Emperor of Steel

Chapter 382 - : The Attack 3

“KukKkk. Those men must be surprised with us…”

The men, who had defeated the 3rd and 1st gate, laughed when they imagined how flustered the Zegal clan’s warriors and guards must be.

The reason why they were able to easily pass through the gate was because they managed to get a grasp on the Daecheon Soul Circle as they passed the first one.

Before the masked men cleared it, the Zegal clan asked the clan guards to restore the circle.

However, after the men managed to understand how it worked, the core collapsed rather quickly and the guards could no longer do anything.

‘Well, I need to admit, it indeed was amazing. I never thought that it would take so much time to break this.’

Earner knew it was a Zen skill developed circle, but the admiration of Zegal Moon only increased.

If it wasn’t for the circle installed by Zegal Moon, he could have been able to get past the barrier.

Anyhow, he had managed to invade the Zegal clan’s region, and he was sure to stir ruckus in there.

‘Kuek! I am going to break everything!’

However, his thoughts weren’t put into action. It was because the northern men lost some of their men.





“B-be careful! The enemy’s men are in zenith level!”

The warriors of the Zegal clan, who were facing the northern men, were being pushed back.

The 30 Death Knights and the Lich’s combat power was too strong for them to handle, and the other men didn’t even give them time to call for support or attack.

In a matter of hours, more than a hundred warriors and guards died. Many of them were wounded as well.

However, Zegal Soha, Zegal Shin, and Zegal Do led their men to prevent detrimental situations from happening.

“Do not step back! Rearrange your battle stance! Zen users will heal the wounded and support the warriors!”

Under the orders of Zegal Soha, the warriors began to build a new line of defense, and the Zen users summoned thorn vines to block the path or healing spells to help the wounded men.

However, the masked men didn’t just stand there and watch.

They tried to get back at the Zegal clan members before they got treated and cause unrecoverable damage.

However, Zegal Soha and his two cousins wielded their swords and blocked their attempt to attack.


“C-careful, it is Zegal Shin, the Wind Moon sword user!”

“It is the Fire King too!”

“Oh my God, leave them to the northern force and get back!”

The Death Knight and the Lich faced them while the masked men, who were surprised by the Zeniths, backed off.

The undead’s combat power was at the highest point as their numbers were higher.

However, even though Soha, Shin, and Do were struggling with the dark magic users, they weren’t getting pushed back.

“Be careful. The magic from those isn’t the usual kind!”

“I know okay!”

They were quite familiar with Death Knights and Liches, unlike Zegal Hui, who fought them recently for the first time.

Only a few days back, Zegal Hui had been supported by Hwang Bo-sung and Luke in fighting against the undead.

The information he provided to the clan was already known to the important members of the Zegal clan. Nevertheless, a great ruckus occurred a while ago, and they were able to see the men much earlier than expected.

“They fight better than I thought? Surely they are the masters in the Zegal Clan.”

Earner, who was watching the Zeniths use their power and yet not struggle against the northern men, was amazed.

“But, those northern ones are tired or dead. They won’t last long.”

“Well, you don’t seem to know much about them.”

Just as Gwan-chang said, the three members weren’t fighting at their fullest.

The moment they stepped back to lure the undead, a huge smashing sound came over the fence from the rear and crushed the undead.

Looking at the sight, Gwan-chang felt overwhelmed.

“Kuek, that Puppet…!”

It was Hwang Bo-sung, who had brought in a Puppet.

He remained at the Zegal clan without following Luke to look after the place.

When the men invaded, Zegal Hui took Jo Won-rak to a rocky cave and asked Hwang Bo-sung to fight for the wounded.

Hwang Bo-sung had readily accepted the request and met up with the group of Zegal Soha on his way to fight.

In addition, he had held himself back to deliver a critical blow to the enemy in the decisive moment.

It was the time for a counterattack.

“Right now! Everyone, attack!”


Five Puppets including the one with Hwang Bo-sung frightened the enemy.

At the sudden counterattack, the heat of the masked men had collapsed, and the damage they had taken began to increase exponentially.

‘We will get wiped out if things go like this.’

Even though he wasn’t concerned with the undead, the masked men seemed to have taken a lot of damage.

Gwan-chang, who was thinking hard, looked over at Earner.


He wasn’t the kind of person who wouldn’t have any contingency plans.

He definitely had one that would solve this crisis, but Earner didn’t even move.

“Kukuku. Wait and see. I feel like something interesting is going to happen.”

Just as Earner had said, the rest of the undead, with the exception of the 7 that were destroyed, went into the air.


The Lich, who was watching the Puppet move around, began to cast a weird spell.

The body of the Lich was turning into smoke, and the 18 Death Knights were taking it in.

The Death Knights, who absorbed the Lich, began to give out huge dark energy.

‘What is that?’

At the sudden surge of Magi, Hwang Bo-sung paused for a moment. He looked back to find the Death Knights stretching out black rays in all directions.


“W-what is this?”

“Dodge! Euak!”

In a short period of time, warriors and Zen users who were near the undead were getting pierced by Magi.

And those who escaped were shocked.

“T-those men…!”

As Zegal Shin said that, the masked men were attacked by the black rays as well.

No, the damage taken by the masked men was much greater as they were the closest to the undead than the warriors of Zegal clan.

Even the leader Gwan-chang and those around him were attacked, but they barely managed to escape the crisis with the help of the Zen users on their side.

“This is all crazy!”

“Looks like it needs food.”


At the question of Gwang-chang, Earner pointed to the bodies that were pierced by the Magi rays.

The bodies were getting dried up and twisted, turning into mummies. The Death Knight’s body was growing at a terrifying speed.



The Death Knight, which grew in size, was now as big as a Puppet.

The men on the Zegal Clan and the remaining masked men were shocked.

It was because it was their first time to see something like this—a being increasing its size until it became the same size as a Puppet.

“Huh, you think that growing in size will scare us?!”

A warrior, who was controlling a Puppet, rushed toward one of them.


The powerful blow of the Puppet pierced through the Death Knight’s body.

‘Huhuhu. Not a huge deal…’

The warrior smiled but soon went flustered when the Death Knight didn’t die.

“Oh my! L-let go you freak!”

The warriors tried to get it, but the Death Knight didn’t move.

Rather, they were getting attacked by the Death Knight.

The Death Knight, wielding a Magi sword, slaughtered the head of the Puppet at a tremendous speed.


“No, Hwang Bo Sire! Don’t rush in!”

When Hwang Bo-sung tried to rush into the Death Knight, Zegal Soha hurriedly held him back.

The enemy was more in number compared to their Puppet, and the ability of the newly made giants was unknown.

It was her decision to stay calm, but the Puppet of Hwang Bo-sung had already gone past her.

“Get lost, you dirty freak!”

The head of the Death Knight, which was in the front of their group, got blown away by Hwang Bo-sung.

One after the other, Hwang Bo-sung quickly destroyed three more Death Knights.

However, Hwang Bo-sung, who picked up the pace, tried to attack continuously, and the Magi that came out of the fallen Death Knight’s hands wrapped around the ankles and torso of the Puppet.

“Huh! You!”

“Hwang Bo Sire!”

The warriors and the Puppet holders were rushing in to save Hwang Bo-sung, who was getting pulled in by the Death Knights.

Hwang Bo-sung did try to escape. However, he wasn’t able to shake off the black straps around his ankles and body. The more he moved, the tighter they got.

That was when he saw the Magi sword of the Death Knight aimed at him.

‘Dammit, I need to throw away this Puppet and lea…’

No matter how precious his Puppet was, it couldn’t be compared to his life.

At that moment when Hwang Bo-sung tried to escape, a purple thunderbolt fell from the sky one after another.

Kwang! Kwang!

The Death Knights that were around Hwang Bo-sung were all pushed to the floor because of the powerful blows that came in unexpectedly.

After a while, the protagonist of the thunderbolt made an appearance.

A silver Gigant surrounded by purple light.

Hwang Bo-sung, who knew who was inside it, regained his color.


“Huhuhu. Did I make you wait a lot?”

Luke, who had entered the battlefield, pulled out his sword.

The tip of the sword was pointed at the head of a Death Knight.

“I’ll give you enlightenment. Those who can’t die even after dying.”

Luke stormed at the Death Knights.