safely defeat his opponents.

However, he had neglected the preparations this time.

He thought that all he had to do was break the Soul Circle and rest aside while the others deal with the direct combat. He also thought that the Black Knights and masked men would take care of everything else.

Earner could only sigh thinking about that.

“Kuk, I don’t know what kind of a man he was, but I will find him and will pay him back for today’s defeat!”

Even if he wasn’t aware of his face, he would look into the details and find out the opponent.

The selfish Earner had a principle for himself.

The grace of a man could be ignored or repaid, but a grudge had to be repaid either 100 times or 1,000 times.

20 years back, the Mo Young clan which was famous at that time had fallen because they had treated Earner with rudeness and smug looks on their face.

“Just wait! I will find you and make sure to pay you back a thousand times. Hahaha!”

Earner who was forming the revenge scene in his head laughed in the forest and then moved to another place.