Emperor of Steel

Chapter 383 - The Attack 4

“What is that?”

Earner, who was keenly watching the invasion and battle between the Puppet and the Death Knights, was shocked at the sudden entry of a new giant.

“That is a combat weapon used by the northerners called Gigant…”

As Gwang-chang tried to explain in detail, Earner shot back at him.

“You thought that I didn’t know that? I am asking who is the guy inside it.”

At that question, Gwang-chang just shook his head.

He wasn’t aware that there was a Gigant in the Zegal clan nor was he aware as to who the Gigant rider inside was.

‘These men can do nothing right.’

Earner clicked his tongue. He looked at Gwan-chang then to the Gigant.

The steel giant was giving out a gold aura from its sword and was cutting down the Death Knights one after the other.

‘That guy is weird. The lightning strike that just happened was clearly a cursed demon power. However, right now he is giving out the power of divinity…’

Although it was unknown to the people, Earner had experimented with summoning in the past after obtaining a method from an apostate.

Taking in hundreds of war criminals, he had wanted to summon a vicious demon.

And the demon that called itself Kauren, the self-proclaimed great demon, jumped out at Earner and began to use its lightning all around him.

‘Uhm. I almost died back then. If it wasn’t for the old man in the black robe, who was hiding in the close vicinity, attracting him, the whole group would have been done for…’

A man had appeared with the same power as that demon.

And seeing that he was using a Gigant as a weapon, it could be presumed that the man was a northerner.

‘And he seems to be good at fencing and magic as well.’

Just a while back, the steel giant almost took down the Death Knight, which was taking down Hwang Bo-sung.

Using Blink, he managed to avoid the black flame used by the Death Knight.

‘He seems like a capable guy. But the voice of his says that he is young, but his spirit is like the one which had been rolling around the battlefields of Kang Ho for a long time… Did he have a comeback like me?’

Whatever he was, the man seemed very interesting.

His interest was stimulating Earner the most.

He was finding it harder to hold himself back and decided to fight Luke.

“Come on, my men!”

As Earner pulled out another talisman from his sleeve and threw it out, a fire dragon appeared.

The fire dragon, which was giving out heat with every flap of its wings, threw flame at Luke’s tester Gigant.


At the sudden attack of flame, Luke used a Death Knight, with the help of his Gigant, as a shield to not get hit by the flame.

The Death Knight, which was used as a shield, melted instantly because of the heat. The sword and the gloves of the tester turned red too.

“Master, are you alright?”

Hwang Bo-sung, who was helping out Luke in cleaning up the Death Knights, asked with concern.

Luke nodded his head and signaled that he was alright.

“Sir Hwang Bo-sung, there are only a few of the Death Knights left. If the Zegal clan’s Puppets can join, our number will be enough.”

“What about you, Master?”

“I need to take care of that.”

Luke and the fire dragon… No, he was staring at the men who had summoned it.

At some point, Earner had climbed on to the head of the dragon and spoke to Luke in fluent Rhodesian language, “This is the body of Earner that belongs to the Jade Emperor. Who is the one riding there?”

‘What? This crazy bastard?’

Luke, who had been in the Zegal Clan had learned the culture, the traditions of the Southern part, and came to know what the Jade Emperor was like.

Like the style of the Rhodesia continent, the Jade Emperor was similar to El Kassel, and if he was the man of God, a representative, he had to be an angel.

And any messenger of God would surely give out divinity because of their innate nature, but the man in front of Luke gave out nothing.

Rather, the shiny eyes and turbid energy around him gave a feeling which resembled his liking to chaos.

‘He looks like he isn’t in the right mind, but even then, the skills he is displaying are difficult to perform just by any insane man.’

Luke was fighting with amplifying the gold aura from the Gigant.

That meant the combat power of Luke increased by several times than when using his normal body strength.

The Death Knight, which got hit with the flame, had passed out with one blow.

If Luke got hit directly, the tester Gigant would have been melted, and his life would have been in critical condition too.

“Can’t speak? I asked who are you?”

When Earner yelled, Luke smiled and opened his mouth. He was thinking of how he would introduce himself to the man.

“This is the body of the Heavenly Guardian.”

“What? Heavenly Guardian?”

Actually, Heavenly Guardian was a God who presided over the people of the Song Empire.

It was said that the Heavenly Guardian had blue eyes that could look through people’s hearts, and the people in the Iron Core mountain, who saw the miracle Luke performed, with his blue eyes, they called him that and believed him to be that.

However, to Earner, who wasn’t aware, he just felt flustered and embarrassed.

“How dare you try to tease me?”

“Hahaha. This is better than those who cheat others, claiming themselves to be the messengers of heaven. This body will surely punish the cheater!”

Luke, who introduced himself in a leveled manner, used Thunder Blinger straight away.

Earner seemed to be a man with unusual skills, so he decided to act strong from the beginning.

Kwang! Kaaak!

“Keuk, Kauren’s lightning!”

With a purple lightning that moved, trying to tear off his dragon, Earner hurriedly threw in another talisman to stop the attack.

In the meantime, Luke, who used Blink to make an appearance in front of the Flame Dragon, struck the dragon with his huge sword with a golden aura.

Shortly before being cut down with the golded sword, Earner and the Flame Dragon disappeared into the air.

“You know how to move instantaneously.”


Earner, who appeared behind Luke, began to use his dragon to spew flames.

Moving away from the direct flame attack, Luke focused the magic at the fingers of his tester Gigant and fired Thousand Wave.

Pung! Pung! Pung! Pung!

“Oh, dangerous! That was dangerous!”

Earner, who avoided the bullets, trembled for a second and pulled out a bottle of water from his sleeve.


“I knew how to do something similar!”

The water drops, which reacted to Earner’s movements, poured like shower onto Luke’s tester.

At first, Luke wanted to stop it using his sword or glove, but he just avoided it instead. It was because he wasn’t aware what kind of ability those water drops had.


Weirdly, a hole formed with white smoke rising as the giant sword got drenched with the drops of water.

The water drops went straight through the steel.

“Keuk, you seem great.”

“You are pretty good too.”

The two men, who complimented each other, began to fight again.

The men of the Zegal clan were fascinated to see the men fight, that too with various types of magic.

‘Amazing. To fight head to head against Earner who is known to be the strongest in the Kang Ho?’

Zegal Soha was impressed.

As far as she knew, the only one who could go against Earner was Zegal Moon.

However, Zegal Moon wasn’t the kind to use destructive techniques.

It was because he was a man that was talented in making something, uncovering the truth, or using Zen to make Puppets than fight directly.

‘Ah, those…?’

Losing sight of the battle because of the fight happening in front of her, Zegal Soha forgot about the Death Knights and the masked men for a moment.

Fortunately for her, the rest of the Death Knights were being handled by Hwang Bo-sung and the warriors riding their Puppets.

In the end, whether they wanted to join or not, the remaining masked men including Gwang-chang had run away.

“Lady, the men are running away.”

“Don’t let them leave. Try to capture as many as you can without killing them.”

At the orders from Soha, the men moved.

It was certain that the 3rd crown prince was their target, but they needed solid proof to make their words credible.

“I will go and catch them. How dare they try to run away from here after doing all this? I will never forgive them!”

Zegal Do stepped ahead.

The proud Soul circle of the Zegal clan had been destroyed, and a third of their power had been destroyed.

Since the establishment of their clan, this was the worst damage their family had experienced.

“This is a request, my brother.”

When Zegal Do and his men left, Soha looked up to the sky to see the fight.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!

The fight between Earner and Luke was tense.